Best reasons to use a Debt Collection Agency in 2022

UK debt collections

Whilst the UK struggles to recover from the pandemic , its never been a better time for Businesses to use a Debt Collection Agency. Debt Collection Agencies do not just act for Businesses, there are many Debt Collection Agencies for individuals also.

Commercial Collection Agencies of America Gives Back

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At each CCA of … The post Commercial Collection Agencies of America Gives Back appeared first on General News Commercial Collection Agencies of America Press Release


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6 Tips for choosing a Debt Collection Agency

UK debt collections

If you’re running a Business and searching for a debt collection agency (DCA), it is essential you choose the right solution. As with any Business sector, not all debt collection agencies are equal. Debt Collection plays a very important part in modern commerce.

Courts close rogue Debt Collection Agency

UK debt collections

The High Court has shut down a rogue Debt Collection Agency it has emerged. The Debt Collection Agency spuriously claimed to be able to collect debts from liquidated companies. The scam debt collection firm had been using a bank account that was not in its own name.

Commercial Collection Agencies of America Announces Board of Directors

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Commercial Collection Agencies of America has elected its new Board of Directors and has announced the slate of officers of the organization. Board members include Pete Roth of CST Company, Fred Wasserspring of Lyon Collection Services, Inc.,

Private Collection Agencies Bringing in Less Than Expected For IRS: Report

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General News Inspector General for Tax Administration Internal Revenue Service Private Collection Agencies

Finding A Collection Agency

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Perhaps you need to consider working with a collection agency. Read on to learn how to hire a collection agency that will serve your best interest and protect your good reputation. In fact, these tactics go against the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

When is it time to hire a Debt Collection Agency?

UK debt collections

The saying in the Debt Collection Industry is ‘the older, the colder’ which is layman’s terms means, the longer the invoice goes unpaid, the less likely it will be paid at all. Maybe they should consider that it is time to hire a debt collection agency.

Scam Debt Collection Agency Owner receives lengthy Jail sentence

UK debt collections

A Scam Debt Collection Agency Boss has been sent to prison for 4 years and 10 months. The Dodgy Debt Collector took cash payments from clients to help recover money but did so with no intention of collecting what they were owed. Dodgy Debt Collection Agencies.

Report Breaks Down Pros, Cons of IRS’s Private Collection Agency Program

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The IRS in late September awarded contracts to … The post Report Breaks Down Pros, Cons of IRS’s Private Collection Agency Program appeared first on General News CBE Group Coast Professional Conserve Internal Revenue Service Private Collection Agency

Take the Stress Out of Searching for Collection Agency Names

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Searching for collection agency names is a stressful proposition because you want to ensure you are working with an honest, efficient, and experienced debt collection agency. Why You Might Need a Debt Collection Agency. Do you need help with debt collection?

Overcoming Common Collection Agency Challenges

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The collection agency faces many challenges, including ever-changing technology and tightening oversight. It’s important to regularly review your processes and procedures and pay close attention to your collection agency challenges. Outdated Collection Strategies.

Collection Agency for Distribution Companies

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The probability of collecting money from unpaid invoices decreases as time passes by. Outsourcing collections to a professional debt collector raises the probability of getting paid by many folds. Collections is neither their core strength nor they were hired to do this job.

How Long Can a Collection Agency Attempt to Collect Business Debts?

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If your business has sent bad debt accounts off to a collections agency, you likely have questions about recovering that debt. Typically, commercial collections agencies only charge a fee if they're able to collect.

What Makes a Good Debt Collection Agency?

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When you’re looking for a commercial debt collection agency, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We know what makes a good debt collection agency because we strive to be the best we can be. Debt Collection Process. What are their methods for debt collection?

Common Myths About Using a Collection Agency

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Therefore, many people find themselves encountering collection agencies at one point or another. Unfortunately, much of what people “know” about the debt collection industry relies more on myths than facts. Read on to discover all you need to know about debt collection agencies.

Ed. Dept. Cancels Contracts With Private Collection Agencies

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The Department of Education last week notified the private collection agencies it had been using to help recover payments on defaulted student loan debts that it would no longer be placing accounts with them.

Appeals Court Denies Creditor’s Bid for Attorney Fees in Spat with Former Collection Agency Partner

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How to Audit & Improve Your Collection Agency's Online Presence

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With the release of the CFPB's new debt collection rule, having a strong online presence is more important than ever before for debt collection agencies. Working in collections can be stressful. Collection Agencies

Class-Action Suit Filed Against Collection Agency

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A class-action lawsuit has been filed against a debt collector, accusing it of making it look like the collector purchased debts from a healthcare provider when it had not done so and for violating a state collection law in Colorado.

Council could scrap use of Debt Collection Agencies to be ‘kinder’

UK debt collections

Council Bosses in Lancashire are to discuss abandoning the use of Debt Collection Agencies to collect rent arrears or council tax. The report also says: “The council has a duty to collect what it is owed in order to fund vital local services.

How to Hire a Debt Collections Agency for your Unpaid Invoices

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Here's how to hire a debt collections agency for your unpaid invoices. Hiring a B2B Collections AgencyIt's so frustrating when unpaid invoices are piling up, even after you've called, emailed and sent friendly reminders.

Average Recovery Rate of a Collection Agency

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An average collection agency will recover about 20% of the total debt assigned. Here are the most important factors which decide how much a collection agency will collect for you: 1. Some clients may get a 100% recovery rate, for others it could very well be 0%.

The Best Collections Agency


Choosing the right collection agency to represent your business is an important decision. The post The Best Collections Agency appeared first on Recoverity. As finance and credit professionals, TBCA, Inc.

Processor With Ties to Collection Agencies Drops Challenge to Seized $400k

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The company, Market Street Debt Partners, admitted … The post Processor With Ties to Collection Agencies Drops Challenge to Seized $400k appeared first on

Proof That an External Debt Collection Agency Really Works

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External debt collection benefits businesses for numerous reasons. Collecting debt is an unfortunate (but often necessary) part of doing business, and not dealing with it can prove very costly. So, why is an external debt collection agency better for businesses?

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Collection Agency

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Almost every company, from small businesses to enterprise organisations, seeks partnerships with debt collecting agencies when their past-due account receivables begin to mount. The involvement of a debt collection agency ensures better documentation of the collection process.

Collection Agency Owner Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud, Tax Evasion

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The owner of a Kentucky collection agency is facing up to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges of wire fraud and tax evasion. He also admitted to … The post Collection Agency Owner Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud, Tax Evasion appeared first on

Brand Building Strategies for Debt Collection Agencies | Arbeit

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Is brand building important in the debt collection industry? Collection AgenciesSean Williams , Principal at Williams, Rush & Associates thinks so, and shares his strategies for building a positive reputation.

Collection Agencies in Puerto Rico

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Debt collection agencies in PR include Kinum , TSI , CICA, ILCA and Professional recoveries. Spanish and English-speaking debt collectors are required for Puerto Rico debt collection. Need a Collection Agency in PR?

Bill Introduced in California to Expand Definition of Collection Agency Under State Licensing Law

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The Debt Collection Licensing Act in California has been in effect for a month and already changes are being proposed, in the form of expanding the definition of what constitutes a collection agency. Compliance AB 1754 California Debt Collection Licensing Act Phillip Chen

Indiana AG Obtains $1.3M Judgment Against Collection Agency, Owner

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million judgment against a collection agency and its owner that were accused of engaging in deceptive and abusive collection practices and operating without a proper license. Judgment Against Collection Agency, Owner appeared first on

What to Expect When You Hire a Debt Collection Agency


Read more » The post What to Expect When You Hire a Debt Collection Agency appeared first on JMA Credit Control In all businesses, maintaining a steady stream of revenue is critical. Salaries must be paid, lights must be kept on, and tea and coffee need to be in the break room.

N.M. AG Sues Collection Agencies

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AG Sues Collection Agencies appeared first on

Collection Agency for Construction Equipment Rental

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Construction equipment companies have an ongoing requirement for debt collection from businesses (and sometimes individuals) who do not pay the agreed-upon rental dues on time. An experienced collection agency that has extensive experience in commercial collections is a perfect choice.