The perils of taking a rocket launcher to a water pistol fight

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I don’t like to have regrets in business- I think everything we do and everything we go through, good and bad, is a learning experience and life is way too short to live in the past. But there is something I did about 5 years ago that I still kick myself over. I was engaged to provide debt collection training to a major insurance brokerage here in Queensland. The session was a tremendous success and the feedback I received from all the attendees was great.

System Update: Law Firms Must Move from Analog to Digital Processes

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

As the pandemic grinds on, law firms continue to see fewer opportunities to meet clients and referral sources in person. With no clear end in sight, law firms should be prepared to hunker down for the long-term.

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How Much Money Do You Need to Buy a House?

Credit Corp

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the median sales price of new homes in May 2020 was around $317,000. Even if you’re purchasing a home that falls well below that average, chances are it’s one of the most expensive things you’ll ever buy.

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TrueAccord Welcomes Laura Marino, Chief Product Officer, and Charles Deutsch, General Manager of Financial Services

True Accord

As the US is starting to understand the impact of COVID-19 and its aftermath on our economy, more consumers are expected to default and find themselves dealing with debt.

Bay Area Transit District Attacks Candidate For Showing Its Logo

Public Citizen

by Paul  Alan  Levy. Much like the case of Jeremy Whittaker a few years ago, a demand letter from the general counsel of an elective transit district in the East Bay seeks to interfere with the political campaign of a candidate seeking to replace the lawyer’s bosses.

Why Your “Calling Identity” Matters

Arbeit Software

Identifying yourself as a trusted, legal caller is the first line of defense in mitigating improper call blocking and labeling events


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Price Meese

Karen Edler and Jackie Esposito, attorneys in Price, Meese, Shulman & D’Arminio, P.C.’s s Education Law Group, successfully litigated an Article 78 proceeding in New York’s Supreme Court vindicating the rights of three New York University (“NYU”) students, and returning them to the classroom.

7 ways to practice financial self-care


When you think about self-care, you probably imagine yourself applying a f ace mask , getting a massage , or cur ling up in sweatpants with a good book.


Unpaid Invoices affecting 54% of UK Businesses

UK debt collections

As the United Kingdom continues to ease its Coronavirus restrictions , 54% of current actively trading Businesses are facing piles of unpaid invoices. The results from a survey by the Office of National Statistics make for shocking reading.

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How to Handle College Loan Debt as an Unemployed Recent Grad

Nerd Wallet

Entry-level jobs are scarce for recent college graduates, which leaves the Class of 2020 in a precarious position as their student loan debt comes due.

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Need to Know About Debt Negotiation and Settlement?

Sawin & Shea

If you’re dealing with debt and considering filing for bankruptcy, it’s a good idea to get professional legal advice on how to handle the proceedings. There are countless scams and “credit repair” cons trying to take advantage of your situation when you need help the most.

Line ‘Em Up: The Secret to Hiring Is Gaining Massive Business Efficiency First

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

Imagine if Henry Ford had tried to create massive efficiency within the automotive industry, and just hired people, before he started building assembly lines. It would have been a disaster. At that point, one of the greatest innovations of the 20th Century becomes just another Hindenb u rg disaster.

3 Steps Young Families Can Take to Build a Financially Secure Future

Credit Corp

Young families looking to achieve financial stability should consider several foundational steps… Click To Tweet. Young families looking to achieve financial stability should consider several foundational steps early on.

TrueAccord continues to grow rapidly in Lenexa, KS

True Accord

Back in 2019, TrueAccord pledged to hire 50 new Lenexa team members every year until reaching our goal of 150.


Understanding Your Credit Card Limit: 3 Things to Know

The Kaplan Group

aDIudGItaGVhZGluZ1tkYXRhLXRvb2xzZXQtYmxvY2tzLWhlYWRpbmc9IjM2OGNkZGQ4YzFkOThkNzlmMTFlNWUyNzc0NTgwOGE4Il0gIHsgdGV4dC1hbGlnbjogbGVmdDsgfSA=. “We’re lowering your credit card limit,” is the last thing a business owner wants to hear.

Worker Payroll Tax Payment’s Delayed By Executive Order


On Saturday, the President issued an executive order to defer the withholding, deposit, and payment of certain payroll taxes paid from September 1st through December 31, 2020, although the President indicated that it could end up being applied retroactive to August 1st.

How To Remove Asset Acceptance LLC From Your Credit Report

Better Credit Blog

Have a collections entry from Asset Acceptance LLC on your credit report? If Asset Acceptance is on your credit report, it’s probably because you forgot about a bill. It’s important to deal with a collections agency like Asset Acceptance quickly.

Details on the HEROES Act


When the House of Representative passed the $3-trillion HEROES Act on May 15, it all but guaranteed that a second stimulus check would arrive for Americans in need of financial help for COVID-19. How much that guarantee is worth and when it will be delivered is up to the U.S.


Save Money As A Family: 3 Ways To Teach Kids Good Savings Habits


With the average American household holding almost $100,000 in debt , there are too many families in the United States struggling to keep up financially. Parenting Tips


New Late Payment proposals to help SME’s ‘not enough’

UK debt collections

Under new proposals being drawn up by the government, large companies could now face fines or court orders if they fail to pay their smaller suppliers on time.

How to Save Money for a House: Steps to Get Moving

Nerd Wallet

Saving enough money to buy a house might seem like scaling Mount Everest, but don’t let that stop you from taking the first steps. Once you get moving, you might find the peak more accessible than you expected. Here’s how to make the climb: Set goals to save for a house Decide a total money.


Tips for Successful Skiptracing at Scale

Arbeit Software

Is your agency's skiptracing procedure as efficient as it can be? We spoke to Chris Ball of Belvista Software to learn more about how agencies can maximize their skiptracing procedures and outcomes


No Direction Home: What To Do With Clients Who Don’t Want a Lawyer

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

There are legal consumers out there who don’t want you, you know.

10 Ways to Build Credit Without a Credit Card

Credit Corp

Credit cards are a great tool for building credit. They’re easy to use, offer flexibility, and sometimes even reward you for using them. Most also directly impact your credit score and are used by many people to begin building their credit profile.

Between Two FinTechs: An Interview Series with FinTech industry leaders

True Accord

Perspectives from Melissa Guzy, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Arbor Ventures. At TrueAccord, we are motivated by how our work impacts consumer finance through technology.

The tidal wave of lawsuits is not consumers suing businesses--it's businesses suing consumers

Public Citizen

by Jeff Sovern. The argument that businesses should not be liable to consumers whom they carelessly infect with the coronavirus is based on the claim that if Congress does not outlaw such cases, we will see a tidal wave of lawsuits. Thus far, that argument has no basis in reality. In fact, if anything, consumer claims are getting lost in the undertow.

iQor Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Account Recovery

Collection operation and contact center business-process outsourcing provider iQor filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection yesterday, seeking approval of a pre-packaged plan that would provide the company with $130 million of funding to reorganize itself and continue operating.

When Is the Right Time to Be Thinking About Bankruptcy?

Sawin & Shea

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense, even when it comes to finances. If you have been hit hard by the economic upheaval of the coronavirus, filing for bankruptcy may be your best option.

What Affects Your Credit Score

Better Credit Blog

Credit scores affect almost every aspect of your financial life, but what affects them? While some factors that impact your score are obvious, like your payment history, others might surprise you.

10 warning signs your identity has been stolen


You or someone you know may have already been the victim of identity theft. But that’s not the only scary part. What’s also scary is you may not even know when — or how — it happened. Was it last week’s online shopping spree?


Bailiffs allowed to return to Debt Collection duties

UK debt collections

Local Authorities have been given the green light to send Bailiffs to collect outstanding debts. This follows a five month suspension due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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