May, 2020

Walking Man: How Do You Oversee a Distributed Workforce?

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

Lawyers tend to manage in place. They oversee staff by walking around the office, to randomly check in on people, like Lumberg from ‘Office Space’. They can also be vicious micromanagers. It’s understandable to an extent, of course; if someone in the office screws up in a major way, it’s the attorney’s license that’s on the line. I get it. But, there is a better way; and, a way that is becoming increasingly necessary for law firms.

The $100 BBQ: How To Throw A Great Summer BBQ On A Budget


The summer BBQ is a tradition pretty much everyone loves. It's an opportunity to get together with loved ones, eat good food, and spend a little time basking in the joys of mother nature. Saving


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£4m Dubai Debt upheld by English Court

UK debt collections

An English Court has ordered an ex-Football Club boss to repay a Debt order issued by a Dubai Court. The Court ruling made in Dubai ordered David Haigh to re-pay millions of pounds in cash he was convicted of siphoning from an investment company in the UAE. David Haigh was convicted in 2015 by Courts in Dubai for a breach of trust. It was found that he embezzled almost £4m in funds from his previous employer GFH Capital Ltd.

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How to Get Out of a Lease: 7 Steps You Can Take

Credit Corp

Whether you’re renting an apartment, house or duplex, your home should feel like a safe place—one that’s comfortable and secure. But what if something happens that makes your apartment unsafe? Or what if you can’t make your rent? Maybe you need to break your lease, and don’t know what to do. If you’re wondering where to start, don’t worry. We’ve got a few things to consider while exploring options about getting out of a lease. What Happens If You Break a Lease?

Partner with certified Debt Collection Agency

Debt Recoveries

The cashflow of every business is an important factor to keep the operations of the business afloat. One of the services businesses are able to use to help maintain or improve their cashflow is a debt collection agency. Ensuring the collector you have chosen is highly reputable in their industry is of utmost importance. To assist in ensuring quality and integrity within the debt collection industry, the Institute of Mercantile Agents was formed.

Sergio Schüler Joins re:ceeve to Accelerate Product Development


We have recently hired and are happy to welcome Sergio Schüler to the team at re:ceeve. He joins us to run product management and to play an important role in connecting the sales and marketing side of the business, our customers, as well as development with one another. His role is critical in making sure that everything flows together around our product to allow us to deliver the best solution to our customers. Joining a small team with big ambitions was thrilling.

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How Do Credit Cards Work?


I was 18 when I got my first credit card. There was a booth on my college campus offering a t-shirt and a voucher to the local pizza buffet if you applied. Back then, that might as well have been gold. A few weeks later a card arrived in the mail. I suddenly went from being broke to having a line of credit. I had it, so I spent it. I then spent the next couple of years paying off interest on what should have been a cheap purchase.


Historical Marginalization Has Left the Navajo Nation Uniquely Vulnerable to COVID-19

Prosperity Now

The disproportionate contraction of COVID-19 within the Navajo Nation is just one more indicator of the challenges and vulnerabilities that


What Small Businesses Should Know About the IRS Debt Forgiveness Program

Debt RR

The IRS can be daunting for businesses and sole proprietors that owe tax debt – federal tax liens can seriously impact a company’s ability to operate if taxes remain unpaid. However, the IRS offers options for taxpayers that need help with their obligations. Many businesses and sole proprietors are looking for IRS debt forgiveness programs.

Emergency Insolvency reforms introduced

UK debt collections

The Government has introduced the Corporate Governance and Insolvency Bill in Parliament, which will put in place a series of measures to amend insolvency and company law to support business and to address the challenges resulting from the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19). The Bill consists of 6 insolvency measures and 2 corporate governance measures. The insolvency measures will provide vital support to businesses to help them through this period of instability.

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re:ceeve Partners with Ferratum, Signaling a Shift to a New Standard in Collections


How can a business continuously improve its collections processes and further grow? How can one implement fast, new solutions to clients? We answered these questions together with the team at ?Ferratum? Ferratum? - who we proudly have as our first large customer. re:ceeve and Ferratum Group. We were introduced to Ferratum through one of our business angels who was acquainted with their CEO. ?Founded

Boilerplate Special: Modern Fee Agreements Should Contain Technology Provisions

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

When it comes to engagement agreements, law firms often practice a ‘less is more’ philosophy. Doing what is ethically required in terms of identifying rates and scope of representation covers what you need to tell your clients; but, it may not be all that you want to tell your clients. M odern law firms, as well as modern legal consumers, can also focus on important additional clauses.

7 Tips For Keeping Your Electronic Devices Safe This Summer


Summer is here near , and it's b ringing dreams of s olo pool parties , socially distanced hikes, and quarantine queso and margs on the back porch (at least for us). No matter what your summer plans are, they probably involve water and heat — which could spell disaster for your electronics. Dollars & Cents


Build Your Consumer Connection Pyramid: One Word at a Time

PDC Flow

Share this Article Today’s post is a guest blog written by Mary Shores , agency owner of Midstate Collection Solutions. The coronavirus has touched every one of us in some way and caused a great amount of fear and uncertainty. At the same time, it has required us to isolate ourselves, which means the need for true human connection has never been greater. .

Reopening Offices Under Michigan COVID-19 Executive Orders


Governor Whitmer’s various Executive Orders (“EOs”) have transitioned from shut-down to phased reopening. Those multiple EOs make the reopening process confusing. This article summarizes the requirements to permissible recall office workers for work outside of their own homes. However, the actual requirements are lengthy and all must be met by the employer. We have collected those requirements in a document that may be obtained HERE. Office Workers – Phased Reopening.

State by State Reopening Update

Receivables Control

During the last couple of weeks, states across the United States began to relax restrictions that were implemented to curb the spread of Covid-19. Below is a snapshot of what the various states are doing to reopen. This list was created on May 11, 2020 and it is subject to change quickly as the health, economic, and political landscapes continue to change rapidly. Alabama: Effective May 11, limited operations of restaurants, hair and nail salons and gyms are allowed at reduced capacity.

How Mindfulness Helps You as a Leader

The Kaplan Group

No matter what kind of business you run, the current pandemic is probably testing your leadership skills. Whether your business has gone online, or is still physically open, you are handling new expectations, rules, and staff concerns. Research shows that one of the qualities that most helps leaders remain effective in a crisis is mindfulness. Mindfulness has been a buzz word in popular culture and in leadership training for a few years now.


Adjustment Bureau: It’s Time to Look at Your Expenses

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

As the coronavirus pande mic continues to force business shutdowns and social distancing , some law firms will be forced to make hard choices about staffing and continued business operations. But, all law firms should now start looking at expenses, to see whether they can reduce their overhead – at least over the next quarter. An easy place to start is with subscription services. Lots of law firms maintain subscription services they don’t use, especially with respect to technology.

Memorial Day 2020: Activities For The #StayAtHome Patriotic


Memorial Day might give you an extra day off work, but it offers much more than just a chance to fire up the grill. Don’t forget what Memorial Day is all about — honoring veterans, troops, and their families. Budgeting Holiday Smarts


How to Make Sure Your Business Survives a Financial Crisis

Direct Recovery

Planning for a financial crisis isn’t one of the first things that come to mind when someone starts their own business, but at various times over the past few years, it has been something that millions of business owners wish they had spent more time thinking about.

Managing Remote Staff in Healthcare Collections Long-Term

PDC Flow

Share this Article It has been a few months since companies transitioned their staff out of offices. By now, the immediate struggles of changing on-site employees into remote workers have been resolved. Now, healthcare collections and other accounts receivable businesses are starting to realize that managing remote staff may be a long term necessity. . No one knows how long the Coronavirus pandemic will last or what the future of healthcare AR will look like when it has passed.

Seven Staff confirmed with Covid-19 at Debt Collection firm

UK debt collections

Seven staff at a Debt Collection Call Centre in Lancashire have tested positive for Covid-19 after employees were ordered to return to work. Preston based Debt Collection firm Akinika had originally closed its doors on the 11th May after a member of staff had tested positive on Saturday the 9th with the Coronavirus. The closure was for a “deep clean” of the Premises after telling staff that a fellow employee had tested positive.

Tools to Help B2B Businesses Get Back to Work

Enterprise Recovery

Employers and organizations are beginning to move into a new normal after the COVID-19 pandemic response affected their businesses. With lockdown orders lifted and the phased approach to reopening, business owners and executives are seeking out ways to ramp up business quickly and keep their employees safe. Many companies furloughed or laid off staff and will be running at reduced staff levels for a period of time.


Pros and Cons of Paperless Statements

Debt Guru

In today’s virtual-reliant world, much of our day-to-day business takes place in Cyberspace. But banking and financial transactions might still make you leery. Whether it’s your monthly credit card or mortgage bill, your regular bank account statement, your quarterly 401(k) update, or another financially sensitive document, some of us prefer the piece of paper delivered to our mailbox. Let’s face it: There are some negatives to a paperless system.

Bankruptcy Sales Under Section 363: The Business Judgment Test That Judges Often Cite Isn’t Always the One They Use


This post originally appeared in Norton Journal of Bankruptcy Law and Practice. Bankruptcy court approval is required when a debtor wants to sell property outside the ordinary course of its business. Courts will allow transactions that re?ect ect a debtor’s informed business judgment.

Karen Edler to speak at Volunteer Lawyers for Justice webinar on June 2, 2020

Price Meese

Karen Edler, Esq. will be speaking at the Volunteer Lawyers for Justice free webinar, Special Education Law and Advocacy During COVID-19, for parents of children with special needs on June 2, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. This webinar will address the basic legal rights of children under IDEA and New Jersey regulations in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pending Home Sales Plummet in April


Pending home sales is the latest sector to see record drops from the impacts of COVID-19. The Pending Home Sales Index from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) declined 21.8% in April. All regions saw a month-to-month and year-over-year decline in pending home sales. With nearly all states under stay-at-home orders in April, it is no surpri. Nacm Blog


Details released of Emergency Covid-19 Insolvency and Debt Recovery reforms

UK debt collections

The Business Secretary Alok Sharma will be given new powers to help company directors during the current pandemic. This will enable him to extend deadlines for company filings amongst other new measures. The majority of the new measures are aimed at providing Limited Companies maximum survival chances. It is said it will help protect jobs and aid the Country’s economical recovery post Coronavirus.

Five New Ways to Deal with Unpaid Invoices During COVID-19

Enterprise Recovery

If you regularly bill clients, you have likely had the experience of chasing down money. It's frustrating, uncomfortable and a little intimidating. Now add in a global pandemic, climbing unemployment statistics and the amount of small businesses closing shop and suddenly, asking for what's owed to you can be downright worrisome. Let's take a step back and consider a new way of dealing with outstanding or overdue invoices, shall we?

What to Look for in a Free Financial Management App

Debt Guru

Keeping on top of your personal finances requires a lot of energy. But today, your financial organization can be at your fingertips … literally. As close, in fact, as your cellphone. With mobile banking on the rise, a wave of financial apps has emerged as the convenient way to monitor and track your finances. Use these tools in virtually every aspect of your personal finances. There are apps to help you budget or put money toward a specific purchase.

What To Do When A Good Customer Incurs Bad Debt


Don’t let a good business relationship turn sour because of debt — what do you have to do when the need arises? Customer Conundrum Every business has encountered this scenario in one way or another – that of having good customers with a proven track record with your company but is not able to pay. Read more » The post What To Do When A Good Customer Incurs Bad Debt appeared first on JMA Credit Control