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Government is Making Debt Recovery a lot Harder

Nexa Collect

The US government has thrown a slew of laws on collection agencies, making bad-debt recovery harder and costlier. Lower recoveries mean, low recoveries and extensive loss for businesses and doctors. Our government’s intention behind these laws is not wrong, but the ground reality is different. .

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The Role of Collection Agencies in Business Debt Recovery

Optio Solutions

While the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) sets a national baseline, many states have additional regulations that can be complex and constantly evolving. Keeping up with these changes internally can be a significant burden… The post The Role of Collection Agencies in Business Debt Recovery appeared first on Optio.


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Actors resorting to Debt Recovery action to get paid

UK debt collections

A large number of Actors from shows such as Call the Midwife, have had to resort to taking debt recovery action to ensure they get paid according to reports in the Deadline. Below-the-line actors who worked on shows including Doctor Who and Call The Midwife have been caught up in the debacle, which has rumbled on for months.

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What Types of Businesses Use Commercial Debt Recovery?

Enterprise Recovery

Commercial debt recovery, also called corporate collections or B2B debt collections, is used specifically to recover delinquent business customer accounts. Not to be confused with consumer debt collections where the delinquent account holder is an individual, commercial debts refer only to businesses.

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Legal Motor Vehicle Claim Recovery with Debt Recoveries Australia

Debt Recoveries

The recovery of vehicle repairs and associated costs as a result of an accident is one of the many arms of insurance claims recovery that Debt Recoveries Australia. Debt Recoveries Australia has a wealth of experience in both defending against these motor vehicle lawsuits as well as recovering debts from auto accidents.

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What Makes Some Debt Recovery Efforts More Successful Than Others?


The likelihood of recovering debt depends on several factors, ranging from the debtor’s financial situation to the strategies employed by the business or debt collection agency. Understanding these factors can help businesses increase their chances of successful debt recovery. In this article, we’re.

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Spike in Debt Recovery action expected

UK debt collections

A big spike in Debt Recovery action is expected following the end of temporary measures introduced by the government to help bolster Small Businesses during the pandemic. In the coming months, it is expected that a lot of companies will be needing debt recovery help to recover what they are owed.