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Processing Speed: How Much of Your Law Practice Is Mapped Out?

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

As is clear by now, more efficient law firms make more money than inefficient ones. The more work you can get through, the more money you make. Of course, efficiency does not build up out of thin air: you need to work for it.

Negotiate Debt Payment Terms Now


Are you finding yourself knee-deep in debt at the moment? Do you find it difficult to keep up with payment terms you previously thought you could afford? Nowadays, it isn’t surprising that many people have found it difficult to keep their debt in check.


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The savings gap for Baby Boomers: Bankruptcy could help you stay retired

Roths Child Law

With just $15 left in their bank, one Baby Boomer made peace with the fact that she had less than others. Many retirees are finding themselves in this same position, which is why it’s an important topic to discuss.

48% of Businesses see increase in late payments

UK debt collections

New data captured has shown that 48% of Businesses have seen an increase in late payment. Clear evidence that the pandemic is fuelling a continual problem that blights trade.

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New Florida Law Gives Businesses Liability Protections From COVID-19 Claims

Jimerson Firm

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult on Florida businesses, particularly those in the hospitality, travel and restaurant industries, forcing many of them to close their doors to the public at various times and to suffer financial hardship.

How to Pick a Premium Travel Credit Card

Nerd Wallet

You’ve probably seen that one friend who always lives it up on vacation. They frequently post pictures of themselves inside secluded airport lounges, champagne in hand. They always seem to be getting suite upgrades at their hotels.


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Optimism Abounds During Day 1 of RMAI’s Annual Conference

Account Recovery

LAS VEGAS — Hugs, handshakes, fist bumps, elbow bumps, and everything in between.


How delayed foreclosure response cost one millionaire his mansion

Roths Child Law

Despite the saying that home is where the heart is, home is often where people store much of their personal wealth. When you purchase a property and begin making payments on a mortgage, you slowly accrue equity. When you eventually sell the home, all of that equity can become money in your pocket.

6 Short-Term Financial Goals to Secure Your Future

Credit Corp

When planning for the future, there are certain milestones that you may be focusing on that are inevitably going to require financial preparations.

What to Do if a Credit Card Issuer Lowers Your Credit Limit

Nerd Wallet

If a credit card issuer cuts your credit limit, you won’t be able to charge as much on the card, and you might see your credit scores drop. This happened to many cardholders in 2020 amid the economic uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, for example.


Some Final Thoughts — and Photos — From RMAI’s Conference

Account Recovery

LAS VEGAS — Perhaps the most telling comment I can make about how the annual conference hosted by Receivables Management Association International (RMAI) went these past few days is the number of times I heard people asking one another, “So, what is the next conference you’re going to?”


American Rescue Plan – Affordable Housing – HUD


The Biden Administration American Rescue Plan contains sizeable funding for affordable housing along with other policy proposals.

Student loan companies can set borrowers up to default

Roths Child Law

Taking out a student loan is supposed to be a financial investment in your future. Unfortunately, many college graduates learn the hard way that even after graduating, they can't find a job offering the kind of income that they had once hoped to earn.

How to Generate Income from a Portfolio in [4 Easy] Ways

Credit Corp

This post originally appeared on The Financially Independent Millennial and has been republished with permission. Are you like many, wondering how to generate income from a portfolio? It can seem like a daunting question, but the answer is resoundingly simple.

How to send a debt to collections

American Profit

Sending a customer to collections can be a big step for a small business. You have spent hours cultivating new customers in your community and you don’t want to lose any business. You have a great reputation for service among your current customers and most of them are paying you on time.

Judge Grants MSJ For Defense Under BFE in FDCPA Dispute Case

Account Recovery

What do you do when you receive a letter disputing a debt, but when you check your records, you have more than 600 individuals with the same name in your system? Sometimes, you don’t mark the right accounts with the dispute notification.


9 Money Numbers You Need to Know

Nerd Wallet

Your doctor needs to know certain numbers to judge your physical health, such as your weight, your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels.


How to Spend Your Stimulus Money Wisely

Direct Recovery

Who would have ever thought that the COVID-19 pandemic would drag on for more than a full calendar year?

Financial Infidelity in America

Credit Corp

This post originally appeared on 10 tips and tricks to help spot, and avoid, financial infidelity in your relationship. Financial infidelity happens when one spouse or partner lies to another about money. It can take on many forms.

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What Is Overtrading And What Are The Risks For My Business?

Hudson Weir

At Hudson Weir, we are first and foremost businesspeople. We recognise just how challenging it is to get your company up and running – let alone be a success. We also understand the thrill that many business owners feel as demand for their product or service starts accelerating.

RMAI Honors Outstanding Member and Executive Director

Account Recovery

April 14, 2021 (Sacramento, CA)?– Against all odds, the Receivables Management Association International held its 2021 Annual Conference in Las Vegas, April 12-25, 2021.


How to Rethink ‘Home’ and ‘Travel’ if Your Job Is Now Remote

Nerd Wallet

As some workers begin returning to the office this year, others have been offered the opportunity to work from home indefinitely. Twitter, Dropbox, NerdWallet and many other tech companies will let employees go fully or nearly fully remote, freeing them from commutes and packed elevators.


Getting Ready for the new Breathing Space legislation


The constant rise of banking debt during the past years has steadily led to the revision of the existing Breathing Space regulation, or Debt Respite Scheme with its full name.

Can You Sell Your Home if You File for Bankruptcy in Indiana?

Sawin & Shea

What you will learn from reading this article: Facts about selling your home while going through bankruptcy. Details about Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcies and your house.

What Are Debentures? Everything You Need To Know

Hudson Weir

A debenture is a type of loan agreement used in business finance. In this article we’ll explore what debentures are and how they work. What is a debenture? A debenture is a document representing a loan agreement between a lender and a borrower, granting the lender security over the borrower’s assets.

Proposal Released to Standardize, Modernize Licensing Process

Account Recovery

The Conference of State Bank Supervisors has issued a set of proposed requirements aimed at developing a standardized approach to the state licensing process for nonbank financial regulatory entities. It is seeking comments on the proposal through May 31.

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Scam Alert: How to Get a Pet and Not Get Taken

Nerd Wallet

Pandemic lockdowns and working from home led to a boom in people wanting to add a pet to their household. It was good for pets needing homes, but a heyday for scammers.


Appeals Court Rules That a Discharge Injunction Bars a Fraudulent Transfer Claim Based on a Non-Dischargeable Debt


A discharge of debt in bankruptcy “operates as an injunction against the commencement or continuation of an action, the employment of process, or an act, to collect, recover or offset any such debt as a personal liability of the debtor.” ” 11 U.S.C. § § 524(a)(2).

CFPB Proposes Delay of Effective Date for Debt Collection Rules

Consumer Finance Watch

Jonathan K. Moore and Louise Bowes Marencik On April 7, 2021, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking delaying the effective date of its recent debt collection final rules.

Why do Acquiring Banks Perform a Risk Review?

Payment Savvy

Card brands, such as Visa and MasterCard, assess risk levels before boarding a merchant. Due to an acquiring bank processing card funds on behalf of merchants, MasterCard and Visa delegate this risk review to them. Merchant’s Risk Review. Determining merchant risk is not clear-cut.

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