Soon, Debt Collectors Can Contact You on Social Media

Sawin & Shea

A new rule will soon allow debt collection messages through social media. On top of phone calls, emails, and text messages, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) will allow debt collectors to message you through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and almost any other social media channel.

University calls in Private Debt Collectors for help

UK debt collections

Bristol University is reported to be turning to a Private Debt Collection Agency for help. Bristol University is reportedly the first university to pursue private debt collection in response to rent-striking students.


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CFPB Sues Debt Collector

Account Recovery

6 things they don’t tell you about debt collectors

American Profit

Do you know the truth about debt collectors? Do you feel you know what a collector does? Collectors and consumers can have cordial and productive discussions. Debt collections has changed over the years. Full payment is not always requested by the collector.

Tennis Legend accused of ‘hiding’ Trophies from Debt Collectors

UK debt collections

Tennis legend Boris Becker has appeared in court at Southwark Crown Court in London , accused of failing to hand over his trophies to help clear unpaid debts. Becker had been declared as bankrupt in 2017 due to a large debt owing to a bank.

Things Debt Collectors Are Forbidden to Do

Sawin & Shea

Whether you have missed a single payment somewhere along the line or are delinquent on several payments, the last thing you want is to be harassed by debt collectors. The FTC makes sure that the FDCPA (Fair Debt Consumer Protection Act) is followed by collection agencies.

Dealing with Debt Collectors

J Roquez

Debt collectors get an incredibly poor reputation, but they are invaluable to both businesses and individuals. If you find yourself in this situation, you should know the best ways to deal with debt collectors to make the process as painless as possible. Reasons a debt collector is reaching out to you. The business itself hires a debt collector. The creditor may either use in-house debt collectors or hires an outside debt collection agency.

Dec 2, Bad Debt Collectors

Debt Collection Answers

Eight ways bad debt collectors try to get you to pay. Learn how to fight back when debt collection agencies cross the line

DFPI Issues Alert About Firm ‘Posing’ as Legal Debt Collector

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Our Debt Collectors Get Compliments From Consumers

American Profit

You don’t sound like a debt collector, you are too nice”. Our collectors get complimented by the consumers they are calling on each and every day. Our collectors as we are sure you know, are calling people because they have not paid a bill on time, or paid it at all.

Unlicensed Debt Collector Arrested in North Carolina

Account Recovery

Engle, … The post Unlicensed Debt Collector Arrested in North Carolina appeared first on

Are debt collector companies all the same?

Taurus Collections

As we approach Christmas and New Year 2020, more and more business owners will be searching for debt collector companies. So its important that you keep on top of your cashflow around this time, but its also equally important to know which debt collector companies you can trust. On a few occasions this year we’ve had clients come to us to collect their debts after having had experience of other agencies. Debt collector companies.

Hiring, Developing & Supporting Motivated Debt Collectors

Arbeit Software

It starts with a simple question, “what is your purpose?”. Collection Agencies

Can Debt Collectors Call on Holidays?

Credit Corp

When you’re in debt, getting calls from debt collectors is common. But can debt collectors call on holidays? Find out more about the answer to this common question, and learn what you can do to take care of your debt for good. .

Dr. Debt Collector

Credit Management Company

Hospitals and doctor's offices have always been concerned about getting payment from the uninsured, but now that patients with employer coverage bare a greater financial burden, providers are feeling more like debt collectors. Of those doctors that remain independent, many are turning to third party collectors for help. That's why another possible solution to this problem is to outsource patient bills to a third party collectors. Patients debt collection

Skills & Qualities of a Top Performing Debt Collector | Arbeit

Arbeit Software

There are both innate qualities and learned skills that can be observed in top performing debt collectors. Debt collection agency owner, Travis Irving of HRI Group, shared with us the skills & qualities that he sees most commonly in his top performers.

What New Debt Collector Rules Mean for You

Nerd Wallet

Working with third-party debt collectors can be confusing and scary. adults with debt in collections, knowing their legal rights is crucial. The article What New Debt Collector Rules Mean for You originally appeared on NerdWallet. Paying Off Debt Personal Finance

Can Debt Collectors Follow You to Another Country?

Credit Corp

Overwhelmed with debt? Whether it’s unpaid credit card debt or medical bills, you might feel like you have nowhere to turn. If you’re seriously considering uprooting your life just to avoid debt, you probably have a few questions. Take time to outline all of your debt.

Second Circuit Holds Debt Collector Did Not Need to Include Interest Disclosure in Settlement Offer

Burr Forman

Riexinger & Associates, LLC , the Second Circuit Court of Appeals held that an attempt to collect a debt that states the current balance owed but does not disclose whether interest and fees are accruing is misleading in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) Section 1692e.

Rehearing Sought in Federal Appeals Court Ruling on Use of Mailing Vendors by Debt Collectors

Burr Forman

raises significant concerns for debt collectors who use vendors for mailing and other types of services that require the sharing of information relating to consumer debts. The ruling by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Richard Hunstein v.

Report Calls Out ‘Costly’ Debt Collectors For Working Debts Owed to Public Colleges

Account Recovery

CFPB Rule Clarifies Tenants Can Hold Debt Collectors Accountable for Illegal Evictions

Consumer Finance

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) today issued an interim final rule in support of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s eviction moratorium. Press release

ACA International CEO Mark Neeb Refutes Claims that Debt Collectors are Targeting Economic Stimulus Checks

Account Recovery

ACA International CEO Mark Neeb released a statement today refuting claims that debt collectors are targeting economic stimulus checks. March 15, 2021 – Washington, D.C. –

Dec 4, Do Not Pay Debt Collectors Until You Read This!

Debt Collection Answers

5 things you must do when dealing with debt collectors. Do not pay debt collectors until you take these steps

CFPB Takes Action Against Debt Collector And Its Owner For Falsely Threatening Consumers with Legal Action

Consumer Finance

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) today issued a consent order against a debt collector and its owner for harassing thousands of consumers, falsely threatening them with legal action.

Can a Debt Collector Get Into My Bank Account?

Credit Corp

Can debt collectors take money from your bank account to offset debts you owe them? While laws in your state might help protect your accounts from private collectors, if you owe tax debt or other federal or state funds, your accounts might be up for grabs.

FTC Cracks Down On Corrupt Debt Collectors

Collection Industry News

In a coordinated effort in 2015 called Operation Collection Protection, the FTC and more than 70 law enforcement partners took 115 actions against deceptive and abusive debt collection practices. Illegal activities included harassing phone calls, bogus threats of arrest or lawsuit, and violations of other provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. In many cases, consumers didn’t even owe the debts. Get “validation” information about the debt. Source: site.

Second Circuit Rules Debt Collector Did Not Violate FDCPA

Collection Industry News

Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has ruled that a debt collector did not violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act by sending the plaintiff a settlement offer that did not disclose that his balance could increase due to interest and fees. The plaintiff alleged that the debt collector violated the FDCPA by failing to disclose that interest was continuing to accrue on his balance. Source: site. The U.S.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Sues Debt Collector BounceBack, Inc.

Consumer Finance

for allegedly engaging in deceptive and otherwise unlawful debt collection acts or practices. Press release Debt collection Deceptive practicesOn December 9, 2020, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau filed a lawsuit against BounceBack, Inc.

Eleventh Circuit Holds Transmitting Consumer Information to Third Parties Exposes Debt Collectors to Liability under the FDCPA

Burr Forman

In a decision that could throw the debt-collection industry into turmoil, on April 21, 2021, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals released its opinion in the case Hunstein v. The consumer brought suit against the debt collector, alleging violation of 15 U.S.C.

DFPI Issues Proposal On Debt Collector Licensing Applications

Collection Industry News

Recently, the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) issued a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) to adopt new requirements for debt collectors seeking to obtain a license to operate in the state. Under the Act, debt collection licenses will be required starting January 1, 2022; however, debt collectors who submit applications before January 1, 2022 will be allowed to operate while their applications are pending. Source: site.

Can a Debt Collector Collect After 10 Years?

Credit Corp

Whether you have medical debt, credit card debt or unpaid student loans , getting calls or letters from debt collection companies can be frustrating. But it’s especially frustrating if your debt is several years old. Can a debt collector collect after 10 years?

Why Buffalo is a hub for illegal debt collectors

Collection Industry News

Ciffa’s offices in Niagara Falls and Kenmore, debt collectors intimidated their victims with illegal threats of arrests and lawsuits. According to federal prosecutors, an elderly cancer patient in Texas was so rattled by the threats that she borrowed $500 from her sister to help pay off a debt of $1,285. Welcome to the world of illegal debt collections. The National Consumer Law Center calls Buffalo “an epicenter” of fraudulent debt collection activity.

Meet some Buffalo debt collectors accused of unlawful practices

Collection Industry News

Jason Nocera anticipated law enforcement authorities might raid his debt collecting business. In 2018, Homeland Security Investigations agents got a search warrant and seized $242,088 from Nocera’s business and personal bank accounts, after convincing a judge there was probable cause to believe the funds were derived from unlawful debt collecting and wire fraud. The government alleged that Nocera gave his debt collectors drugs to make them more aggressive.

New Law Blocks Debt Collectors From Stimulus Funds

Collection Industry News

Andrew Cuomo will bar debt collectors from accessing stimulus funds in bank accounts, a measure that had been sought by consumer groups. The law would cover the federal stimulus approved in 2020 and earlier this year, barring debt collectors from taking that money in summary judgments, debt collection and other forms of asset seizure. The post New Law Blocks Debt Collectors From Stimulus Funds appeared first on Collection Industry News.