Report Analyzes Impact of Debt Buying Law on Lawsuits in California

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State AGs Sue FDIC Over Debt Buying Rule

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Appeals Court Overturns Dismissal of Debt Buying Contract Dispute

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Appeals Court Affirms Ruling Compelling Arbitration in Debt Buying FDCPA Class Action

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California Legislature Passes AB1020

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Compliance Debt Buying Healthcare Ab 1020 California Lauren Friedman Medical Debt Collection

Joel Tucker Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for Role in Debt Selling Scam

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years yesterday and ordered to pay more than $12 million in unpaid taxes, penalties, and interest after being sentenced by a federal judge after pleading guilty to selling fake debt portfolios that earned him more than $7 million. Compliance Debt Buying Joel Tucker Scott Tucker

Minn. Gov. Signs Omnibus Bills into Law, Include Provisions For Debt Buyers

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The governor of Minnesota has signed a number of omnibus bills into law, one of which contains provisions that expand the regulation of the accounts receivable management industry to include debt buyers, a new term that the state is defining for the first time.

Appeals Court Affirms MSJ Against Debt Buyer in Contract Breach Case

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A … The post Appeals Court Affirms MSJ Against Debt Buyer in Contract Breach Case appeared first on Compliance Debt Buying Ophrys v.

2021 Officers & Directors Elected to Lead Receivables Management Association International

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Debt Buying General News Adam Parks Anne Thomas Brett Soldevila Brian Williams James Mastriani Jon Mazzoli Kelly Knepper-Stephens Laura Jensen Marian Sangalang Mike Colby RMA InternationalFebruary 11, 2021 (Sacramento, CA)?–

States Sue Bank Regulator to Overturn ‘True Lender’ Rule

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Compliance California Colorado Debt Buying Massachusetts Minnesota New Jersey New York North Carolina Office of the Comptroller of the Currency the District of Columbia True Lender Rule

Senate Passes Bill Repealing OCC’s ‘True Lender’ Rule Aimed at Boosting Loan Sales

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Compliance Debt Buying Congressional Review Act Office of the Comptroller of the Currency True Lender Rule

CMS Services Launches Free Terms & Conditions Database With Agreements From Hundreds of Creditors Nationwide

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Compliance Debt Buying General News CMS Services Irwin Bernstein Press Release

NY Lawmakers Propose Bill Banning Sale of Delinquent NYC Debts

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Lawmakers in the New York legislature are trying to get a bill passed that would prohibit the city of New York from selling a portfolio of unpaid debts, which is scheduled to occur as soon as next week, until a year after Gov. Compliance Debt Buying

CFPB Denies Petition From Debt Buyer to Amend CID

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The Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has denied a petition from a debt buying company to set aside or amend a Civil Investigative Demand that was alleged by the company to be overly broad, rejecting all of the company’s arguments.

Monterey Financial Services Acquires Continental Central Credit

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Monterey offers debt buying, servicing, and delinquent debt recovery solutions. Monterey Financial Services announced earlier this week that it had purchased Continental Central Credit. Continental Central Credit is based in Carlsbad, Calif. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

RMAI Receivables Management Certification Program Continues to Expand – Certifies First Process Server

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All certification categories—which includes debt buying companies, collection agencies, collection law firms, brokers, … The post RMAI Receivables Management Certification Program Continues to Expand – Certifies First Process Server appeared first on

Katabat Supports RMAI’s 2020 Annual Conference with Gold Sponsorship


January 23, 2020 (Sacramento, CA) – Katabat, a leading cloud-based debt-collection software provider, will serve as a Gold Sponsor of this year’s RMAI Annual Conference.

SIMM Associates Inc. Celebrates 30 Years of Growth, Partners with Provana to Digitize Compliance Management

Collection Industry News

SIMM is a full service nationally licensed ARM and BPO company providing collection solutions and customer engagement to the student lending, consumer lending, credit/retail card, healthcare, auto finance, credit union and debt buying industries. ARM firm automates compliance management and agent productivity with Provana platform and analytics. Newark, DE – Jul 28, 2021 – SIMM Associates, Inc.

SIMM Associates


SIMM is a full service nationally licensed ARM company providing collection solutions to the student lending, consumer lending, credit/retail card, healthcare, auto finance, credit union and debt buying industries.

ACA Members Appointed to California’s New Debt Collection Advisory Committee

Collection Industry News

Several members of ACA International have been appointed to the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation’s (DFPI) new debt collection advisory committee. The seven-member committee will provide critical feedback to the DFPI as it creates its debt collection licensing program. I look forward to working with this group representing diverse stakeholders in the debt collection industry,” DFPI Commissioner Manuel P. Source: site.

Extreme Ways to Cut Expenses: 6 Things You Can Do Today

Credit Corp

Or maybe you earn enough but want to aggressively save up a deposit for a home or to pay off high-interest debts quicker. Short-term goals might include being able to afford a new car, paying off some debts, or a vacation.

Debt Collectors Are Thriving This Year – And Now They’re Filing Even More Suits

Collection Industry News

It was a great time to be a debt collector. In August, Encore Capital, the largest debt buyer in the country, announced that it had doubled its previous record for earnings in a quarter. Finding themselves with enough money to settle old debts, people responded to collectors’ calls and letters. Debt-buying executives couldn’t help marveling at their good fortune. Other debt buyers jumped back in as well. For a typical debt of $3,142, Encore paid $271.

Where’s The Beef? The FTC 2013 Report On Debt Buyers Contains Zero Evidence Of Debt Collection Abuses

FDCPA Defense

The FTC recently released its 162-page report entitled " The Structure and Practices of the Debt Buying Industry " which describes a comprehensive study conducted by the FTC over a three-year period using data obtained from the nation’s largest debt buyers. Many will view the Report as another chance to engage in debt buyer bashing, which has become a favorite pastime for mainstream media and consumer advocates.