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VantageScore Takes Steps to Further Support Consumers Affected By Medical Debt Collections

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in 2013, VantageScore has been the leader in recognizing that medical debts and collections that have been paid off are not predictive of a consumer’s creditworthiness. STAMFORD, Conn., 10, 2022 — Having already eliminated paid medical collection accounts with the introduction of VantageScore 3.0.

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Report: Many Individuals ‘Overpaying’ for Their Car Loans

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Figuring out the interest rate on auto loans is a blurry process that may take factors other than the applicant’s creditworthiness into question and will likely lead to a spike in delinquency and default rates in the coming years as forbearance and deferment programs put in place for the COVID-19 pandemic expire, according to a … The post (..)

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Best Practices for Creating a Business Credit Policy

Enterprise Recovery

Within an accounting department, a credit manager's job is to determine the creditworthiness and credit risk of clients. By setting up clients in this way, along with the implementation of a credit policy, your accounts receivable department can be more successful, cash flow is boosted and the risk of non-paying clients is reduced.

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6 Advantages of Alternative Credit Scores and Data

Micro Bilt

There are many ways to determine someone's creditworthiness. This contemporary scoring method gives lenders a modern way of measuring a consumer's creditworthiness using factors not traditionally considered.

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Navigating credit card use after filing for bankruptcy

Roths Child Law

Following bankruptcy, managing credit card usage requires a strategic approach to rebuilding financial stability and creditworthiness. Understanding credit scores Understanding the intricacies of credit scores is crucial post-bankruptcy, as it highlights the significance of rebuilding creditworthiness.

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How to get paid faster

On Guard

Checking customer creditworthiness. It also doesn’t hurt to check the creditworthiness of new customers. All kinds of smart tools are now available that continue to monitor the creditworthiness of customers throughout the year. Good insight doesn’t stop with determining creditworthiness. Gaining good insight.

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Do Your Customers Deserve Credit?


8 Factors to Consider When Evaluating Customer Creditworthiness & the 5 Primary Data Sources that Inform Credit Decisions. Creditworthiness refers to a business’s ability to repay its debts. The further you project into the future, the less certain you can be about your customer’s creditworthiness.