Get Back: Lawyers are Really Bad at Following Up with Leads

Jared Correia

Perhaps the most damning of a series of damning facts about law firms released within the latest Clio Legal Trends Report ( link here ), is this: 89% of lawyers surveyed believed that their law firms followup with potential clients within 24 hours; 62% of law firms actually never follow up with leads at all. I’ll let that sink in.

Moving Up: Bankruptcy Code Dollar Amounts Will Increase On April 1, 2019

In the Red

An official notice from the Judicial Conference of the United States was just published announcing that certain dollar amounts in the Bankruptcy Code will be increased about 6.2% this time for new cases filed on or after April 1, 2019. Follow this link for the Federal Register page with a chart listing all of the updated dollar amounts.


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Optio Solutions Staff Reaches 20 Straight Months of Volunteerism

Joe Gargiulo

Petaluma, Calif. 26, 2019) — Staff members of Optio Solutions and affiliate, CrossCheck, have reached 20 straight months of volunteer work at the Redwood Empire Food Bank in Santa Rosa.

Banks 80

How satisfied are you with your collections solution? The 9 key questions


Collections Analytics Technology Loans Portfolio Credit

Mandatory COVID Vaccination Policy Template

The federal government is developing a rule requiring employers with more than 100 employees ensure their workers are vaccinated or produce a negative COVID test weekly before entering the workplace. So, what can your organization do to prepare? Get Paycor’s COVID Vaccination Policy Template to help communicate important details to your employees.

Look How Far You’ve Come

Dear Debt

In personal finance, we’re always looking ahead. So often we think “I’ll be happy when I’m debt-free.” or “I’ll be happy when I have X net worth.” We can become… Related Posts: Dear Debt, You Make Me a Bitter Betty. Dear Debt, We're Getting Divorced. Financial Literacy Matters, Especially for Women. What the Worst Year of My Life Taught Me About Money. Dear Debt, I Am Enough. The post Look How Far You’ve Come appeared first on DEAR DEBT


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5 Reasons Why a Small Business Needs a Collection Agency

Turbo Recovery

Almost every business owner has encountered overdue accounts and unreliable customers can have a negative impact on your business. As a small business owner, you may not have the time to make frequent phone calls to collect debt and the older the debt gets, the harder it is to collect. Hiring a debt collection agency is one of the easiest and smartest ways to put the focus back on your business. Here are five reasons why you should hire a collection agency: 1. Let us be the professionals.

Supreme Court Rejects Discovery Rule in FDCPA Cases

Brit J. Suttell

The United States Supreme Court has affirmed the Third Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision in Rotkiske v. Klemm , holding that Section 1692k(d) of the FDCPA “unambiguously sets the date of the violation as the event that starts the one-year limitations period.” The decision overrules cases from multiple circuits that have allowed application of the “discovery rule” in FDCPA cases.

4 New Year’s “AResolutions” for a Growing Business

Lucy Pink

Make 2020 the year of avoiding the pains (and costs) of mishandled accounts receivable (AR). Establishing an effective AR process is a crucial part of running a successful business (and our accounts receivable software makes it easy!).

Continuous Change: 4 Lifelines

Receivables Control

Keeping up with continuous change is exhausting! If you are in the credit industry, you know that most credit professionals work in pressure-filled environments with constant requirements to accomplish more with less resources. It’s always something; whether it’s consolidating operations to a central locale or software and operating systems’ updates. Throw turnover, leadership changes, and mergers and acquisitions into the mix and you have the recipe for a fast-paced career!

Debt-Service Coverage Ratio: A Useful Financial Measurement for Assessing Future Debt Recovery


Debt-service coverage ratio (DSCR) is a vital corporate finance tool. It’s how lenders measure an organization’s available cash flow to pay off debt obligations, essentially a credit score for a business. Even governments use DSCR to determine other countries’ ability to pay for the goods it exports. For perspective, the U.S. government’s public debt hit a historic high of $22 trillion in Feb 2019 , according to the U.S. Treasury Department.

Copy That: How to Manage Law Firm Data Backup

Jared Correia

It can’t happen to you until it does. I’m talking about the business disaster that could strike your law firm at any moment: flood, fire, data breach, device breakdown, smoke damage, truck carrying 30000 pounds of bananas careening out of control. Well, you get the picture.

Amendments To The Federal Rules Of Bankruptcy Procedure Take Effect December 1, 2019

Bob Eisenbach

Each year amendments are made to the rules that govern how bankruptcy cases are managed — the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure. The amendments address issues identified by an Advisory Committee made up of federal judges, bankruptcy attorneys, and others. The rule amendments are ultimately adopted by the U.S. Supreme Court and technically subject to Congressional disapproval. Only A Few Rule Amendments This Year.

Bankruptcy for Married Couples

Matthew Alden

When there is consistently more month than money and your financial situation continues to deteriorate due to job loss, medical bills, or consumer debt, it may be time to consider your legal alternatives. Among the options available is bankruptcy for married couples.

Keep your collections floor happy!


Collections Analytics Technology Loans Portfolio Credit

Dear Debt, This Won’t Last


Hello debt fighters! We have a dear debt letter from Nia Simone, a personal finance writer for the website Money Done Right. Dear Debt, You are the weight that’s constantly… Related Posts: Dear Debt, You Almost Killed Me. Dear Debt, You Make Me a Bitter Betty. Dear Debt, I Was Cheating on You. Dear Debt, I Am Enough. What the Worst Year of My Life Taught Me About Money. The post Dear Debt, This Won’t Last appeared first on DEAR DEBT


How to Spot a Scam Call

Credit Management Company

According to industry research, nearly half of all cell phone calls in 2019 will be scam calls. As more Americans become aware of this problem, they become more likely to avoid any phone interaction involving money. For some debt collectors, this can be a big problem. While collecting medical debt is not a scam, many collectors are unaware that they behave in a way that's similar to scams.

Foreign Judgment Collections From a Trusted Collections Attorney


Trying to collect on your foreign judgment can sometimes appear a futile effort with unfamiliar road blocks seeming to protect the judgment debtors.

Dealing with Debt Collectors

J Roquez

Debt collectors get an incredibly poor reputation, but they are invaluable to both businesses and individuals. While it may not be easy to see it this way, they provide a unique and important service. Many of those that reside in this profession may not want to even reveal to friends and family what they do for a living. They have a reputation of being harassers of everyone, but in reality, they are just doing their job and aiding businesses in getting their money back.

Brit Suttell Elected to Board of NCBA

BN Lawyers

Barron & Newburger is proud to announce that Brit Suttell has been elected to the Board of Directors of the National Creditors Bar Association. Suttell works in the Pennsylvania office of Barron & Newburger, P.C.

Passion for Sports Underpins Successful Accounting Firm

Lucy Pink

Sports Accounting Australia (SAA) is all about sports. They’ve been assisting national and state sporting bodies across Australia with their finance and business planning for over a decade.

How To Hire the Right Person

C2C Resources

It’s tempting to hire quickly to fill a position, especially if you’re feeling desperate. But the end result of a bad hire can be significant and costly. The hiring decision should not be based solely on presentation.

Difference Maker: Utilization Rate Separates Growing Law Firms from Shrinking Ones

Jared Correia

The 2019 Clio Legal Trends Report (download link here ) , which is a longitudinal study of law firm data across a variety of categories, including internal efficiencies and external relationships with clients. It’s a fascinating read every year; and, that includes 2019.

In A Major Victory For Trademark Licensees, Supreme Court Holds That Rejection Of A Trademark License Does Not Terminate The Licensee’s Rights

In the Red

A Big Answer To A Big Question. After dividing the courts for a number of years, we finally have the answer to the big question of whether rejection of a trademark license by a debtor-licensor deprives the licensee of the right to use the trademark. Here’s the question on which the Supreme Court granted certiorari in the Mission Product Holdings, Inc.

Debtor 100

How Businesses Use Corporate Debt Restructuring for Liquidity


Corporations have been increasingly defaulting on debt, with many businesses are struggling to maintain revenues and liquidity. Sometimes businesses aren’t prepared for market changes or a slump stretches longer than it should have, causing them to fall further into debt as bills pile up. Banks can seize business assets and liquidate as a last resort to cut their losses. There are only three ways for distressed companies to make ends meet when things get bad: Issue Equity.

Save Time and Attorney Costs, Increase Recoveries!

Receivables Control

Tired of wasting time and incurring high attorney costs while suing to recover debts? Perhaps you feel it’s a lost cause before you even start the process! Maybe you have spent so much time with all the back and forth that you wonder if you became your attorney’s assistant. If you feel this way, it’s time for a different approach. By trusting an experienced partner you’ll find a pathway to success that saves you time, frustration, and attorney costs!

Katabat Platform to Support SoFi Ominchannel Personal Loan Collections


WILMINGTON, Del., 3, 2019 – Katabat, a leading global supplier of debt management software solutions, today announced that SoFi, a leading personal finance company in the U.S., has selected Katabat as its technology partner.

How a Debt Collection Agency Can Help Your Cash Flow

Credit Management Company

Insufficient cash flow is a financial problem that all companies experience at one time or another. Everything from waste and inefficiency to poor sales and conversions can cause this problem, but the failure of clients or customers to pay what they owe is a unique issue with a clear and effective solution: professional debt collection.

13 Easy Tips for Living Debt-Free

Mikaela Parrick

Introduction The majority of Americans are living beyond their means and accumulating massive amounts of bad debt. In fact, a recent report by the New… The post 13 Easy Tips for Living Debt-Free appeared first on Brown & Joseph, LLC.

How to Recover Your Delinquent Accounts

Burt and Associates

Everyone, at some point in their life, has had money problems. But how you handle them affects your business’ cash flow. If you let your customer’s account go unpaid for long periods, the less of a chance there is to collect your money. There are different signs a company will need to look for when analyzing customer accounts. The signs include late payments, bounced checks, excuses, avoidance, and non-payments.