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Mega Millions: 5 Ways to Spend a Billion Dollars

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The latest Mega Millions lottery jackpot has passed $1 billion for only the third time in the lottery game’s 26-year history. That’s, well, a lot of money. How much? Here’s one way to think about it: Let’s say you’ve just scored a dream salary of $1 million a year. Go, you! So, at that blistering.


Depth Perception: Don’t Overvolunteer

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

A lot of attorneys, new and seasoned, volunteer for everything under the sun, until they’re so busy, they just wanna puke. Now, that’s not the goal of volunteering.


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Rescue Your Cash Flow with Accounts Receivable Management

Enterprise Recovery

In simple terms, accounts receivable management is the means for collecting money that is owed after extending credit for or agreeing to provide goods and services.

MEDC to Make $237 Million Available to Help Michigan Small Businesses


The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), joined by Governor Whitmer, announced that the U.S. Department of Treasury has approved up to $237 million in State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) funding for businesses in the State of Michigan.

Successful Change Management with Enterprise Risk Management

Speaker: William Hord, Vice President of ERM Services

Join us as we discuss the various tangents of data and the change management process that will help you make better risk-based business decisions to save time and money for your organization.

Complaint Accuses Collector of Incorrectly Noting Account was Disputed

Account Recovery

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is part of a series that is sponsored by WebRecon. WebRecon identifies serial plaintiffs lurking in your database BEFORE you contact them and expose yourself to a likely lawsuit.

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Business Inspiration: Selling Direct-to-Consumer Custom Fashion

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When you see one of Ramon Smothers’ custom-made suits, there’s no mistaking it for an off-the-rack design. As the owner of Legacy Lapels, he’s made a business out of making people look good.


What's the Difference Between Accounts Receivable and Collections?

Enterprise Recovery

The process of collecting what's due from customers can go by several names. Accounts receivable, receivables, A/R, accounts receivable collections, debt collections, and more. Not to be confused with accounts payable, which is a different part altogether.).

Daily Digest – July 29. Complaint Accuses Collector of Noting Account was Disputed; Financial Situation Getting Worse for Consumers

Account Recovery

COMPLAINT ACCUSES COLLECTOR OF INCORRECTLY NOTING ACCOUNT WAS DISPUTED A complaint has been filed in federal court in the District Court for the Eastern District of California, accusing a collector of violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act by allegedly incorrectly marking an account as disputed after receiving a letter from the plaintiff.

Five Stories that Matter in Michigan This Week – July 29, 2022


New Laws Phase Out COVID-19 Employer Liability Protections for Employers. Governor Whitmer recently signed three bills into law that initially roll back COVID-19 protections for both employers and employees and then repeal the laws outright on July 1, 2023. For example, one of the laws being repealed granted employers immunity from liability lawsuits if an employee was exposed to COVID-19 at work, provided the employer followed state and federal regulations.

How Preparation and Strategy Can Be Used to Fight and Defeat Any Ransomware Attack

Speaker: Karl Camilleri, Cloud Services Product Manager at phoenixNAP

Through a detailed analysis of major attacks and their consequences, Karl Camilleri, Cloud Services Product Manager at phoenixNAP, will discuss the state of ransomware and future predictions, as well as provide best practices for attack prevention and recovery.

Mega Millions: How a Billion-Dollar Jackpot Actually Works

Nerd Wallet

The Mega Millions jackpot has ballooned to an estimated $1.02 billion ahead of the next drawing on Friday, July 29. A billion dollars is not an easy number to wrap your head around, and it’s happened only twice before in Mega Millions history. If you want a chance to win the jackpot, here’s what you.


CFPB Orders Hyundai to Pay $19 Million for Widespread Credit Reporting Failures

Consumer Finance

Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) penalized Hyundai Capital America (Hyundai) for repeatedly providing inaccurate information to nationwide consumer reporting companies and failing to take proper measures to address inaccurate information once it was identified between 2016 and 2020.

Loans 93

Report Analyzes Garnishment Data to Lobby N.Y. Governor to Sign Anti-Garnishment Bill into Law

Account Recovery

Supreme Court Invalidates Chapter 11 Fee Scheme


We have previously written about Siegel v. Fitzgerald , No. 21-441, the Supreme Court case considering the question of whether the 2018 difference in fees between Bankruptcy Administrator judicial districts and U.S.

Mandatory COVID Vaccination Policy Template

The federal government is developing a rule requiring employers with more than 100 employees ensure their workers are vaccinated or produce a negative COVID test weekly before entering the workplace. So, what can your organization do to prepare? Get Paycor’s COVID Vaccination Policy Template to help communicate important details to your employees.

Ask a Travel Nerd: Did the Airline Bailout Help Consumers?

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When the 2008 financial crisis roiled banks, the federal government jumped in with an enormous bailout effort. Two years later, Congress slapped the industry with a sweeping set of reforms and important consumer protections. That made sense.

Ambulance trust writes off £339k after Debt Recovery failure

UK debt collections

An Ambulance trust has had to write of £339k after they were deemed unrecoverable. In a meeting of the West Midlands Ambulance trust board (WMAS), members agreed to write off a whopping £339,000 owed to the service detailed in a report following debt recovery failures.

Compliance Digest – July 25

Account Recovery

I’m thrilled to announce that Bedard Law Group is the new sponsor for the Compliance Digest. Bedard Law Group, P.C. – Compliance Support – Defense Litigation – Nationwide Complaint Management – Turnkey Speech Analytics.


It’s Getting Chilly: The “Cryptowinter” Marches On


It’s been a hard year for cryptocurrency. The values of most cryptocurrencies, including major coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have continued to tumble.

Can Job-Hopping Help Retirement Savings?

Nerd Wallet

The investing information provided on this page is for educational purposes only. NerdWallet does not offer advisory or brokerage services, nor does it recommend or advise investors to buy or sell particular stocks, securities or other investments.

Uk’s top 10 worst Business late payers named and shamed

UK debt collections

New IPSE research finds that late payments have worsened despite recent government reforms, alluding that not enough is being done to crack down on companies that do not pay freelancers on time.

Appeals Court Vacates Certification, Settlement in TCPA Case

Account Recovery

The Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit has vacated a lower court’s approval of class certification in a Telephone Consumer Protection Act case, ruling that some of the named plaintiffs in the class did not have standing to sue in federal court.


CFPB Publishes Analysis of Potential Impacts of Medical Debt Credit Reporting Changes

Consumer Finance

Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) published an analysis of how actions announced by the three largest national consumer reporting companies – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion -- will affect people who have allegedly unpaid medical debt on their credit reports.


Fed Raises Target Rate Again, but Mortgage Rates Are Unfazed

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The Federal Reserve doubled down on its inflation-fighting strategy on Wednesday afternoon, raising a key interest rate by 75 basis points, or 0.75 percentage point, for the second month in a row.


New powers used by Insolvency service to ban covid-loan abusers

UK debt collections

The UK’s Insolvency Service has utilised its new powers for the first time against directors that dissolve businesses to avoid the payment of its debts.

Judge Denies MTD in FDCPA Case Over Collection Fee

Account Recovery

Are We Closer to a Recession? Extra Credit


?? The July Credit Manager's Index shows weakness in the U.S. economy, but does it spell recession? Listen to this week's episode of NACM's Extra Credit podcast to find out! ?? Hear from Amy Crews Cutts; Cody Christensen; and Chris Myers on a variety of topics.

Does Home Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

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Key takeaways A homeowners insurance policy generally covers sudden, accidental roof leaks — not those due to age or wear and tear. Your insurance company may not pay the full price of a roof replacement if you have actual cash value coverage for your roof. If you need to file a claim for a roof.

Burr & Forman Earns Wells Fargo Legal Department’s Outside Counsel Diversity Award

Burr Forman

Burr & Forman is pleased to announce its selection by the Wells Fargo Legal Department for its 2021 Outside Counsel Diversity Award.

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Financial Situation Getting Worse for Consumers; Study Details Debt Sources, Plans to Pay it Off

Account Recovery

Nearly one-quarter of households in the United States have no emergency savings and 28% have some, but not enough to cover three months of living expenses, according to the results of a poll released by American Consumer Credit Counseling.