Getting to Know Diann Jenkins of Credit Bureau of Jonesboro

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Rep. McHenry opposes government-run credit bureau on ground that government suffers cyberattacks. Equifax, anyone?

Public Citizen

Last week, the House Financial Services Committee held a hearing on credit reporting. Among the topics addressed during the hearing was President Biden's proposal for a government-run credit bureau. Ranking member Patrick McHenry opposed a government-run credit bureau, commenting, according to the article: "Cyberattacks are also a major issue with federal databases," McHenry said. And studies often indicate that credit reports contain errors.


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Daily Digest – June 10. Getting to Know Diann Jenkins of Credit Bureau of Jonesboro; Ninth Circuit Reverses Ruling in FDCPA Case

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GETTING TO KNOW DIANN JENKINS OF CREDIT BUREAU OF JONESBORO There is no doubt that new ways of doing business are revolutionizing the accounts receivable management industry.

Can a Collection Agency Report to the Credit Bureau Without Notifying You?

Credit Corp

Can a collection agency report to a credit bureau without notifying you? In its annual report to Congress about debt collection complaints, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau described collection complaints received by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Error Leads Judge to Overturn Verdict in Favor of Defendant in FDCPA Class Action

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Compliance FDCPA 1692e Bassett v Credit Bureau Services District Court for the District of Nebraska Judge Joseph Bataillon Judgment as a matter of law Pre-judgment interest

41 State AGs Reach Settlement With Breached Collection Agency

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Attorneys general from 41 states have reached a settlement with Retrieval-Masters Credit Bureau, which operated a collection agency under the name of American Medical Collection Agency, stemming from a data breach in 2019 that exposed the personal information of more than 7 million individuals.

How to Find All Your Debts: 4 Tips

Credit Corp

Paying off your debts is a critical part of a healthy credit profile. Get some tips to find out all your debts so you can make educated decisions about how to clean up your credit history. Check Your Credit Reports. Consider Credit Repair Services.

More Than 232 Million US Consumers Can Be Scored by the FICO Score Suite

Fico Collections

Based on the 2020 US Census , the US credit-eligible population (those over 18 years of age) is 258 million people. That is 90% of the credit-eligible US population. We refer to this benchmark score as the “Credit Bureau Data Research Score.”

Judge Grants MSJ For Defendant in FDCPA Case Over Credit Karma Report

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Is It Harder for Seniors to Get Credit Cards?

Nerd Wallet

Whether it’s to earn rewards toward vacations or just finance everyday purchases, there’s strong demand for credit cards among older adults. According to a report from credit bureau Experian, baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) carried an average of 4.8

Requirements for Reporting Delinquent Accounts to Credit Bureaus

BYL Collections

One of the questions most asked of BYL Collections during onboarding of new accounts is regarding credit bureau reporting. Obviously, our credit and collections clients understand how credit bureau reporting may actually prompt a call or payment from a customer. When we take on the responsibility of recovery of an account, we also plan to report the bad debt to the credit bureaus. Debt Collection Credit

Understanding Why You Have So Many Different Credit Scores

Titan Consulting

All three for-profit credit reporting agencies, Experian, Equifax and Transunion compile and report consumer credit and debt payment activity and sell this consumer information to lenders seeking to grant credit. You are entitled to receive one free credit report each year.

Things Debt Collectors Are Forbidden to Do

Sawin & Shea

Approximately one third of consumers with a credit bureau file were contacted by at least one creditor or debt collector each year, according to a CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) survey.

Use a Credit Freeze to Stop Identity Thieves in Their Tracks

Rocket Lawyer

Another way you can protect yourself is by implementing a credit freeze, which can help curb the flow of personal data. Understanding what a credit freeze does and how to use it effectively will help you add an additional layer of protection to stop identity theft before it happens.

FICO Applauds FHFA Inclusion of Rental Data in Underwriting

Fico Collections

There are 53 million consumers who don’t have sufficient data in the traditional credit bureau files to generate a credit score today. that show a personal financial history that isn’t captured by the credit bureaus.

FICO Score 10 Suite Available from All Three Credit Bureaus

Fico Collections

The FICO® Score 10 Suite, which includes FICO Score 10 and FICO Score 10 T, is now generally available from all three credit bureaus. To further enhance flexibility and predictive power, the addition of FICO® Score 10 T incorporates trended credit bureau data.

Can I Sue a Company for Sending Me to Collections?

Credit Corp

A collections notice shows up, a debt collector starts calling or you find a negative report on your credit history, but you know you paid the account in question. Find out more about what the law says about your rights when it comes to protecting your credit history. Credit Score

Top Challenges Consumer Face When Using Alternative Credit Scoring Systems

Titan Consulting

Your credit score doesn’t measure your financial worth, or necessarily your level of financial responsibility. Your credit score only measures your ability to manage debt. There are millions of responsible consumers that pay bills on time without a credit score. Key Takeaways.

How to Use Alternative Data to Build Your Credit Report

Titan Consulting

Key Takeaways: Over 50 Million American lack a credit score or adequate credit history that can be used to grant credit. Alternative credit sources that do not report to the credit bureaus can include payments for rent, utilities, service accounts, and personal loans.

CFPB Reports Changes In Consumer Financial Status During The Pandemic

Collection Industry News

According to the Changes in Consumer Financial Status During the Early Months of the Pandemic data point report, fewer consumers had difficulty paying bills in the initial months of the Covid-19 pandemic than in the preceding year, and both credit scores and CFPB financial well-being scores increased. Source: site. On April 30, the CFPB released a report that analyzed the early impacts of Covid-19 on the financial status of consumers.

Debunking the Top-3 Pooled Model Myths

Fico Collections

In my previous blog post , we explored how using pooled models can help you say “yes” to more good credit applicants. MYTH #1: We already use a credit bureau score to assess application risk.

What is CBNA On My Credit Report?

Better Credit Blog

Have you noticed a new account on your credit report listed as CBNA? It is probably because you have recently applied for a new credit card. CBNA is an account that indicates a hard inquiry into your credit history. How Long Does a CBNA Inquiry Stay on Your Credit Report?

Debt Collection & Business Credit

The Kaplan Group

For a business owner, your business credit rating is an important asset. If your business is getting calls from a collection agency, you may wonder how this will affect your business credit. Why Worry About Your Credit Rating? How Do Credit Bureaus Learn About Your B2B Debt?

New Data Underscores Strong Performance of the FICO Resilience Index

Fico Collections

Working with our credit bureau partners, FICO examined a timely indicator of borrower response to the current economic stress — the presence of a loan accommodation— that is available in credit bureau data.

How a Car Loan Can Increase Your Credit

Credit Corp

When most people think about credit and a car loan, they’re thinking about what credit score qualifies them for the car loan. However, that’s not the only way that a credit score will affect a vehicle loan. Your New Car Loan Shows up on Your Credit Report.

Loans 82

How to Check Your Credit Report for Identity theft

Credit Corp

Unauthorized credit card charges, bogus loan applications, missing money, and other financial violations make fraud a major nightmare. To keep fraud in check, you need to know how to check your credit report for identity theft, and how to deal with problems when they arise.

The Santa Challenge 1: Get the Data!

Fico Collections

We work with lenders worldwide who want to grant credit to people who traditionally found it hard to get credit, because there’s just no data on them to guide a decision. Santa Claus is facing a challenge in this pandemic year. Kids worldwide can’t sit on Santa’s lap.

How much money do I need to get started?


Software services like credit bureau reporting, skip tracing, predictive dialing, etc. The answer to this question depends on where you chose to start your business, how many employees you choose to employ, and whether your business will require office space. The typical expenses involved in starting up a new debt collection business are as follows: Local and state business fees. Insurance and taxes. Employee wages.

Expanding Access to Credit Through Alternative Data

Fico Collections

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a virtual event hosted by the Urban Institute entitled Financial Inclusion: Lessons Learned and What’s Next for Innovations in Alternative Credit Data.

Bank Ecosystems: The Role of Data Ingestion

Fico Collections

In today’s world, given the various alternative data resources available , the challenge for lenders becomes managing a diverse set of data, especially when making decisions on people who are new to credit. However, for an instant, digital credit decision process, this capability is a must. .

Banks 56

Your business hired a collection agency. Now what?

American Profit

Another service that your agency should provide is reporting to credit bureaus. If a customer knows that their delinquency will be reported to a credit bureau, that may be just the motivation they need to pay off their debt to you.

District Court Rules “Informational Injury” Sufficient to Confer Article III Standing

Consumer Financial Services Law

5, 2019), the defendants Midland Funding, LLC, Midland Credit Management, Inc. The letter also informed Navarroli that the law limited how long he could be sued for the debt and how long a debt can be reported to a credit bureau, and went on to state that due to the age of the debt at issue, Midland would “not sue [Navarroli] for it or report payment or non-payment of it to a credit bureau.” By: Zachary K.

How Financial Technology Partners can Help with Customer Acquisition Campaigns

Fico Collections

For credit unions and smaller banks in North America, the challenge of how to compete with their bigger counterparts is a constant and pressing matter. Today’s prescreening solutions are very manual in nature, typically involving a list processing agreement with a credit bureau.

How Credit Unions and Regional Banks Can Execute Strong Customer Acquisition Campaigns

Fico Collections

For credit unions and smaller banks in North America, the challenge of how to compete with their bigger counterparts is a constant and pressing matter. Today’s prescreening solutions are very manual in nature, typically involving a list processing agreement with a credit bureau.

7 Reasons Your Credit Score May Suddenly Drop, Even if You Never Miss a Payment

Titan Consulting

Changes in your credit utilization, whether caused by increased spending or a reduction in available credit, will negatively impact your credit score. Credit is an integral part of building financial stability. Surpassing your credit limit is a sign of financial trouble.