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32,000 UK Homes at risk of repossession

UK debt collections

New research by Mojo Mortgages has found that 32,000 mortgaged properties at risk of being repossessed. When a homeowner is unable to keep up with their mortgage payments , the lender may initiate the process of repossessing their home. The first step in the repossession process is usually for the lender to issue a notice of default.

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Appeals Court Affirms Dismissal of FDCPA Case Over Auto Repossession

Account Recovery

We don’t normally write about automotive repossessions here, but it is a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act case and it is the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, so it’s probably got something worthwhile for companies in the accounts receivable management industry to know, right?


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How Much Does a Voluntary Repossession Affect Your Credit?

Sawin & Shea

Voluntary repossession is sometimes the best option for borrowers who can no longer afford their car payments. So how much does voluntary repossession affect your credit? Should I Allow a Voluntary Repossession with No Late Payments? What Is Voluntary Repossession?

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How to Remove a Repossession From Your Credit Reports

Better Credit Blog

In lending terms, this is called repossession. Read on to find out how to remove an invalid repossession from your credit report. A repossession could happen in two ways: You could surrender the vehicle voluntarily and retain some control over the process. Either kind of repossession hurts your credit score.

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How to Handle Vehicle Repossession

Nerd Wallet

If you think your car could be repossessed, you might feel that you’ve reached the end of the road. But there may still be ways to avoid repossession or, barring that, lessen its damage. Here’s how repossession works: If you have missed several payments on your vehicle, the lender can repossess your car and sell.

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CFPB Moves to Thwart Illegal Auto Repossessions

Consumer Finance

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is moving to thwart illegal repossessions in the heated auto market.

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Recovering Personal Property Collateral: When Should Secured Creditors Consider Replevin Instead of Self-Help Repossession?

Jimerson Firm

Many secured creditors are aware of the right to “self-help” repossession—a process that is often fraught with risks and limited to the recovery of assets with a known location. When it comes to recovery personal property and assets, Florida creditors generally have two options for recovery: Self-Help Repossession; and. 2d 752 (Fla.