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5 benefits of turbocharging your accounts receivable management

On Guard

5 benefits of turbocharging your accounts receivable management. On paper, the accounts receivable process is downright easy: money comes in, you mark that the client has paid, and you deposit the money into the business bank account.

Effective debt collections acknowledges unique consumer challenges

American Profit

As the light the end of the metaphorical-pandemic tunnel gets brighter, creditors may be questioning whether sending consumers to collections is appropriate. Considering the financial hardships people have endured throughout the pandemic, it is a legitimate concern.


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What Is the TRUST Act?

Credit Corp

Some experts believe that Social Security funds may soon begin to run short—and many members of the public agree with them. In fact, less than half of the respondents to a recent Quinnipiac poll thought they’d receive a Social Security benefits payment upon retirement.

Screened Time: Google's Newest Advertising Program Is Here

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

Attorneys have, like most business owners, spent lots of their marketing dollars on Google search. It makes sense: Google is the most popular search engine. Google-owned YouTube is #2.) Google Screened is Google’s latest addition to its collection of local service ads.

Savings Tips for Newbies, Experts and Everyone in Between

Nerd Wallet

When it comes to saving money, this year may look a little different from years past. The savings rate is lower than its peak of about 34% in April 2020, but Americans are still saving more than they did before the pandemic. This is according to the U.S.

Banks 109

Study reports consumers find courts fairer than arbitration

Public Citizen

Farshad Ghodoosi of the David Nazarian School of Business & Economics, California State University, Northridge and Monica Sharif of California State University, Los Angeles have written Justice in Arbitration: The Consumer Perspective, International Journal of Conflict Management (2021). Here is the abstract: Purpose: Arbitration—a binding private third-party adjudication—has been the primary legal way for resolution of consumer disputes.


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Federal Cannabis SAFE Banking Act Bill Gains Steam with Backing from Michigan Financial Institutions and Government


In September 2019, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act of 2019 (“Safe Act”), which would prohibit regulators from terminating or limiting either deposit or share insurance of a financial institution for doing business with a cannabis company.

Will vs. Trust: Know the Differences

Nerd Wallet

Wills and trusts are legal instruments that ensure assets are passed down to heirs as per your wishes, helping to provide for the people and causes close to your heart.


E-Wallets: A Smarter Way To Transfer Money Abroad Online


Presently, digitization has simplified the process for sending money globally. Cheaper and more convenient international money transfers are now possible due to the smart and convenient platforms such as e-wallets.

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No Insolvency Action till end of September

UK debt collections

The Government has announced the extension of temporary insolvency measures which includes the restrictions on issuing of winding up petitions and statutory demands.

Second Circuit Holds Debt Collector Did Not Need to Include Interest Disclosure in Settlement Offer

Burr Forman

In its 2016 decision in Avila v.

An In-Depth Guide to the Cavalier Hotel on Virginia Beach

Nerd Wallet

Marriott’s Autograph Collection has an eclectic mix of properties with the tagline “exactly like nothing else,” and The Historic Cavalier Hotel and Beach Club in Virginia Beach is an ideal example of history and creativity coming together to fit that mold.

Michigan COVID-Related Capacity, Mask and Gatherings Restrictions Will be Lifted Beginning June 22


Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced on June 17, 2021 that COVID-related restrictions for capacity, masks and gatherings will be lifted effective June 22.


Shock as Government extends Commercial Eviction ban

UK debt collections

The Government has announced that a ban on landlords evicting firms for unpaid commercial rent is being extended for another nine months. The ban, which stops landlords from taking tenants to court for non-payment, was due to end on 30th June.

Daily Digest – June 18. Judge Grants MTD in FDCPA Case Over Alleged Third-Party Disclosure; Senator Opens Probe Into CFPB

Account Recovery

Mistakes You Might Be Making in Your Business


There’s no perfect business, as much as there’s no ideal business owner. How you manage things is entirely up to you, your beliefs, and your business philosophy. However, you’re bound to make mistakes here and there, and even the most seasoned entrepreneurs have found themselves in a bind.


How to know if you need to file bankruptcy

Roths Child Law

It's one thing to be burdened by a single bill. You may be able to negotiate a reduced settlement with your creditor to alleviate yourself of that pesky bill. Debtors with multiple delinquent accounts don't often have the luxury of negotiating balances.

Frank Springfield Featured in Bitcoin Panel Discussion on E-Crypto News

Burr Forman

In an E-Crypto News panel discussion, What Are The Long-Term Prospects For Bitcoin? author Christopher Hamman brought together a panel of 13 business professionals, including Frank Springfield , to discuss Bitcoin’s long term prospects. The full panel discussion can be found here.

Judge Grants MTD in FDCPA Case Over Alleged Third-Party Disclosure

Account Recovery

4 Neobanks Show Up for Their Communities

Nerd Wallet

Big banks design their services for a broad customer base, but in doing so, they can fall short of serving the needs of historically marginalized communities. That gap is creating opportunities for new financial technology firms with roots in these communities.

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Getting Approved for a Loan After Bankruptcy

Sawin & Shea

Many people assume that because they have filed bankruptcy, their credit is ruined, and they will not be able to qualify for any loans. This is not true. There are a number of steps you can take to improve your credit score and to make it likely that you can be approved for a loan.

When Can a Body Corporate Bring Proceedings?

Debt Recoveries

Body corporate are management groups made up of the property owners within a plan of subdivision. They are responsible for the management and maintenance of the common property within a plan which is for the benefit all property owners. .

Appeals Court Denies En Banc Request in TCPA Case Over Single Pre-Recorded Message

Account Recovery

An Appeals Court yesterday denied an en banc request in a case relevant to the debt collection industry, but it wasn’t the Eleventh Circuit and it wasn’t the Hunstein case.

5 High-Risk Chargeback Reasons

Payment Savvy

All businesses receive chargebacks. However, high-risk entities are more susceptible than others. Many chargebacks are caused by criminal fraud, but a merchant’s missteps cause a large gamut of chargebacks. That means your business needs a two-edged approach to preventing high-risk chargebacks.

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Construction Input Prices Rise 4.6% in May; Softwood Lumber Prices Up 154% From a Year Ago


Construction input prices increased 4.6% in May compared to the previous month, according to an Associated Builders and Contractors analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' Producer Price Index data released today. Nonresidential construction input prices increased 4.8%

Commercial Real Estate Transactions: How to Avoid Common Buyers’ Pitfalls Presentation

Jimerson Firm

On Tuesday, June 15, 2021 from 12:00 PM-1:00 PM, three attorneys from our Real Estate Development, Sales and Leasing team presented Commercial Real Estate Transactions: How to Avoid Common Buyers’ Pitfalls.


Senator Opens Probe Into Potential Civil Service Violations at CFPB

Account Recovery


Four steps to integrating Intelligent Automation in the finance department

On Guard

It’s clear that Intelligent Automation (IA) is still very much an emerging technology, with one indication being that is has only been mentioned a handful of times on Twitter since the beginning of 2021.


What Does Fairness Mean at Work? [6 Examples] | Arbeit

Arbeit Software

At Arbeit, fairness is one of our core brand values. It's something that is often brought up by brands, but its true meaning is discussed less frequently.

Immigration Insights: Episode 3

Burr Forman

In the third episode of the Immigration Insights podcast, host Melissa Azallion Kenny discusses the H1-B Visa program and some alternatives for employers if their particular H1-B case was not selected for the fiscal year 2022 cap.