Appeals Court Vacates Attorney’s Fees Award, Overturns Sanctions in FDCPA Case

Account Recovery

Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

41 State AGs Reach Settlement With Breached Collection Agency

Account Recovery

Attorneys general from 41 states have reached a settlement with Retrieval-Masters Credit Bureau, which operated a collection agency under the name of American Medical Collection Agency, stemming from a data breach in 2019 that exposed the personal information of more than 7 million individuals.


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What Should You Know If You Have Debts In Collections?

Taurus Collect

Having debts in the collection primarily means that a third party is pursuing you to retrieve payments for your debts on behalf of your creditors. Above all, do not rush to make payments to a debt collector if you cannot recognize the debt they are trying to retrieve.

Best Practice Guide: Collaborating with law firms effectively across the portfolio management lifecycle


This brings all the corresponding risks of misplacement, destruction, and lack of speed in retrieving these documents. By George Fertakis. Collaboration with law firms and Debt Collection Agencies (DCAs) is an integral part of modern collections and recoveries practices.

3 Red Flags That Your Business Need Debt Collection Help, ASAP

Credits Inc

You can try to retrieve debts in-house, or you can hire a collection agency to track down and retrieve what is owed. Overall, 29% of debt collected by agencies has aged 90 days or less, but many agencies specialize in retrieving older debts. Hiring a debt collection agency can help speed up the debt retrieval process, so your own business debts don't end up past due as well.

Builder wrecks customers house over Unpaid Invoice

UK debt collections

The scaffolding was also retrieved by the scaffolding company. A Builder took extreme action when a customer refused to settle an unpaid invoice. Frustration over an ongoing dispute over an unsettled bill caused a builder to take action into his own hands.

9 Steps to Improve Contact Data Quality in Debt Collection

Fico Collections

In consequence, a segmented approach should be taken when deciding on method and effort for contact data retrieval. For this reason, automation of data retrieval is key. Debt collection is about contacting customers, and that only works with correct contact data.

Business Debt Collection: An FAQ

Credits Inc

Most work hard to help businesses retrieve debts while also treating debtors with the utmost respect. If you hire a professional and reputable collection agency, you'll be able to retrieve debts without sacrificing your corporate image. Receivables management refers to managing money owed, and debt collection refers to retrieving owed amounts that are significantly past due. Business debt collection agencies tend to get a bad reputation.

Paperless in a Pinch: How to Get There from Here

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

If you haven’t, contact the clients associated with those files, and ask them whether they wish to retrieve them or receive them. (If

How Do Debt Collection Companies Operate?

Taurus Collect

Consider hiring a reputed and licensed debt collection company that follows the right procedures and techniques to retrieve money from past-due accounts.

Millennials Must Plan For Their Digital Legacy

Price Meese

Their medical records can only be retrieved through virtual healthcare portals. Millennials Must Plan For Their Digital Legacy. Scenes of overwhelmed intensive care units again dominate our newsfeeds as the next wave of the coronavirus surges throughout the country.

FICO XD is Changing the Way Consumers Build Credit

Titan Consulting

Relying on separate databases, the new FICO scoring model retrieves information from sources like the National Consumer Telecom and Utilities Exchange to collect data on payments to utility, cell phone service, internet, and cable television providers. Key Takeaways.

3 Misleading Myths About Debt Collection Agencies

Credits Inc

In the debt collection field specifically, professionals are trained to be caring, concerned, and tactful when it comes to retrieving payments. billion total in 2016, debt collection agencies can work to retrieve debts as small as $200, and perhaps even smaller. The world of money is riddled with stereotypes. Bankers, lenders, stockbrokers, and even economics scholars all face different disparaging beliefs about their character and the nature of their work.

Continuous Change: 4 Lifelines

Receivables Control

Provide/pull invoice copies, retrieve proofs of delivery, provide statements, reconcile discrepant balances, file disputes, read account notes, reach out to others in your organization for support, verify payments, etc. We use basic access to retrieve key documents like invoices, contracts, PO’s, POD’s, freight documents, statements, and more. Keeping up with continuous change is exhausting!

The 4-1-1 on Payment Tokenization

Payment Savvy

It’s important to ask if you have the ability to retrieve your tokens if switching to another payment processor or gateway. Every merchant needs to provide customers with a simple and convenient way of making payments to their business.

What Happens if I File My Taxes Wrong?

Credit Corp

Create a filing system for receipts, payments, business miles, and invoices so you don’t have to scramble to retrieve information at tax time. Many people make mistakes on their tax returns each year. Some forget to include income, while others don’t claim credits they’re entitled to.

Simplicity Skip Tracing Services


After retrieving a successful signature, the page status will update to show “Enabled” and skip tracing can now be used. The reason for this is that the returned number is the best possible contact number for that particular debtor and is retrieved using proprietary algorithms and sources to ensure that highest success and probability.

Simplicity Skip Tracing Services


After retrieving a successful signature, the page status will update to show “Enabled” and skip tracing can now be used. The reason for this is that the returned number is the best possible contact number for that particular debtor and is retrieved using proprietary algorithms and sources to ensure that highest success and probability.

Display of Data Symbols Similar to QR Code Visible Through Envelope Window Insufficient to Establish Article III Standing

Troutman Sanders

In Nyanhongo v. Credit Collections Servs. , the Eastern District of Pennsylvania held that the display of “data symbols similar to a” quick response code (QR Code), without more, was insufficient to establish Article III standing.

CFPB Warns Auto Finance Companies About Inadvertent Repossessions

Troutman Sanders

On February 28, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB or Bureau) issued a bulletin and accompanying press release , highlighting an issue that the agency has written about frequently over the past several years: inadvertent repossessions.

Is Self-Service the New Standard in Debt Collection?


For years, companies have treated the debt collection process not as an opportunity, but as a relentless process of retrieving outstanding balances at all costs. At the heart of any successful company are happy customers.

Understanding Why You Have So Many Different Credit Scores

Titan Consulting

Private companies use data retrieved from credit reports, combined with public records, to predict your risk to lenders in the form of a credit score. Key Takeaways.

Pros and Cons of Paperless Statements

Debt Guru

Your bank’s archives might only allow you to retrieve online statements for the past year or just a couple months, and you most likely lose all access if you close your account. In today’s virtual-reliant world, much of our day-to-day business takes place in Cyberspace.

Why cash flow is so important

American Profit

Could retrieving any late payments saved those businesses. There are many reasons collection agencies exist.

3 Security Measures to Keep Customer Online Payments Safe

Payment Savvy

There is no way to retrieve the original information. Trust is crucial to the success of a business. This especially rings true for those with e-commerce businesses. If your customers cannot trust you’ll keep their online payments safe, they’ll have no reason to support your business.

Are You Covered?—A Basic Primer on Cyber Insurance Offerings

Burr Forman

Destroyed Digital Asset Restoration : Covering the costs of data retrieval and system restoration. The digitization of various products, services, and business processes over recent years has been a boon for business.

12 Tips to Help Prevent Identity Theft

Credit Corp

Retrieve your mail on a daily basis, especially if your mailbox is at the end of a driveway. If you’re heading out of town for business or a vacation, arrange for a neighbor or friend—someone you trust—to retrieve your mail for you and keep it in a safe location.

Healthcare in 2020: Convenience Care is Critical

Credit Management Company

Electronic health records give doctors and nurses the ability to retrieve and input important information about patients so that they can receive quality care. More Americans than ever now own phones, tablets, and computers, and they expect these devices to play an important role in the delivery of their healthcare. That's just one reason telehealth services grew 643% between 2011 and 2016. It's also why fewer people retain a primary care doctor.

Tenth Circuit Affirms Rejection of Bona Fide Error Defense in FDCPA Claim Alleging a Single Collection Call After Receipt of a Cease-and-Desist Notice

Troutman Sanders

In Lupia v. Medicredit, Inc. , 20-1294 (10th Cir.

Optimization and Automation Point the Way for Insurance Claims

Fico Collections

Success hinges on the ability to gather, store, retrieve, and analyse data – including new and emerging datasets —at speed and at scale. Optimization and Automation Point the Way for Insurance Claims.

Dental Office Manager: Role, Responsibilities and Duties

Nexa Collect

Organize and maintain patient files and records, retrieve test results as needed for the dentist’s evaluation. A Dental Office Manager also referred to as a Dental Practice Manager is an administrative position commonly accommodated in dental practices or orthodontic facilities.

Switzerland’s Largest Car Leasing Company Accelerates Business

Fico Collections

Using the capabilities on the FICO® Platform, AMAG Leasing AG was able to orchestrate multiple data sources to facilitate automated decisions, customer identification and bureau data retrieval for leasing applications. Automating Automotive Leases.

Important NACHA Changes: Account Validation

Payment Savvy

A consumer’s routing and account numbers are directly retrieved from an account being authenticated.

Power up your ERP for flexible credit management

On Guard

There is also the time-consuming process of accurately collecting large amounts of data, and then being able to store all of this data so it can quickly be retrieved when needed.

Deciding Whether to Hire a Collection Agency for a Government Debt

Credits Inc

As a result, across the country, government agencies are hiring private debt collection and recovery services to retrieve unpaid debt. In September 2018, consumer debt in the U.S. was reported to have reached $3.95 trillion, while the public debt is a whopping $16.5 trillion. A growing concern for the government is the steady increase of the U.S. public debt.