HMRC asks for help ‘modernising’ its business debt collection

UK debt collections

The HMRC has surprising made a public statement asking for advice on modernising its Business Debt Collection methods. The statement issued a couple of days ago is asking for suggestions and advice on improving its current methods of tax debt collection from Businesses in the UK.

Swiss Government takes debt collection action over unpaid fees

UK debt collections

The Swiss government has started debt collection proceedings to recover almost half a million francs spent on Covid repatriations. Swiss authorities have begun debt collections against people who were flown back to the country at the government’s expense at the start of the pandemic. .


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House Passes Debt Collection Reform Bill

Account Recovery

2547, the Comprehensive Debt Collection Improvement Act, a collection of bills aimed at reforming how debts are collected in the United States. Maxine … The post House Passes Debt Collection Reform Bill appeared first on

The Impact of the CFPB’s Debt Collection Regulation F on the Top Debt Collection Agencies.

Optio Solutions

Debt collection is a highly regulated business, the companies that thrive in this setting are leaders in compliance and certification. Certification Compliance First-party Collections Third Party Collections

House Preps Vote on Key Debt Collection Bill

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A published … The post House Preps Vote on Key Debt Collection Bill appeared first on 2547 Non-Judicial Foreclosure Debt Collection Clarification Act Private Loan Disability Discharge Act of 2021 Rep.

HMRC facing pressure to improve Debt Collection

UK debt collections

Sushil Patel, Director of Restructuring Advisory at Kroll, has explained how this may impact the collection of debt in a period of financial recovery for the UK. HMRC had some headroom, due to a decrease in revenue losses (which occur when HMRC formally cease collection activity) from £4.08

Debt Collections for SaaS Clients

Enterprise Recovery

The internet allows for businesses to sell the use of software (and hardware) and revenue is collected either yearly or monthly as a subscription service. Because client retention is very important to this business model, debt collections must be handled with business relationships in mind.

Small Business Debt Collection action ‘imperative’

UK debt collections

New figures released show that Small Business Debt Collection is needed more than ever. Small Business Debt Collection action. There are very professional debt collection solutions available” “We deal with all matters in a highly sensitive and Professional manner.

Beyond Digital: The Next Era in Collections

True Accord

In 2013, TrueAccord was founded with the hypothesis that AI driven digital collection was the way to transform the industry. Jan Hansson, VP, Debt Collection, Klarna. What Debt Collection Leaders Can learn From the Masters of E-Commerce.

Dealing with Debt Collection in France

UK debt collections

French debt collection agencies are particularly prevalent due to the country’s strong economic dependence on Small Businesses and Medium enterprises. Recovering business-to-business debts (B2B) takes on considerable importance for debt collection attorneys across France.

Report Calls Collection Litigation ‘Broken,’ Makes Suggestions to Reform Process

Account Recovery

has published a report on the debt collection litigation market, outlining a series of recommendations to state and federal lawmakers to make the process “safer and fairer” for everyone. Compliance Aspen Institute Collection Litigation Debt Collection Litigation

Ed. Dept. Cancels Contracts With Private Collection Agencies

Account Recovery

The Department of Education last week notified the private collection agencies it had been using to help recover payments on defaulted student loan debts that it would no longer be placing accounts with them. Student Loans Federal Student Aid Richard Cordray Student Loan Debt Collection

Courts close rogue Debt Collection Agency

UK debt collections

The High Court has shut down a rogue Debt Collection Agency it has emerged. The Debt Collection Agency spuriously claimed to be able to collect debts from liquidated companies. The scam debt collection firm had been using a bank account that was not in its own name.

IRS Awards Collection Contracts to Three Agencies

Account Recovery

Starting today, individuals who owe the Internal Revenue Service for unpaid taxes may be contacted by one of three private collection agencies, after the IRS announced it had awarded contracts to the companies.

How Long Can a Collection Agency Attempt to Collect Business Debts?

Enterprise Recovery

If your business has sent bad debt accounts off to a collections agency, you likely have questions about recovering that debt. Typically, commercial collections agencies only charge a fee if they're able to collect. Hiring a B2B Collections Agency Commercial Debt Collection

Council creates new Debt Collection service

UK debt collections

A new debt collection service has been launched by Barking & Dagenham Council. The Debt Collection service has been launched to reduce the need for enforcement action. The council had previously relied on enforcement to collect unpaid council tax.

Advocates on DFPI Debt Collection Committee Make Suggestions to Reform Legal Collections

Account Recovery

The two consumer advocates on the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation’s Debt Collection Advisory Committee have come out and made two recommendations to protect Californians “from illegal collection practices and lawsuits.”

Getting to Know Chris Dunkum of First Collection Services

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… The post Getting to Know Chris Dunkum of First Collection Services appeared first on Getting to Know Chris Dunkum First Collection ServicesThe “Getting to Know” series is sponsored by Applied Innovation.

California Debt Collection Bill

Direct Recovery

California could be looking at two new laws that impact debt collection practices coming by the end of 2021. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Each of these new requirements will make it harder for third-party debt collection agencies that purchase old debt in bulk lots.

Post-judgment collections

Collections Law

Winning is not the same as collecting. A debt collection judgment changes this, however, allowing post-judgment discovery. These actions allow an ethical and aggressive collections attorney like Alan M. Aggressive Collections

Nevada FID to Hold Workshop on Medical Collection Regs

Account Recovery

The FID has released a set … The post Nevada FID to Hold Workshop on Medical Collection Regs appeared first on Compliance Healthcare Healthcare Legislation Medical Debt Collection Nevada SB248

Maryland Healthcare Collection Bill Becomes Law

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Compliance Healthcare HB565 Healthcare Legislation Maryland Medical Debt Collection SB514 State Action

Factsheet | collection

On Guard

Factsheet for more information on Collection. Our debt collection software offers the perfect solution in such situations. The post Factsheet | collection appeared first on Onguard. Whitepaper collection factsheet collector

Residential Debt Collection Visits set to resume

UK debt collections

Debt Collection enforcement visits to residential properties in the UK have been given the green light to resume from the 24th August. Collecting Unpaid CCJ’s is a headache facing many creditors as a result of the pandemic.

B2B Collections: How to Convert Aging Receivables to Cash

Enterprise Recovery

If you've been putting off the headache of collections, you've likely also been asking, "how can I improve my cash flow?" When you're not following up on invoices that are getting older, your chances of collecting on them go down.

Should Sales Be Responsible for Collecting on Invoices?

Enterprise Recovery

While this question will put off sales reps, collections teams may be cheering in their seats. Do you have a solid process for who follows up and when it becomes necessary for your organization to move the account to collections?

Call Scripts for Successful A/R & Collections Specialists

Enterprise Recovery

When your business needs to make a call to get invoices paid, make sure your accounts receivable and collections specialists are using the right language and abilities. Call Scripts for Successful A/R and Collections Specialists.

When is it time to hire a Debt Collection Agency?

UK debt collections

The saying in the Debt Collection Industry is ‘the older, the colder’ which is layman’s terms means, the longer the invoice goes unpaid, the less likely it will be paid at all. Maybe they should consider that it is time to hire a debt collection agency.

Covid Loan Debt Collection talks hit brick wall

UK debt collections

Plans to create a Nationwide Debt Collection service to recoup unpaid covid Business support loans have hit a brick wall according to latest reports. £45 Some of the Larger Lenders such as Lloyds and HSBC have since changed their stance on a centralised debt collection unit.

Loans 65

Maryland Legislature Passes Medical Collection Bills

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… The post Maryland Legislature Passes Medical Collection Bills appeared first on Healthcare Maryland Medical Debt Collection State Action

Arizona Group Pushing For Medical Debt Collection Law

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… The post Arizona Group Pushing For Medical Debt Collection Law appeared first on Healthcare Healthcare Legislation Healthcare Rising Arizona Medical Debt Collection

Banks hire 100’s of Debt Collection Agents ahead of Covid Loan repayments

UK debt collections

The UK’s leading High Street banks are strengthening their Debt Collection teams ahead of the emergency covid loan defaults. The UK’s four largest banks are said to have hired over 750 new Debt Collection staff to their debt recovery units in a major challenge facing them.

Why are B2B Payments So Hard to Collect?

Enterprise Recovery

If B2B payments are too hard to collect, ask yourself these questions. Best Practices Accounts Receivable Commercial Debt CollectionThe last thing a business owner wants to think about is why their clients or customers aren't paying.

Oklahoma Senate Passes Medical Collection Bill

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The Oklahoma Senate has passed a bill that would prohibit healthcare providers from reporting unpaid debts to a credit reporting agency or placing them with a collection agency unless the patient was provided with a “good faith estimate” of the cost of the services prior to them being rendered.

We are “all in” when advocating for the collection industry

American Profit

That includes how we can work in the best interest of the clients that hire us, the consumers that are struggling with their finances, and the overall health and effectiveness of the collection industry. And that is definitely the case when it comes to debt collections.