Does Your B2B Debt Collections Company Offer Brand Protection?

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If your accounting team outsources its bad debt or unpaid receivables to a collections agency, it's also important to protect your brand. Quite simply, a negative experience with a collections company could sour business relationships and your branding.

Collection Companies Among Group Filing Briefs Urging Supreme Court to Narrow ATDS Definition

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A number of groups, including two debt collection companies, have filed briefs with the Supreme Court in support of Facebook in a Telephone Consumer Protection Act Case that seeks to define what constitutes an automated telephone dialing system once and for all.


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FIRMS: A Better Debt Collection Company


The same is true of the debt collection industry. I had never given the debt collection industry much thought but once I had started doing some investigating into the industry I quickly realized all the ways I could improve upon the experience and services that were being offered by the industry leaders. One of the main area’s we researched was finding out the top complaints people had filed against other debt collection companies.

When and How to Hire a Debt Collection Company


At FIRMS we realize that some of our potential clients have never worked with a debt collection company before. When to hire a collection agency. Most companies send accounts to a collection agency when they are between 90 and 120 days past due. Generally, it’s time to start thinking about hiring a collection agency if: New customers do not respond to your first attempt to collect the debt. Choosing a collection agency.

Top 6 Complaints Against Debt Collection Companies

National Service Bureau

Debt collection companies walk a fine line between business efficiency in their primary function (accounts receivable management), while at the same time needing to respect the fact that the debtor is a valuable client to the business for whom they are running collections. That is why it is so important for organizations to choose a collection agency that falls on the right side of the fence in what is otherwise a huge grey area.

Director banned for taking money from Company with Unpaid CCJ’s

UK debt collections

The sole Director of a broker Company based in Hampshire has been banned as a Company Director. The company acted as a broker for waste management services within the construction industry. The company continued to trade and accrue further debts.

What our clients say about FIRMS.


We originally got started in the debt collection industry because we knew that FIRMS would make an impact on the debt collection industry in a very crucial way. How is your current debt collection company working for you? Do they customize their services to fit your company’s needs and wants? That’s because FIRMS has created something unique; a debt collection company that cares. At FIRMS we take great pride in our customer satisfaction.

Top Complaints Of A Debt Collection Agency


Top Complaints of a Debt Collection Agency. In 2015 there were a number of complaints against various debt collection agencies all around the United States. Of these, 1,346 related to credit card collections and 1,057 had to do with healthcare collections. FIRMS is a premier debt collection company that specializes in caring for our customers and making sure we always stand above the rest of the companies in the industry.

Customer Interview


As one of the top leading debt collection agencies in the industry, FIRMS makes it a practice to contact a portion of our clients from time to time in order to find out some of the problems they had faced in the past with other debt collection agencies and how FIRMS can perform at a higher level to meet our customers needs and wants. There had been debt collection companies in place for years that were not performing to our needs as a business.”.

Saving For An Emergency


Debt Collection Debt Collection Company Personal Finance Business Cash Debt Debt Collection Agency Debt Collection Business Debt Collection Companies Emergency Fund Finances Greenbacks Money Saving Saving Cash Saving MoneySaving For An Emergency. A great way to get out of debt is to save and pay off your debts. Right? Sounds simple enough.

How To Save Money With Cash


Debt Collection Debt Collection Company Personal Finance Debt Collection Agency Debt Collection Business Debt Collection Companies Debt Free Finances FIRMS How To Spend Medical Debt CollectionRecently BuzzFeed ran an article with one of its editors in which she set out to save money over the course of two weeks by only using cash to pay for her necessities and to put her credit card away. During the first week she set a budget of under $60.

Avoid Debts During X-Mas / New Year Season through Wise spending Habits – Some Tips & Tricks


So here are some tips and tricks that can save you some serious money and keep you away from a Debt Collection Company this X-Mas and New Year Season: Set an Affordable Budget for Spending. Collect discount coupons and codes and use them to the maximum to save the maximum on all your festive purchases. If you are a little careful and plan well in advance, you can make sure that you follow your budget strictly which will keep you away from the debt collection companies.

Helping People To Get Results.


The world of business and sales has continually developed over the years and successful companies have gone from trying to aggressively sell their products and services to potential customers to realizing and understanding that it is far more important to help their customers find a solution to their problems. FIRMS is a debt collection company that specializes in helping our customer work through difficult situations. Helping People To Get Results.

FTC settement bans bogus debt collectors from collections

Public Citizen

An Atlanta-based debt collection company and its owners will be permanently banned from the debt collection industry under the terms of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC's press release is here

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Collection Operations Banned From Industry, to Pay $1.2M in Fines

Account Recovery

The Attorney General of New York announced yesterday a settlement with three debt collection companies owned by Andrew Fanelli that will permanently ban them from any future debt collection activities while also paying $1.2

TrueAccord Announces Organizational Changes to Executive Leadership Team

Account Recovery

Lenexa, KS – August 3, 2021 – TrueAccord Corporation, a debt collection company offering digital-first and consumer-centric solutions for resolving debts, today announced changes to its executive leadership team to support a planned expansion of products and services.

Brown & Joseph Welcomes Mike McClellan

Brown and Joseph

Brown & Joseph/Altus, the leading commercial collections company in the U.S., Articles News Spotlights debt collection news press release

InDebted Announces Four-Day Workweek, Including Here in U.S.

Account Recovery

InDebted, an Australian debt collection company that is expanding globally, including here in the United States, was already known for doing things differently. Focused on a digital-first approach to collections and eschewing phone calls, InDebted entered the U.S.

Brown & Joseph Welcomes Ellen Reinhardt

Brown and Joseph

ITASCA, IL – Brown & Joseph / Altus, the leading Commercial Collections company in the U.S., is very pleased to announce that Ellen Reinhardt has joined… The post Brown & Joseph Welcomes Ellen Reinhardt appeared first on Brown & Joseph, LLC. Articles News news

Debt Collectors Banned From Industry In Settlement With FTC

Account Recovery

Collector Under Investigation Fighting Seizure of $90k: Report

Account Recovery

Federal prosecutors who are investigating the owner of several debt collection companies that allegedly engaged in illegal collection activities are seeking the forfeiture of more than $90,000 that was seized from the owner’s home by armed agents last year, according to a published media report. The money belonged to Mark M.

Increasing net returns for the German DCA market


Due to the “Act to Improve Consumer Protection in Debt Collection” law that came into effect last year, the Debt Collection Agencies market in Germany is facing challenges.

Article Details How Hospitals Are Using Lien Laws to Bill Accident Victims Instead of Their Insurance

Account Recovery

Hospitals across the country are using century-old lien laws to increase their revenue when treating victims of accidents, such as car crashes, by bypassing the discounts that are normally provided to health insurance companies, according to a report in The New York Times.

CFPB, NY AG Sue Alleged Collection Scammers

Account Recovery

N.M. AG Sues Collection Agencies

Account Recovery

AG Sues Collection Agencies appeared first on

Judge Issues Contempt Order for Agency CEO For Failing to Respond in FDCPA Suit

Account Recovery

A District Court judge in New Jersey has cited the principal of a debt collection company for contempt of court for failing to respond to a proposed class action lawsuit and pay a default judgment of $7,671.50

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Insurance Claims Recoveries to Expert

Debt Recoveries

The repairs to the vehicle can then be recovered or collected from the at-fault party. This recovery or debt collection can be done internally or externally, by a debt collection company. . Most reputable insurance recovery companies will have their own legal arm. .

TrueAccord Names Kelly Knepper-Stephens as Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel

True Accord

27, 2021 – TrueAccord Corporation, a debt collection company offering AI-powered digital recovery solutions, is proud to announce the appointment of Kelly Knepper-Stephens as chief compliance officer and general counsel. Lenexa, KS – Oct.

Consumer Behavior During COVID-19 Crisis Provides Insights Into a New Era of Debt Collection

True Accord

To better understand the effect this uncertainty has had on debt collection, we analyzed data from over 12 million consumers of major banks, issuers, eCommerce companies, and direct lenders. What’s next for debt collection?

TrueAccord Offers Buy Now, Pay Later Clients the Opportunity to Improve Repayment Success

True Accord

This type of payment plan, offered by BNPL companies, has clearly caught on with consumers, leading to rapid growth (in some cases 200% or more year-over-year in 2020) for the main players. If you aren’t familiar with Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) yet, it’s a safe bet that you will be soon.

Why It’s Important to Set Aside and Save Your Collection Letters

Sawin & Shea

Are you receiving collection letters while working with a bankruptcy attorney ? Let’s take a look at why you should save collection letters and share them with your attorney. Some Collection Notices are Unlawful. Creditors are governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

How to Handle Collection Calls

Sawin & Shea

When you hire Sawin & Shea for your bankruptcy, we give you a phone script that helps you handle collection calls. Here’s some additional information about how to handle collection calls properly when you’re working with a bankruptcy attorney.

TrueAccord Announces Organizational Changes to Executive Leadership Team

True Accord

Digital-first debt collection fintech readies for continued B2B and B2C expansion with strategic leadership reorganization. One True Holding Company also named a chief marketing officer (CMO), Naama Bloom, to drive integrated marketing as the company looks to engage new and different clients.

What’s Your Credit Score? Understanding the Basics You Need to Qualify

Direct Recovery

Request Removal of Any Collections. Another common problem that holds down credit scores is accounts that have fallen into collections. In many cases, you can get these removed immediately by simply contacting the collection company and working out a deal with them.

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Next to Nothing: How to Tamp Down Your Accounts Receivable

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

Collect on those stale invoices first, work on everything else after. But, you’re going to build a collection process. Define someone within the firm who will be responsible for collections. Decide when or if unpaid bills get handed over to collection companies.