Sun.Apr 21, 2024

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Do Debt Collection Agencies Work With Small Businesses?


Many Australian small businesses face a common challenge: recovering outstanding invoices. Chasing overdue payments can be a time-consuming and stressful burden, while the traditional debt collection process can be lengthy and yield uncertain results. This is where debt collection agencies like JMA Credit Control come in. We specialise in working with small businesses across Australia, Read more » The post Do Debt Collection Agencies Work With Small Businesses?

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Biden plans to cancel student loan debt, 23 million Americans may be impacted

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MADISON, Wisconsin, April 8 (Reuters) – President Joe Biden announced on Monday plans to ease student debt that would benefit at least 23 million Americans, addressing a key issue for young voters whose support he needs as he seeks re-election in November. The plans, which the Democratic president detailed in Madison, Wisconsin, include cancelling up to $20,000 of accrued and capitalized interest for borrowers, regardless of income, which Biden’s administration estimates would elimin