Designing your debtor management service

Debtor Daddy

Maybe you’re already doing debtor management for clients but not really charging for it. Either way, adding debtor management is a smart way to increase the value of your current clients and set you apart from competitors in pitches to win new ones. Debtor Daddy ) to your customers.

NEW: Debtor Daddy launches payment portal

Debtor Daddy

Debtor Daddy is making it even easier for small and medium businesses to get paid and get paid fast. With the launch of our new payment portal, Debtor Daddy users can now seamlessly integrate ‘pay now’ buttons and payment links into email and SMS reminders.


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Introducing Debtor Daddy for Bookkeepers

Debtor Daddy

It’s the first time we have tailored our debtor management solution to focus on a particular business market. A growing list of bookkeeping customers prompted Debtor Daddy CEO and co-founder Matt McFedries to develop ‘Debtor Daddy for Bookkeepers’.

How do you manage debtors effectively?

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Most businesses are not managing their debtors effectively and efficiently. The good news is that we’ve learned how to make debtor management easy, time-efficient and highly effective for any business. Do you have enough time to manage debtors? appeared first on Debtor Daddy

Restraining the Bank Account of an Out-of-State Debtor


Can you use a judgment to restrain a bank account or other assets maintained by a judgment debtor outside of New York state? When it comes to out-of-state debtors, restraining a bank account is possible, but depends on certain factors.

Debtor profile no. 81- “Arrogant Angus”

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The post Debtor profile no. Everyone has dealt with an Arrogant Angus I am sure. Full of themselves, not short on confidence and always on the phone, they can be a nightmare to get money out of. Characteristics: – Massive ego. – Refers to themselves as a “disruptive entrepreneur” on their Linkedin profile. – Screens calls. – When they do answer the phone, it is with their full name only.

Debtor 100

What Is An Aged Debtor Report?

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An aged debtors/ receivables report lists down all the unpaid sales invoices of your business. Hence, this debtor report lists down the total amount of your monthly debts by giving you a breakdown for each customer. What is an effective practice for tracking debtors?

Debtor Daddy partners with FundTap to offer a complete cash flow solution

Debtor Daddy

Partnering with FundTap will allow Debtor Daddy customers access to fast, simple and transparent business funding that will keep them moving forward. Partnering with FundTap was a no-brainer,” says Matt McFedries, Debtor Daddy CEO.

Measure what matters with Debtor Daddy’s New Filters

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Using the tracking codes in Xero, we can then filter accounts in Debtor Daddy by: Location. Compare and contrast the results of your debtor management process in different locations. If you’re new to Debtor Daddy, start a free trial or book a demo.

Negotiation Tips to Make Settling with Your Debtor Easier


Read more » The post Negotiation Tips to Make Settling with Your Debtor Easier appeared first on JMA Credit Control If you run a business, you are probably well aware that the most ideal time to collect your debts is long before they become overdue.

Can I collect against a Massachusetts debtor if I’m from out of state?

Collections Law

The process becomes even more problematic when your debtor is located in another state. Even if you do achieve a judgment in your own state, you have the added step of needing to domesticate the judgment in the debtor’s state.

How we made sales ‘great again’ at Debtor Daddy

Lucy Pink

It was time to make our sales processes great again at Debtor Daddy. The post How we made sales ‘great again’ at Debtor Daddy appeared first on Debtor Daddy. Business General SME Business Tips and Tricks cashflow debtor daddy invoice reminders late payments Stacking the odds in your favour

Can a Debtor Get Their Money Back?


After finally collecting the monies owed to you through debt collection litigation, the debtor wants their money back. Can a debtor really get their money back? How a Debtor Can Get Their Money Back. In this scenario, the judgment debtor defended the case from the beginning.

State Appeals Court Reverses Ruling, Puts Agency on Hook for Debtor’s Legal Fees

Account Recovery

Fight and you may stop future lawsuits from being filed, but … The post State Appeals Court Reverses Ruling, Puts Agency on Hook for Debtor’s Legal Fees appeared first on

Enterprise Debtor Payment Portal


Simplicity Debt Collection Software is pleased to announce the roll out of its new Enterprise Debtor Payment Portal. This fully functional portal allows you to empower your debtors to make payments, settle accounts, set up payment plans, confirm their information and so much more.

Freezing a debtor’s bank account in order to collect a debt

Collections Law

When you need to collect on a commercial debt, freezing the debtor’s bank account can be one of the most effective collection methods available. If approved by the court, your bank attachment sets aside money from your debtor’s bank accounts in order to pay your debt. You do not want to alert your debtor of your intentions unless you must. The account must belong only to your debtor.

Judge Grants MTD in FDCPA Case Over Calls to Debtor’s Mother

Account Recovery

Get the most out of your debtor management with CreditManager

On Guard

Especially in debtor management, there is a lot to gain by having a complete overview of your debtors and financial processes. Don’t miss our webinar to see how CreditManager can take your finance department and debtor management to the next level.

Using Your Debtor’s Assets to Secure Judgment Collections

Collections Law

It is all too common to see a deadbeat debtor make every effort possible to hide assets and other information in an effort to avoid paying you, either partially or in full. Finding Your Debtor’s Assets. Another process we use to learn about your debtor’s assets is supplementary process.

Debtor Alleges Thirteenth Amendment Violation; Court Says Debtor Has Standing to Assert the Claim; Decision on the Merits to Follow


It’s rare for a debtor in bankruptcy to raise allegations of involuntary servitude and a violation of the Thirteenth Amendment. But one debtor did just that after a chapter 11 trustee was appointed to take over the debtor’s bankruptcy estate.

Top 5 Tips When Negotiating with Your Debtor

Debt Recoveries

Even if you later end up agreeing to a payment option below your minimum, rejecting an offer below your minimum right away will send a clear message to the debtor and will force them to make another counter-offer. .

6 reasons for adding credit control to your service

Debtor Daddy

Debtor Daddy’s top 6 reasons for offering a credit control service to your clients: Future-proof your practice by reducing your reliance on compliance work or other admin tasks that are becoming increasingly automated. Debtor management is something a lot of businesses hate doing and do badly.

Daily Digest – October 1. Chopra Confirmed by Senate; Judge Dismisses Claims Over Calls to Debtor’s Mother

Account Recovery

Chopra Confirmed by Senate; Judge Dismisses Claims Over Calls to Debtor’s Mother appeared first on CHOPRA CONFIRMED BY SENATE. NOW THE REAL FUN BEGINS Finally.

Enterprise Debtor Payment Portal


Simplicity Debt Collection Software is pleased to announce the roll out of its new Enterprise Debtor Payment Portal. This fully functional portal allows you to empower your debtors to make payments, settle accounts, set up payment plans, confirm their information and so much more. debtors are more inclined to make payments and settle accounts if they feel like they have control over their payment options and can easily make payments without having to talk to a collector.

2022: Key trends in accounts receivable and collections

Debtor Daddy

In this post, Debtor Daddy looks at five key trends we’re predicting in accounts collections this coming year. Implementing accounts receivable collections tools (such as Debtor Daddy) that automate processes has many advantages.

Court Dismisses Bankruptcy Case to Enable Debtor to Seek a Paycheck Protection Loan


It is well known in the restructuring world that a debtor in bankruptcy can’t get a PPP loan. But what if you’re a debtor and decide a PPP loan could save your business? The issue arose recently where a chapter 11 debtor already had DIP financing in place.

Your Commercial Debtor Just Went Bankrupt — Can You Still Get The Money You’re Owed?

Debt RR

However, if the debtor owes a significant amount, you may want to consider pursuing the debt in bankruptcy court. Here’s what you need to know now about the legal process and your options once your commercial debtor files for bankruptcy. Although you cannot contact the debtor directly, you can communicate with the court-appointed trustee or attorney managing the case. You’ll also be able to find the debtor’s income and expenses in Schedules I and J of the bankruptcy petition.

Can you still collect if the debtor has filed for bankruptcy?

Collections Law

Filing your proof of claim Once you receive notice that your debtor has declared bankruptcy, you should review the paperwork and your status as a listed creditor. You should also have the chance to attend a meeting with the debtor to ask questions regarding the bankruptcy filing.

A Foreign Debtor May Qualify for Florida Homestead Exception


American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review Staff. . In In re De Bauer , a bankruptcy court in Florida held that a debtor who was not a permanent resident of the United States was entitled to the Florida homestead exemption. [1] 1] Adaluz Rojas De Bauer (“Debtor”), who is not a permanent resident or citizen of the United States, filed a voluntary petition for relief under Chapter 7 of the title 11 of the United States Code (the “Bankruptcy Code”). [2] Jenna Kirkland.

New Podcast: Talking Numbers with Paul Jansz ???

Debtor Daddy

Debtor Daddy CEO Matt McFedries recently had the pleasure of chatting on the Talking Numbers podcast hosted by Paul Jansz from The Professional Partners Accounting Network. About Debtor Daddy: Over 150,000 calls and $2 billion paid faster. appeared first on Debtor Daddy.

Alan M. Cohen: A Name All Debtors Should Respect

Collections Law

Collecting on your bad debt isn’t always an easy process and can be dragged out if you are not taking the most aggressive and relentless methods when dealing with your debtor. Cohen is the last name that debtors ever want to hear.

Post-Judgment Collection Practices for When Your Debtor Won’t Pay Up

Collections Law

You’ve won your case in court, and your debtor needs to make the necessary payments to resolve the outstanding debt. Cohen LLC will frequently seek to attach your debtor’s bank accounts — either with notice or ex parte — in our efforts to secure payments from your debtor.

How Our Business Collection Attorneys Domesticate and Enforce Foreign Judgments Against Debtors

Collections Law

Cohen LLC, you will find that the process of domesticating and enforcing foreign judgments against your debtors is a much more straightforward process than one would typically expect.

Delaware Bankruptcy Court Issues Decision on Whether a Debtor Can Be a “Financial Participant”


In both cases, the “agreements or transactions” must be “with the debtor or any other entity.” The court denied the motion for summary judgment, but rejected the Trustee’s argument that the definition of “financial participant” excludes debtors.

If a Judgment Debtor Is a Beneficiary of an Estate, You Can Have the Distribution Sent to You Instead


When the usual steps, such as levying the debtor’s bank account and garnishing the debtor’s wages, result in little success recovering monies owed, the judgment may seem uncollectible. Once satisfied, funds may be distributed to the judgment debtor.