Spike in Debt Recovery action expected

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A big spike in Debt Recovery action is expected following the end of temporary measures introduced by the government to help bolster Small Businesses during the pandemic. Debt Collection Economy debt recovery debt recovery for small businesses small business debt recovery

Debt Recovery Tips for Small Business Owners


It takes great skill to collect debt efficiently. This is one of the many reasons choosing to seek the assistance of a debt collection company like us is worth it. To protect your business and the customer, you must navigate a number of legal minefields.

Ambulance trust writes off £339k after Debt Recovery failure

UK debt collections

In a meeting of the West Midlands Ambulance trust board (WMAS), members agreed to write off a whopping £339,000 owed to the service detailed in a report following debt recovery failures. It was stated that TNC recovered no debts at all in recent years.

Why Business Debt Recovery has a critical role to play

UK debt collections

Staying in the black is essential for the longevity of business but there are times when debt can be the best option. Businesses using debt as a means to acquire additional assets is nothing new yet recent data revealed that 52% of UK businesses are now being crippled by toxic debts.

Council vows to step up Debt Recovery efforts

UK debt collections

Debt recovery efforts at Dorset Council are returning to normal following two years of a ‘light touch’ approach due to the pandemic. He said that compounding the problems of normal debt recovery methods had been the difficulty the courts were having in operating normally.

Digital Debt Recovery firm tasked with combating unpaid fuel bills

UK debt collections

A digital debt recovery firm has been flooded with claims for unpaid fuel following a sharp rise in numbers. Debt Recovery specialist firm Forecourt Eye works with 1,000 garages in the UK. Economy digital debt recovery unpaid fuel unpaid fuel debt recovery

Three Effective Debt Recovery Strategies


Debt recovery can be tricky and it isn’t as clean cut as we may think. With so much on their plate, it’s no wonder that debt recovery can take a backseat. Read more » The post Three Effective Debt Recovery Strategies appeared first on JMA Credit Control

Debt Recoveries Australia and The Vic Claims Discussion Group

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On the 27 th of May, The Vic Claims Discussion Group presents an interactive online seminar on claim recoveries. ?Three Tips to help identify recovery opportunities across various lines of business. . Emerging recoveries such as Cyber .

7 Basic Debt Collection Tips from a Debt Recovery Company

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Indeed the best credit manager may require the assistance of a skilled debt collector at some point. Furthermore, any business or company that provides credit will require the services of a good debt collection agency, especially with a recession around the corner. .

Closed Case Audits by Debt Recoveries Australia

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Reading Time: 2 minutes Now that the new financial year is in play, and all of our reporting and reviews for the end of the previous period have been completed, it is a good time of the year to clear out all the old claims cases and get them checked over for possible recovery opportunities. .

Insurance Claims Recovery Tips from a Debt Recovery Expert

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As an insurance claims recovery specialist, I am exposed to a wide range of claim processes, systems, and procedures within an insurer or TPA ( third party administrator). So, here are my suggestions on how to make the claims recovery process as efficient as possible.

Contingency Collections – Why is it the best Debt Recovery Service?

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In the Contingency service one written debt validation notice is sent followed by collection calls from an experienced debt collector. Calls from a debt collector are more impactful than written demands. In a fixed fee service, a debt collector is not involved. A debt collector is able to negotiate payment terms even with those tough debtors. Overall, if you want less hassle-based recovery, go for Contingency Only collections. Debt Recovery

4 Ways To Simplify Your Debt Recovery

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Recovering money that customers owe your organisation – known as commercial debt collection is an inevitable part of every business. One of the effective ways to ensure a consistent stream of revenues is to strengthen your debt collection game.

5 Benefits of Using a Debt Recovery Service

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You may think your company has a handle on collecting past-due accounts, but the world of consumer and commercial debt collection is vast and complicated. Here are five reasons using a debt recovery service can benefit your business. Successful Debt Recovery.

Small Business Debt Recovery could boost SME cash flow as economy shrinks

UK debt collections

Small Business Debt Recovery is becoming more important to cash flow as a UK recession looms. One way to combat this in the short term is by Small Business debt recovery activities being on the front foot.

Effect of Inflation on Unpaid Bills and Debt Recovery Rate

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Debt RecoveryInflation translates to higher accounts receivable and unpaid bills. Wage growth does not keep up with rising prices for most people. Whenever there is a spike in inflation, interest rates rise. This translates to higher delinquencies for credit card bills and more people unable to pay their mortgage. People divert their finances towards more necessary expenses like food and rent over other bills obligated to pay, but feel they can be deferred.

How Business Process Outsourcing Has Helped Debt Recoveries Australia

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For several years now, Debt Recoveries Australia has championed the assistance of an offshore business assistance solution. Debt collection. The post How Business Process Outsourcing Has Helped Debt Recoveries Australia appeared first on Debt Recoveries Australia. Here is a brief outline of what Outsourcing is and how to go about it. What is Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO)?

Increase Debt Recovery with the ‘Goldilocks Zone of Connection’

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Client Concerns With Outsourcing Debt Recovery. One of the agencies they fired because their recoveries were too low. On a positive note, the organization wasn’t getting any complaints from patients about this agency, but the recoveries were just not there.

What Types of Businesses Use Commercial Debt Recovery?

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Commercial debt recovery, also called corporate collections or B2B debt collections, is used specifically to recover delinquent business customer accounts. What types of businesses use commercial debt recovery? Business relationships Commercial Debt Collection

Do You Struggle With Debt Recovery for Small Business?

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When you first send out an invoice to a customer, the last thing on your mind is debt recovery and what you will do to collect it. In fact, as a small business, debt recovery is probably the most important thing you should consider, and can often be the difference between a long and successful business, and a very short-lived, insolvent one. The key to debt recovery for small business is really to have a very simple system in place for when things go bad.

Details released of Emergency Covid-19 Insolvency and Debt Recovery reforms

UK debt collections

It is said it will help protect jobs and aid the Country’s economical recovery post Coronavirus. Other measures include the removal of winding up orders for companies with unpaid debts and voiding all statutory demands.

Three Debt Recovery Strategies That Are Proven To Be Effective


If you are a business that struggles to collect unpaid invoices from clients, you have most likely been in touch with a reputable debt collection agency to help sort this out. Debt recovery is never easy and can sometimes take more time than it really should.

Successful Debt Recovery Tips for Businesses

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Here are several successful debt recovery tips any business can utilize to manage their account receivables effectively. These personalized and digital messages reduce paperwork and manual tracking and increase successful chances at debt recovery.

The Vital Importance of Asset Assessment for Debt Recovery

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If you're trying to recover debt from someone, your first step is an accurate asset assessment. You need to know exactly what they own, how much money they have coming in, as well as any other outstanding debts. What are the secrets to effective debt collection? Keep reading to learn about the best debt recovery tools on the market today. Collections and Skip Tracing

Why You Should Be Outsourcing Your Debt Recovery to a Professional


It can impact the cash flow of the business and can be difficult to keep track of and recover these debts. Read more » The post Why You Should Be Outsourcing Your Debt Recovery to a Professional appeared first on JMA Credit Control

How Aggressive Collections Attorneys Can Aid in Massachusetts Debt Recovery

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Have you lost all hope of recovering a long-overdue debt? You might be preparing to write off these dues as bad debts — but there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Cohen LLC will work relentlessly to make sure you recover your bad debt. Experienced Debt Collectors

How to Get Debt Recovery Solutions Off Your Credit Report

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If you’re getting calls from a company called Debt Recovery Solutions, you probably have one or more unpaid bills to take care of. And this can range from credit card debt to hospital bills to utility fees. What is Debt Recovery Solutions? Validate the Debt.

Tools for Efficient and Cost-Effective Debt Recovery

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This is a high amount, and large debt averages like these make it increasingly challenging for businesses to carry out effective debt recovery. Collections and Skip Tracing

Profits rise at debt recovery agency as collections increase

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Debt recovery agency Everyday collected €15.6 Galway-based Everyday is one of the largest credit management, debt purchase and recovery businesses in the State. The post Profits rise at debt recovery agency as collections increase appeared first on Collection Industry News. Source: site. million on behalf of its clients last year, almost double the amount recorded a year earlier.

Knowing the Details of a Mechanic’s Lien is Crucial for Debt Recovery

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This aggressive yet ethical method of debt collection is one that the Law Offices of Alan M. Call 508-620-6900 or email info@collections-law.com to find out more about how we can help you with mechanic’s liens to enhance the possibility of debt recovery.

Turbo Debt Recovery Helps Another Client Get Paid!

Turbo Recovery

Turbo Debt Recovery Helps Another Client Get Paid!

The Psychology of Commercial Debt Recovery – Part One

Stevens Lloyd

In our twenty plus years in the commercial debt recovery business, we’ve observed a universal fear among people in business: They want the money they’ve earned but they’re deeply afraid to press too hard lest they upset customers who not only might not pay but could also take their business elsewhere. This series, which focuses on the psychology of commercial debt recovery can by used as a training guide for salespeople as well as credit managers and collectors.

The Difference Between Post Judgment Collection Attachment and Garnishment — How Both Can Benefit You in Debt Recovery

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Hiring the debt recovery collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. The process of debt recovery from delinquent accounts can be a long one, but the relentless collections attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Experienced Debt Collectors

How the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC Can Help With Debt Recovery of Your B2B Debt Collections

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For companies dealing with other business entities, debt recovery for services rendered can prove a difficult task. However, that path can lead you to make compromises elsewhere to make up for the lost debt. All net proceeds from these sales are then used to repay your debts.

Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Turbo Debt Recovery

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When businesses have outstanding receivables, they often turn to attorneys to sue the debtor, but Turbo Debt Recovery offers a few services that should take place prior to filing suit. With full-service, from start to finish and a sensitive approach, it’s clear why Turbo is the better fit. We Provide Full-Service Collections. We are a full-service operation, meaning we work and oversee the accounts from soup to nuts.