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Cold Open: Legal Consumers Still Think You’re Closed

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

If your revenues remain down, there’s a probably a simple reason for at least some of that dip. According to the recently-released 2020 Clio Legal Trends Report , 23% of legal consumers think law firms are closed.

Giving Thanks!

American Profit

By Matt Moskowitz: “Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end” – Roy Bennett. The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all” – Walt Disney.


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Amendments To The Federal Rules Of Bankruptcy Procedure Take Effect December 1, 2020

In the Red

Each year amendments are made to the rules that govern how bankruptcy cases are managed — the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure. The amendments address issues identified by an Advisory Committee made up of federal judges, bankruptcy attorneys, and others.

Cryptic Crypto: Creditors Move for Ch. 7 for Alleged Madoff-Like Fraud


On Wednesday, November 18, two customers of Cred Inc., a cryptocurrency investment platform currently in Chapter 11, asked Delaware Bankruptcy Judge John T.

One Million Self Employed pushed into debt due to Covid late payments

UK debt collections

Over a million self employed freelancers have gone into debt since the pandemic began due to late payment. This startling revelation was detailed in a report released by the IPSE (The association of independent professionals and the self employed) along with digital bank starling.

Daily Digest – November 25. EDPA Judge Partially Denies MTD in FCRA Case; Trade Groups Urge FCC To Strengthen Measures to Fix Call Blocking Issues

Account Recovery

EDPA JUDGE PARTIALLY DENIES MTD IN FCRA CASE A District Court judge in Pennsylvania has become the latest to tackle the issue of whether a plaintiff has standing to sue when claiming certain violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, partially denying the defendant’s motion to dismiss in a class-action suit.

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‘Better Late Than Never’ Applies to Retirement Investing, Too

Nerd Wallet

This article provides information and education for investors. NerdWallet does not offer advisory or brokerage services, nor does it recommend or advise investors to buy or sell particular stocks or securities. Have a mortgage, older kids but little to no retirement savings?

What is Abt Synchrony on My Credit Report?

Better Credit Blog

Is an entry from Abt Synchrony hurting your credit score? When you apply for a credit card, it results in a hard inquiry, which can lower your score for two years. While one hard credit check won’t do too much damage to your score, several inquiries can have a bigger impact.

Sheffield Council accidently sends 1,600 Debt Collection letters

UK debt collections

A council mistakenly sent more than 1,600 “alarming” debt collection letters to allotment holders. Sheffield Council said the error happened because it employed a debt recovery agency to help with a backlog of fines on hold since March.

EDPA Judge Partially Denies MTD in FCRA Case

Account Recovery

A District Court judge in Pennsylvania has become the latest to tackle the issue of whether a plaintiff has standing to sue when claiming certain violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, partially denying the defendant’s motion to dismiss in a class-action suit.


Kathryn Willis Highlights Key Challenge for Managing Remote Workforces in SHRM Online

Burr Forman

As many anticipate that remote workforces are here to stay and will be a crucial tool in recruiting talent, Kathryn Willis joined leaders in employment law to discuss some of the key challenges and opportunities that will bring for a November 17, 2020 SHRM Online article.


How to Clean Carpet: Methods, Costs and Tips

Nerd Wallet

Clean carpets make any home more attractive, and it often takes a multifaceted approach to get the job done right. This guide for how to clean carpet will help you find ways to freshen underfoot, whatever your budget.


How to Remove Assetcare LLC from Your Credit Report

Better Credit Blog

Medical debt is one of the most common types of debt in the United States. If you have an old medical bill hanging over your head, you may begin to hear from a company called Assetcare LLC. Assetcare LLC is a debt collector that specifically collects debts in the health care industry.

Negotiating Payment Plans: Successful Strategies for Call Centers

PDC Flow

Payment negotiations are the most important part of accounts receivable. If agents don’t know the best tactics for setting up payment plans or collecting higher dollar amounts, you will routinely leave money on the table.

Trade Groups, Including ACA Int’l, Urge FCC to Strengthen Measures to Fix Call Blocking, Mislabeling Issues

Account Recovery

A number of trade groups, including ACA International, met with representatives of the Federal Communications Commission last week to discuss the agency’s efforts ensure that legitimate calls are not either blocked or mislabeled by carriers, and, when they are, to provide notification to the callers in real-time.

Trade 56

A Breakdown of Innovative IVR Payments

Payment Savvy

Innovative IVR payments (Interactive Voice Response) are a commonplace technology that allows customers to make payments over the phone using an automated system. This service works primarily without interacting with a live representative.

Where to Get Moving Boxes for Cheap or Free

Nerd Wallet

Finding free or very inexpensive boxes near you is a relatively simple way to lower the overall cost of your move — sometimes, by hundreds of dollars. It does require some effort and research on your part though. Start early to give yourself enough time to source plenty before moving day.


How to Remove Advanced Collection Bureau Inc From Your Credit Report

Better Credit Blog

There’s no denying that the current pandemic has left many Americans in an impossible situation. Many people are having to choose between paying bills on their student or car loans and providing food for their families.

8 Sales Questions to Qualify If a Client Is Worth Your Time

Enterprise Recovery

As we've said before, time is money. With that in mind, the last thing you or your sales reps want to do is spend time with a client who: Doesn't match your version of the ideal client. Doesn't have a need for what you're offering. Doesn't have the money to pay you. Timing is also everything.


Consumer Advocacy: Kraninger’s Record ‘Warrants’ Firing

Account Recovery

A consumer advocacy is calling on Kathleen Kraninger, the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, to resign or be fired once President-elect Joe Biden takes office, saying that the regulator has, among other claims, helped debt collectors “abuse and harass” “beleaguered” borrowers.

Phony IP claims advanced to block Medicare pricing transparency

Public Citizen

by Paul Alan Levy. A couple of months ago, South Carolina lawyer B. Craig Killough advanced vague intellectual property claims in objecting to a blog post by a California health policy expert who commented on some aspects of the pricing policies being followed by Palmetto GBA, one of the companies retained by the federal Centers on Medicare and Medicaid Services to process Medicare claims by health providers in several states.

How to Protect Your Credit When Shopping for the Holidays

Nerd Wallet

The rules for protecting credit during the holidays usually don’t vary much from year to year, but in 2020, COVID-19 has changed where and how we shop. And money’s tight for a lot of people. About 40% of Americans said they plan to spend less on holidays this year due to the pandemic, according to.


How To Remove 09 Tempoe LLC From Your Credit Report

Better Credit Blog

Have you been contacted by a company identifying themselves as 09 Tempoe LLC? It’s probably because you forgot to pay a bill, and it’s coming back around to bite you. 09 Tempoe LLC is an alternative lender to traditional financing options.

Existing-Home Sales Increase in October


Existing-home sales continue to climb as housing inventory dwindles in the U.S. For the fifth straight month, sales increased in October, according to the National Association of Realtors. The seasonally adjusted rate of 6.85 million is 4.3% ahead of September, 26.6%


Report Calls Out Student Loan Debt Cancellation as ‘Ineffective’ Form of Stimulus

Account Recovery

There is a growing drumbeat for President-elect Joe Biden to cancel some or all of the outstanding student loan debt in America, and proponents of that plan say it would be a boost for the economy should he do it.

Consumer law mask

Public Citizen


What Is a Second Mortgage?

Nerd Wallet

Second mortgages, or junior liens, are a way to turn your home equity into readily available funds without selling your house. A second mortgage increases your overall debt and can lead to foreclosure if you’re unable to pay it back.

How To Remove ACS Inc From Your Credit Report

Better Credit Blog

The American debt crisis is a growing one. Especially since the start of this year, many Americans have been struggling to manage their bills or make payments on existing debts. If you have had an overdue bill move to collections, you may begin hearing from a company called ACS Inc.

Successful Entrepreneurs

American Profit

Theoretical Underpinnings. Our PR guy was in town this time last year and among all of the really good questions that were asked during filming, there was one that struck me. What gets you out of bed in the morning?


EDNY Judge Grants MTD in FDCPA Letter Case

Account Recovery

A District Court judge in New York has granted a defendant’s motion to dismiss after it was sued for violating a number of provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, such as including multiple addresses in a collection letter and because he received two letters that each included a 30-day validation notice.

Benoliel & Becher paper on form contracts that allow firms to end contracts without explanation

Public Citizen

Uri Benoliel of Ramat Gan Law School and Shmuel I. Becher of Victoria University of Wellington have written Termination Without Explanation Contracts. Here is the abstrat: irms routinely terminate their contractual relationship with consumers. During 2019-2020, for example, Facebook terminated 5.4