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Getting to Know Matt Inscore of CSO Financial

Account Recovery

The “Getting to Know” series is sponsored by Applied Innovation. Applied Innovation is helping to shape the future of accounts receivable management.

Thinking Outside the Inbox: Email Tips

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

Email drives business; yet, it also drives most of us crazy. If this is the year you want to take control of your email, here are some steps you can take: -Consider using a non-email program for in-office communications, like Slack.


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Why you might want to file for bankruptcy

Roths Child Law

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be an effective way to eliminate a variety of unsecured business or personal debts. In some cases, you may receive a discharge without losing assets such as positive equity in your Tennessee home.

How to Find a Black Financial Advisor

Nerd Wallet

This article provides information and education for investors. NerdWallet does not offer advisory or brokerage services, nor does it recommend or advise investors to buy or sell particular stocks or securities. In 2020, the number of Black and Latino certified financial planners in the U.S. grew 12.6%

How to Save $5,000 This Year with the 52-Week Money Challenge

Credit Corp

This post originally appeared in the Financially Independent Millennial. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author only and are not endorsed by Table of contents.

Consumer scams run wild during pandemic

Public Citizen

Consumer journalist David Lazarus of the LA Times has written We’re living in a golden age of scams as fraud reports surge amid pandemic. He notes that "[i]t’s been clear for months that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for scammers, con artists and assorted slimeballs looking to cash in on this most miserable of moments in our lives." " Lazurus points to a new Federal Trade Commission report showing how bad things have gotten.

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8 Ways to Take Your Credit Card Rewards to the Next Level in 2021

Nerd Wallet

Want to make your credit cards more rewarding this year? The key is to make sure they still align with your spending habits and goals. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran cardholder, following these eight tips can help you earn more, save more and get more value out of your rewards. Take stock.


Profits For 2020 Up at Encore Capital Group

Account Recovery

Profits for all of 2020 were up at Encore Capital Group even though it made less money in the fourth quarter than it did in the same period a year earlier, according to the company’s quarterly financials that were released yesterday.

Forbearance of Foreclosure? How to Keep Your Credit and Homeownership Intact

Credit Corp

The following is a guest post by Eric Lindeen, of Anna Buys Houses. The second quarter of 2020 marked the highest U.S. mortgage delinquency rate (reported as 60-days past due) since 1979.

How To Remove Frontline Asset Strategies From Your Credit Report

Better Credit Blog

Frontline Asset Strategies is a debt collector that you may hear from when you start to miss payments. They are a third-party debt collector that specializes in recovering unpaid bills from consumers like you or me.

Augusta Baker: Twentieth Century Librarian, Author, and Champion of Inclusive Literature

Burr Forman

What do Sesame Street, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Mary Poppins all have in common? They are all a part of Augusta Baker’s inspiring story. Learn about this trailblazing, glass-ceiling-breaking champion of inclusive children’s literature.


5 Top Business Advantages of Accepting Electronic Payments

Payment Savvy

As the world moves towards a cashless economy, there is an increased demand for electronic card and ACH payments. By bringing a technologically advanced and consumer-friendly payment solution onboard your business, you strengthen your place in your industry.

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Judge Grants MTD Over Time-Barred Disclosure, Use of ‘We’ in Collection Letter

Account Recovery

8 Reasons Why an RV Is Your Spring Break Best Friend

Nerd Wallet

You’re yearning to get away for spring break this year, but you’re not ready to hop on a plane. You need a change of scenery, as long as the scenery isn’t full of other people. And you’d like to travel in a COVID-responsible manner. Sound familiar? If that’s you, consider booking an RV vacation this.


How To Remove Designed Receivable Solutions

Better Credit Blog

Are collections lowering your credit score? If you have a collections entry from Designed Receivable Solutions on your credit report, you can probably attribute it to a missed payment. Late payments eventually go into collections, which can be detrimental to your credit.

Fraud Nation: The Numbers behind Credit Card Fraud

Credit Corp

This post originally appeared on Americans fell victim to a reported $1.9 billion in fraud losses in 2019, with more than 270,000 cases reported specifically due to credit card fraud.

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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Virginia, Massachusetts, and New York Attorneys General Sue Libre for Predatory Immigrant-Services Scam

Consumer Finance

On February 22, 2021, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - in partnership with Virginia, Massachusetts, and New York - sued Libre by Nexus, Inc., and its owners for a predatory immigrant-services scam that traps victims into paying expensive, long-term fees.


Bill Introduced in New York to Tax Data Collection

Account Recovery

A bill has been introduced in the New York legislature that would place a tax on the data collected and used by business for commercial purposes, although the threshold for being subject to the tax appears to be very high. The bill, S4959, was introduced earlier this week by state Sen.

Can My Bank Close My Account?

Nerd Wallet

If you’re suddenly unable to access your bank account or your debit card is declined, your account might have been closed. Having a closed bank account means that your account no longer exists.

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How To Remove First National Collection Bureau From Your Credit Report

Better Credit Blog

Whether you came across First National Collection Bureau while checking your credit or received a phone call or letter from the agency, you need to respond quickly. As long as a collections account is on your report, it hurts your credit, not to mention adding stress to your daily life.

How to Find All Your Debts: 4 Tips

Credit Corp

Paying off your debts is a critical part of a healthy credit profile. Here’s what you need to know about how to find your debts. It’s uncomfortable to admit, but it’s entirely possible that you have debts you didn’t even know about.

Heading to Vegas

American Profit

By Angela: At American Profit Recovery we do more than collect money for our clients. We have fun together, raise money together and work hard together. As the years go on one thing always remains the same, our employees look forward to our annual “Employee Week”.

Daily Digest – February 25. Getting to Know Matt Inscore of CSO Financial; Judge Grants MTD in FDCPA Case

Account Recovery

GETTING TO KNOW MATT INSCORE OF CSO FINANCIAL Family history may have predestined Matt Inscore for a career in the ARM industry, but to his credit, he hasn’t accepted his fate as a burden.


How to Get the Most Home Insurance Help After a Winter Storm

Nerd Wallet

Many homeowners have been left reeling as devastating winter storms lash the nation. In Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and elsewhere, severe weather has left millions without power and inflicted billions of dollars’ worth of property damage.

PDCflow Named Best Digital Signature Software Company of 2021

PDC Flow

Ogden, Utah– , a leading independent review website for small business online tools, products, and services, has named PDCflow among the best digital signature software companies of 2021. The top systems were selected based on key features, advanced capabilities and integration tools.

10 Things Taxes Pay For: Where Do Your Federal Tax Dollars Go?

Credit Corp

Your taxes pay for a variety of government services, as well as government debt and salaries. The federal government spends a lot of money. In 2019, for example, the government spent a total of around $4.4 trillion. You know that sounds like a lot, but how much is it really? . For comparison, $4.4

Bankruptcy and Unemployment

Sawin & Shea

Are you dealing with the double battle of losing your job while deeply in debt? Now you’ve lost your source of income while already struggling to pay your bills. In this situation, you may be wondering whether bankruptcy could be a good solution.

eCollections Debt Management Platform Announces New Business Import Tool

Account Recovery

Sentinel Development Solutions is pleased to announce the release of eImportTM, our new import tool that provides eCollectionsTM customers with a powerful new way to accept and prepare new business forcollection/recovery activity.

Important Updates to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Credit Management Company

Even before the pandemic hit, healthcare providers have known the importance of being respectful when contacting patients about outstanding bills. As a professional, you know better than to threaten or harass patients. If a person asks that you not call them at work, you honor that wish.

Using CreditManager for Reporting and Monitoring

On Guard

Using CreditManager for Reporting and Monitoring. Monitoring payments and invoices and reporting on them is crucial in credit management. Yet, as we deal with growing volumes of data this can be tricky.

Loyola of Chicago Consumer Law Review Symposium: Racial Justice in Consumer Law

Public Citizen

Panel I - Antiracist Policy in Consumer Law - March 4, 4:00 PM (All times are CST.). The symposium's first panel will highlight antiracist policy arising in the various areas of consumer law. The panelists' expertise and discussion topics range from historical analysis of racist consumer facing practices to modern analyses of consumer protection most needing antiracist interventions.