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A Collection Agent Is Calling: Help!

The Kaplan Group

So, it’s no surprise that people are falling behind on their bills, and that some people have received calls from a collection agent. If you are receiving calls from a collection agency, the most important things to know are that you should not panic and you should not ignore the call. But scammers are out there.

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Creating a Successful Collection Agent Incentive Program

Payment Savvy

Over time, however, agents do lose their zeal and ambition to rectify delinquent accounts. This is where collection agent incentive programs come in to save the day. These incentive programs motivate debt collection agents to work harder and, in turn, keep your collection agency in the black. Title changes.


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Banks hire 100’s of Debt Collection Agents ahead of Covid Loan repayments

UK debt collections

Natwest is reported to have taken on an extra 150 debt collection agents to handle recovering overdue covid loans whilst the HSBC has taken on nearly 200 extra to help tackle the expected problems.

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Breaking BAD | A day in the life of an Onguard Collections Agent

On Guard

A day in the life of an Onguard Collections Agent. There are many ways to utilise the Onguard Credit Manager module but if ‘Breaking BAD’ is your key focus then a day in the life your collections agent(s) and AR manager might be as follows – Create Workflows to support a Breaking BAD collection strategy.

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What Are The Common Problems Faced by the Debt Collection Agents?

Taurus Collect

However, a bankrupt customer is a massive blow to the collection agent, as debt recovery becomes a long, tedious process. Looking for a reputed debt collection agency to assist your business in conducting a hassle-free collection of debts? In such cases, generally, collateral is kept against the given debt.

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Contact Center Wages Have Peaked and Will Finally Start to Normalize in 2023: Report

Account Recovery

Companies nationwide in the accounts receivable management industry have felt the pinch in their wallets during the past two years thanks to rising wages being paid to collection agents, customer service representatives, and other contact center workers. But maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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The Workers Most Affected By the COVID-19 Pandemic

Account Recovery

As might be expected, customer service representatives, a category of workers that include collection agents, were among the hardest hit during the early days of the pandemic, according to research that was published by the Federal Reserve Bank of St.