Shock as Government extends Commercial Eviction ban

UK debt collections

The Government has announced that a ban on landlords evicting firms for unpaid commercial rent is being extended for another nine months. In order to ensure landlords are protected, the government is making clear that businesses that are able to pay rent, must do so.

Rep. McHenry opposes government-run credit bureau on ground that government suffers cyberattacks. Equifax, anyone?

Public Citizen

Among the topics addressed during the hearing was President Biden's proposal for a government-run credit bureau. Ranking member Patrick McHenry opposed a government-run credit bureau, commenting, according to the article: "Cyberattacks are also a major issue with federal databases," McHenry said. "The idea that the government agency doing this will be a better steward of our data is quite questionable, given the track record the federal government."


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Governing a Community Association through COVID-19: Common Elements

Jimerson Firm

Executive Order 2020-244 was entered on September 25, 2020 and sets forth an express right to work and operate a business, sets forth and that no local government can restrict indoor capacity of a restaurant to less than fifty percent (50%).

FCC Reconsiders Government Contractors’ Classification as TCPA Non-“Persons”


The FCC in 2016 determined that the federal government was not a “person” subject to the TCPA, and that by extension, federal contractors working within the scope of their delegated authority were also not bound by TCPA restrictions.

MP’s lobby Government for new Debt Collection Laws

UK debt collections

A mixed party collaboration of MP’s has written to the Chancellor requesting new legislative measures to reform the government’s debt collection practices. ” The post MP’s lobby Government for new Debt Collection Laws appeared first on UK Debt Collection News.

AI Governance: Why Should You Care?

Fico Collections

AI governance is a hot topic and FICO’s chief analytics officer Scott Zoldi recently published an article in InformationWeek explaining why boards of directors need to pay close attention to artificial intelligence. Board oversight and government regulation of AI is necessary.

Model Governance: Yapi Kredi Takes Advanced Approach

Fico Collections

As regulators apply greater pressure on lenders to explain every decision, even those made using AI and machine learning, banking leaders worldwide are seeking a more advanced approach to model governance.

Federal Cannabis SAFE Banking Act Bill Gains Steam with Backing from Michigan Financial Institutions and Government


The post Federal Cannabis SAFE Banking Act Bill Gains Steam with Backing from Michigan Financial Institutions and Government first appeared on Fraser. In September 2019, the U.S.

New study confirms that few consumers complain to government agencies about consumer fraud

Public Citizen

This might have been the seller or manufacturer of the fraudulent product of service; a provider of payment services such as a credit card company, a bank or another payment service; a Better Business Bureau; or a government agency. Less than 3 percent of victims complained to a government entity. percent of victims complained to a BBB or to a government agency. Keith B.

Washington Senate Bill Signals Renewed Commitment to Tribal Sovereignty and Government-to-Government Relationships

Troutman Sanders

Bob Ferguson, the attorney general of Washington, has released his 2021 legislative agenda. The requested legislation includes a bill that would self-impose notice requirements to Washington tribes before initiating a project or program that would implicate tribal rights.

District Court Departs from Supreme Court Plurality to Find Government-Debt Collector Retroactively Liable Under TCPA — But Rejects Statutory Damages


For nearly five years, the TCPA explicitly excluded from liability calls made to collect government-backed debt. Naturally, government debt collectors relied on this exception and called debtors without fear of TCPA liability.

Daily Digest – May 4. Hunstein-Related Class Actions Continue Piling Up; Cordray Back in Federal Government

Account Recovery

Hunstein-Related Class Actions Continue Piling Up; Cordray Back in Federal Government appeared first on

Be prepared: Government support will not be there forever – A guest blog by Graydon


Due to the pandemic, the financial uncertainty it caused, and the huge impact of government support, that might seem somewhat unbelievable. The question is not whether government support will end, the question is when it will. The only thing that is keeping many companies from going under right now, is the support they are receiving from government. Admittedly, the compensation from government is often not even enough to cover the costs.

New Florida Law Substantially Reduces Retainage Rate on Government Construction Projects

Jimerson Firm

This new law and the changes to the Local Government Prompt Payment Act and the Florida Prompt Payment Act will become effective on October 1, 2020, and apply to construction services contracts advertised for bid or entered into by state or local government entities in Florida after October 1, 2020.

Court Refuses to Enforce TCPA Against Collector of Government-Backed Debt—Despite Perceived Briefing Failures

Collection Industry News

The first issue here is whether the government-backed debt exemption was stricken retroactively or prospectively by AAPC. Well it turns out the same protections may prevent the retroactive expansion of the TCPA—and that’s important not just for collectors of government-backed debt but for all TCPAWorld denizens that have seen their exposure expand as this court or that agency interprets the TCPA broader than the last. GovernmentSource: site. I sincerely love TCPAWorld.

PPP Borrower Pays Damages and Penalties to Government in First False Claims Act Settlement

Burr Forman

SlideBelts and its president/CEO agreed to resolve the allegations in connection with the PPP loan by paying the government damages and penalties of $100,000. The US Department of Justice announced the first civil settlement involving allegations of fraud against a PPP borrower.

New government proposals could affect collections and recovery

Micro Bilt

Recently, the CFPB put forth a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that could potentially impact how businesses approach conducting collections and recovery. Collections and Skip Tracing

New York City DCA Issues Covert Regs Governing Interactions with Consumers Who Do Not Speak English

BN Lawyers

On June 11, 2020, the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs (“DCA”) released amendments to its debt collection regulations aimed at addressing communications with consumers who may have limited English proficiency (the “Amendments”).

Facebook and U.S. Government File Supreme Court Briefs Supporting Narrow Interpretation of ATDS Definition


Last Friday, Facebook and the United States government filed briefs in Facebook, Inc. Duguid, the Supreme Court case that promises to resolve the growing circuit split over the interpretation of the definition of an ATDS.

Facebook and U.S. Government Submit Final Briefs in Supreme Court ATDS Fight, Oral Argument to Follow


This week, Facebook and the United States government filed responses to Plaintiff’s brief in Facebook, Inc.

Kickstarting the Government?s Kickstart Scheme in the debt collection and wider sectors


t let our upcoming CSA Learning & Development Conference go by without running a session on the Government?s Fiona Macaskill is Director of Learning & Development at the Credit Services Association. We couldn?t

TCPA’s 2015 Government-Debt Collection Exception Struck Down- Now What?

Collection Industry News

American Association of Political Consultants held the government-debt exception of the TCPA unconstitutional under the First Amendment’s Free Speech Clause. This means that going forward, companies that make “debt-collection” calls on behalf of the federal government can only do so with the prior express written consent of the called individuals. By a 6 to 3 vote, the Supreme Court agreed and struck down the government-debt exception and affirmed the ruling of the Fourth Circuit.

Supreme Court Strikes Government-Debt Exception But Saves Other Restrictions on Automated Telephone Equipment


On July 6, 2020, the Supreme Court issued a highly anticipated—and highly fractured—ruling in Barr v. American Association of Political Consultants. The nine Justices produced four opinions, none of which commanded a majority. But six of the Justices agreed that … Continue reading → Automatic Telephone Dialing System Debt Collection Exemptions First Amendment Strict Scrutiny Supreme Court

Deciding Whether to Hire a Collection Agency for a Government Debt

Credits Inc

A growing concern for the government is the steady increase of the U.S. Recovering delinquent debt has become necessary for the government to continue to provide services to the public, stay within designated federal budget guidelines, and fund various programs. As a result, across the country, government agencies are hiring private debt collection and recovery services to retrieve unpaid debt. government debt collection agency.

Look For These Key Signs When Looking For a Dependable Government Collection Agency

Credits Inc

dependable government collection agencies. A dependable government collection service stands out above the others. Dependable Government Collection Agencies Are Transparent. Dependable Government Collection Agencies Are Legit and Established. Working with a dependable government collection agency can speed up your productivity and enhance your life as a business owner or an independent contractor.

Despite Absence of Settlement, Unclaimed Funds To Be Distributed To Government Or Charity Rather Than Revert To Dish Network


Last week, the federal judge presiding over a class action against Dish Network (“Dish”) denied a request for reversion of $11 million in unclaimed funds, deciding instead that the funds—which were the product of a trial rather than a settlement—should … Continue reading → Reversion Settlements Cy Pres

Join Us for the American Conference Institute’s 32nd Annual Advanced Forum on Consumer Finance Class Actions, Litigation & Government Enforcement Actions

Troutman Sanders

Join Troutman Pepper Partner John Lynch for the American Conference Institute’s 32nd Annual Advanced Forum on Consumer Finance Class Actions, Litigation & Government Enforcement Actions.

Debt collection problems: StepChange call on government to ‘get its house in order’

Collection Industry News

The FDCPA is not meant to govern credit reporting in this manner, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which sets forth many requirements, does not require this. The post Debt collection problems: StepChange call on government to ‘get its house in order’ appeared first on Collection Industry News. Government NewsACA International Leadership to Discuss its Comments on the Proposed Rule in Press Briefing Today.

Consent Order Compliance: Navigating The CFPB’s Unofficial “Rules” Governing Debt Collection

FDCPA Defense

The CFPB has entered into consent orders with major creditors, debt buyers and law firms during the past year relating to key areas of their collection practices. The consent orders impose significant new requirements relating to data integrity, dispute handling, debt substantiation, debt sales, affidavit practices, and litigation practices. The orders are not formal “rules” from the CFPB, nor are they “binding” on anyone, other than those identified in the orders.

How will Hunstein v. Preferred Collection & Mgmt. Impact The Collections Industry?

Credit Management Company

Government RegulationsEveryone in the debt collection industry is familiar with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA). Reputable collections agencies willingly follow these rules and treat patients with compassion and respect.

GAO Reviews Debt Collection Rule

Account Recovery

The Government Accountability Office has issued a report analyzing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s compliance with procedural steps related to its release of the debt collection rule, which the GAO is required to perform and provide to both houses of Congress.

Federal Court Bars Government from Enforcing Presidential Proclamation’s Suspension of Nonimmigrant Visas Against Thousands of U.S. Businesses

Burr Forman

On October 1, 2020, a California District Court issued an order barring the government from enforcing the visa ban, but only against several large corporate associations and their members.

Brad Wright Named 2021 Leadership In Law Honoree By South Carolina Lawyers Weekly

Burr Forman

For more than a century, Burr & Forman LLP’s experienced legal team has served clients at the intersection of business and government. Firm News government relations leadership in lawCOLUMBIA, S.C.,

California Governor Signs Law Amending Cancellation of Delinquent Property Tax Penalties, Costs, Charges

Collection Industry News

GovernmentSource: site. The California Governor July 23 signed a law amending a provision on the cancellation of delinquent property tax penalties, costs, or charges.

Lawmakers Aim to Limit Ransomware Response Options

Troutman Sanders

Businesses and governments worldwide are concerned with the growing trend of ransomware attacks. Pennsylvania’s SB 726 would “prohibit [state government agencies] from engaging in ransomware attacks and from extorting payments to resolve or prevent ransomware attacks.”