July, 2021

6 reasons why you MUST ask for a part payment.

Collect More

Everywhere I go, everyone I talk to, every business that I help I recite my mantra: “What is the absolute most you can pay today?” ” These 9 words are the reason we collect millions of dollars every year and teach others to do the same. Most people have the same limited mindset- full amount or zero. Everything or nothing. Almost nobody thinks about that enormous middle section- part payments. Something, not everything, instead of nothing.

Task(s) at Hand: Tools for Managing Your Practice Responsibilities

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

Most attorneys feel overwhelmed by everything they need to do. Especially for solo and small firm lawyers, this can be crushing. It helps to take a step back, redefine your goals, reset your tasks, and focus on what you need to do now.


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Construction Bid Protests in Florida: Top 10 Things Contractors Should Know

Jimerson Firm

Once a contractor in Florida receives notice that an agency soliciting bids intends to award a contract to another bidder, the contractor may wonder why its bid was unsuccessful.

Daily Digest – July 28. ACA’s Convention Kicks Off, In Person; Bedard Discusses New Validation Period Requirements

Account Recovery

ACA INTERNATIONAL’S 2021 CONVENTION KICKS OFF … IN PERSON This year’s annual ACA International Convention, which kicks off today here in Las Vegas might be one of the most highly anticipated events in the history of the association.


Personal loan scams and traps to avoid


Most of us have been in a pinch where we needed some extra cash, fast. Maybe you can’t make your paycheck stretch far enough and need a little assistance to float you until next month.

Team USA: Why the United States is the Best Place to Start a Business

Enterprise Recovery

As if we needed another reason to cheer for Team USA, CEOWORLD Magazine's Entrepreneurship Index for 2021 ranks the United States as the world's most entrepreneurial country.


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Cadence: How Do You Meet Now?

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

As COVID restrictions are lifting across the country, and business owners and their employees are deciding whether or how to come back together in an office setting, the question persists: How and when should people meet for work?

Properly Evaluating and Defending Class Action Complaints

Jimerson Firm

Class action complaints are not a novel concept.

I Type, Therefore I Am

Account Recovery

What do people think of engaging with chatbots when visiting a company’s website?


3 effective ways to deal with your late paying customers

American Profit

While there may be many unknowns when running a small or large business, one thing we know for sure is that late-paying customers and clients are part of operating any size business. If you have clients, there will be a percentage of them that will either pay late or in some cases not pay at all.

Getting Your AR Back to “Normal”

Receivables Control

How quickly you get your AR back to “normal” depends on many factors. Sixteen months have passed since Covid-19 caused a global health crisis and economic upheaval. Prior to discussing AR, we must pause a moment and reflect on the friends and loved ones lost and the subsequent disruption.

Who is PDCflow? Meet Kristen Makanoa

PDC Flow

Listening to customers is an essential part of software development. At PDCflow, we’re lucky to have a listening expert on our team in Product Manager Kristen Makanoa. She became part of the team in 2020 – but starting a new position during such a disruptive time didn’t slow her down.


Red Flag: Vetting Potential Clients Is Easier With a List

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

Sailors use a series of flags to indicate danger ; Billy Joel occasionally names albums after such flags. Lawyers ignore red flags – at least when they relate to client engagement. As has been discussed in this space, attorneys tend to avoid the intake process.

Charles Jimerson Interviewed by the Miami Herald for Condo Law Expertise for Surfside Condo Collapse Article

Jimerson Firm

On Friday, July 9, 2021, the Miami Herald covered the Surfside condo collapse in their latest news article, “ Condos’ reserve funds, delayed repairs under new scrutiny since Surfside tragedy.”


Judge Dismisses Six Hunstein Cases for Lack of Standing

Account Recovery

In one fell swoop on Friday, a District Court judge in New York dismissed six Hunstein cases for lack of standing, ruling that a recent Supreme Court decision “casts significant doubt on the continued viability of Hunstein” cases, but giving the plaintiffs time to amend their complaints, either in federal or state court.

Low Home Appraisal? What to Do if You Suspect Discrimination

Nerd Wallet

As interest rates fell and home prices rose last year, Carlette Duffy of Indianapolis applied to refinance her mortgage and got a gut-punch of a surprise when the appraisal came in. Duffy estimated her home was worth $185,000, but the appraisal ordered by the lender valued her home at $125,000.

6 things they don’t tell you about debt collectors

American Profit

Do you know the truth about debt collectors? Do you feel you know what a collector does? Oftentimes we find that many people are unaware of certain facts about the collection industry and are even surprised when they learn more about the industry and the people that represent that industry.

Governor Whitmer Signs Law Regulating Delta-8 THC Manufacturing and Sales Starting October 11, 2021


House Bill 4517 is part of a package of legislation that will regulate the manufacturing, sale, and distribution of delta-8 THC products much like other legal marijuana products in Michigan. Governor Whitmer has signed a law allowing only regulated delta-8 THC products to be manufactured and sold in Michigan, effective October 11, 2021. The move to regulate, rather than ban, the delta-8 THC strand was supported by the cannabis industry.

Emotional Rescue: This Is Why Consumers Buy Legal Services

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

Attorneys hate to think of themselves as ‘salespeople’ – but, if you’re a law firm owner/manager, you’re selling things the same way everyone else who owns a business is selling things. Though, you might not be selling what you think you are.

Managing Partner Charles Jimerson Discusses Gaps in Florida’s Condo Laws With NBC 6 Following Surfside Condo Collapse

Jimerson Firm

Managing partner Charles Jimerson recently spoke to NBC 6 South Florida about the gap in Florida’s condominium laws. Only two counties in the state require a 40-year recertification process even though Florida has the most condominiums of any U.S. state.

Another Student Loan Servicer Opts Out of Working for Federal Gov’t

Account Recovery

For the second time this month, a company that services federal student loans has announced it will not extend its contract with the Department of Education, choosing instead to focus its resources on its own private student loan product.

Dorm Costs Have Soared, but Many Freshmen Have No Choice

Nerd Wallet

Living in the dorms is a rite of passage for millions of first-year college students. But like the rest of the college experience, it’s costly. And in many cases it’s mandatory.

When — and why — to use a personal loan for back to school


Unexpected bills start stacking up around this time of year. Fresh bedsheets. Laptop case. So many books. And it turns out you need a mini-fridge in the dorm room after all (because, who doesn’t?). Personal Finance

CFPB and FDIC Release Enhanced Version of Money Smart for Older Adults

Consumer Finance

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) today announced the joint release of an enhanced version of the award-winning financial education curriculum, Money Smart for Older Adults.

Michigan Legislature Repeals Emergency Powers of Governor Act of 1945


On July 21, 2021, the Michigan legislature approved a petition to repeal the Emergency Powers of Governor Act of 1945, which was the statutory basis used by Governor Whitmer during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic to institute sweeping health and safety restrictions. Because the action taken by the legislature was pursuant to an “initiated law,” the repeal does not require Governor Whitmer’s approval, nor can she veto it.

Obtaining Attorney’s Fees Against Employees Who Represent Themselves in Employment Discrimination Cases

Jimerson Firm

Over the past decade there has been a sharp rise in employment discrimination lawsuits filed by pro se plaintiffs (i.e., former employee plaintiffs who represent themselves).

Judge Grants Motion to Deny Certification in TCPA Class Action

Account Recovery


Travel Is Complicated Now. Here Are 5 Ways to Stress Less

Nerd Wallet

As someone who, before 2020, went on multiple domestic and international trips each year with relative ease, I was surprised at how overwhelming it was to get on a plane for the first time in nearly 500 days.


Critical Vendors Aren’t Immune from Lawsuits to Recover Preferential Transfers


Some courts permit debtors to designate vendors crucial to their business as “critical vendors.” ” These vendors supply debtors with necessary goods or services. Debtors are permitted to pay them amounts owing when a bankruptcy case is filed.

TrueAccord Featured in Aite Group’s Spotlight on Disruptive Fintech

True Accord

In a recent report by the Aite Group , TrueAccord was featured in the inaugural edition of the “Retail Banking & Payments Fintech Spotlight” , which highlighted disruptive fintechs with a strong focus on technologies that improve the customer experience.