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System Update: Law Firms Must Move from Analog to Digital Processes

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As the pandemic grinds on, law firms continue to see fewer opportunities to meet clients and referral sources in person. With no clear end in sight, law firms should be prepared to hunker down for the long-term.

Fall in Michigan: Safely Handling Deer/Automobile Accidents


You did the right thing… you did not swerve but have hit a deer… now what? During the next couple of months there will be thousands of deer/car accidents in both rural and suburban Michigan.


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How SBA Lenders Ensure Expense Recovery in Loan Liquidation and Litigation

Jimerson Firm

Lenders should be cognizant about what expenses are classified by the SBA as recoverable or non-recoverable. The SBA does not pay for non-recoverable expenses, such as any fee or cost incurred that was not necessary, reasonable or customary.

CFPB Stands Behind Collector for Itemizing Debt in Letter

Account Recovery

Thanks to the team at Ballard Spahr for noticing that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau filed an amicus brief in support of a debt collector’s position that it did not violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act when it included line items indicating that an individual owed $0.00

Price of Softwood Lumber, Natural Gas Increase By Double-Digit Percentages in September


September brought about an increase in construction input prices in large part due to the rising cost of softwood lumber, which has become 80% more costly than in September 2019. In Associated Builders and Contractors' (ABC) latest analysis of U.S.

Understanding Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Nerd Wallet

You won’t find outpatient drug coverage in Medicare Part A or Part B, even though medicines are a large percentage of many seniors’ health care budgets. That’s one reason why, starting in 2006, Medicare began offering Part D, an optional program that helps cover the cost of prescription drugs.


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Second Court Rules TCPA Unconstitutional for Calls Made Before July SCOTUS Ruling

Account Recovery

Another District Court judge has granted a defendant’s motion to dismiss in a Telephone Consumer Protection Act case on the basis that calls made to an individual’s cell phone using an automated telephone dialing system before July 6 — when the Supreme Court ruled in Barr v.


Berkeley Law Seeks Executive Director for Center for Consumer Law and Economic Justice

Public Citizen

Berkeley Law seeks applications for the full-time position of Executive Director (Academic Coordinator II) for the Center for Consumer Law and Economic Justice (CLEJ) with an anticipated start date of December 1, 2020. This is a two-year, full-time (100%) appointment, subject to renewal. This position is open until filled. For more information about the position, including required qualifications and application materials, please visit: [link].


I Refinanced My Mortgage. Here’s What Happened to My Credit Score

Nerd Wallet

When interest rates started to drop in the spring of 2020, my husband and I took notice. We watched as the rates on both fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages continued to slide to historic lows.


Losing Momentum:  Houston Bankruptcy Court Holds that Make-Whole Claims are Not the Economic Equivalent of Unmatured Interest Subject to Disallowance; Solvent-Debtor Exception Lives


In December of last year, we wrote about the Fifth Circuit’s two decisions – Ultra I , from January 2019, and Ultra II , from December, which replaced Ultra I – regarding make-whole claims in the Ultra Petroleum bankruptcy cases.

NCLC Report Calls Out States For Poor Exemption Protections

Account Recovery

You have to hand it to consumer advocacy groups. They know how to name a report that will grab everyone’s attention. The National Consumer Law Center yesterday released a report, “No Fresh Start 2020: Will States Let Debt Collectors Push Families Into Poverty In The Wake Of a Pandemic?”

Why cash flow is so important

American Profit

There are many reasons collection agencies exist.

When Should You Book Basic Economy?

Nerd Wallet

Basic economy tickets get a bad rap. These cheaper fares, which carry more restrictions and fewer built-in features than regular economy tickets, can seem like a “gotcha” game.


Client Alert: Health FSA Maximum Remains the Same for 2021


The IRS has just released its 2021 annual inflation adjustments, in which it announced that the Code section 125 dollar limitation on voluntary employee salary reductions to health flexible spending arrangements (health FSAs) is staying at $2,750.

Advocacy Groups Sue CFPB Over Payday Lending Rule Changes

Account Recovery

As the industry anxiously awaits the release of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s debt collection rule (is today the day?

How an Old Checking Account Can Come Back to Haunt You

Credit Corp

Old checking accounts can become troublesome if you’re not paying attention to them. Whether they’re overdrawn before you move on to another account or become overdrawn because you’re not monitoring them regularly, they can leave you on the hook for debt.

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3 Reasons to Consider a Renovation Refinance Right Now

Nerd Wallet

Is using your kitchen table as an office-slash-kids’-classroom making you long to upgrade your home? You’re not alone. Sixty-one percent of American homeowners have taken on home improvement projects since March 1, 2020, according to NerdWallet’s 2020 Home Improvement Report.


Unemployment Compensation Benefits Extended to 26 Weeks


On October 20, 2020, Michigan Senate Bill 886 was signed into law by Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The bill extends the expansion of unemployment benefits for Michigan workers from 20 weeks to 26 weeks. Extended Benefits are now available for claims established on or before December 31, 2020, on which date the extended benefits provision expires. The Michigan legislature passed the bipartisan legislation, which is now Public Act No.


Minnesota AG Settles With Hospital Over ‘Unfair’ Bill Collection Practices

Account Recovery

Loans 52

Collection agencies can help with some of your biggest concerns

American Profit

The amount of concerns and issues a business owner, entrepreneur or anyone in senior leadership has on their minds on any given day can be countless to say the least.

AmEx Green, Gold, Platinum Add Eats Pass From Uber; Gold to Get Uber Cash Perk

Nerd Wallet

There’s more to Uber than just rides, and starting Oct. 26, 2020, eligible American Express cardholders will get a 12-month test-drive of another Uber offering.


Debt Collection Settlements: Can Parties Include Terms for Future Deals


An issue that comes up time and time again in debt collection settlements is whether parties can continue doing business together even though the creditor has placed the account for collection. If so, can a settlement agreement anticipate and include future deals?

Daily Digest – October 30. Second Court Rules TCPA Unconstitutional For Calls Made Before July SCOTUS Ruling; NCLC Calls Out States

Account Recovery


Choosing a Payment Gateway for Your Accounts Receivable Business

PDC Flow

Running your accounts receivable business takes planning, organization, and the right tools. Along with the AR software needed to manage accounts, you need the right payment gateway, suited to meet the unique needs of the industry.

Ring Doorbell Black Friday 2020 Deals: Are They Worth It?

Nerd Wallet

NerdWallet is here to help you win Black Friday, while leaving your budget intact. We spend the time, you save the money. Visit regularly for holiday shopping tips and announcements about your favorite retailers. Black Friday is Nov.

Construction Industry Webinar: You’ve stopped getting paid, now what?

Jimerson Firm

“You’ve stopped getting paid, now what?” ” aired on Thursday, October 22, 2020. The webinar covered options subcontractors and suppliers can take upon nonpayment on a construction project.

Barrett Confirmed to Supreme Court, and What it Could Mean for the ARM Industry

Account Recovery

The Senate yesterday confirmed the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to be the next Associate Justice on the Supreme Court, replacing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who passed away last month.


The 4-1-1 on Payment Tokenization

Payment Savvy

Every merchant needs to provide customers with a simple and convenient way of making payments to their business. Just as important is to ensure a consumer’s credit card data is safe from hackers.

Mortgage Denial Data Reveals How to Boost Your Approval Odds

Nerd Wallet

Getting approved for a mortgage is never easy. Even with great credit and a big down payment, the process can be cumbersome. In 2020, the process has become even more difficult. Lenders have tightened standards in response to the economic uncertainty during the coronavirus pandemic.

Why Getting Credit Insurance is the Best Thing You Can Do For Your Business


There is always a chance you may be transacting with a fraudulent client and the thought can make any business owner wary. There is a lot of trust required in a business relationship – it really is a matter of whether the client will keep their end of the bargain or not. When you are.


Colorado Extends Window Limiting ‘Extraordinary Collection Actions’

Account Recovery

The state of Colorado has extended its limitations on “extraordinary collection actions” until Feb.