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How Mechanic’s Liens Are Effective Ways to Collect Your Monies

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If you are unlucky enough to have done business with construction companies or property owners who seem to be rolling in cash, but never have time to pay, you’ll soon find out the importance of a mechanics lien in Massachusetts in debt recovery.

Effectively Using Massachusetts Mechanic’s Lien Statute to Help Get You Paid

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The Massachusetts Mechanics Lien Statute is a law that helps safeguard contractors’ and suppliers’ “investment” in a construction project’s improvement. Whether it is a redesign or any other type of renovation project, the suppliers of materials and/or labor have the right to place liens on the property in order to help safeguard their payments. Mechanics Lien—What is it and How Does it Work?

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Collecting Delinquent Accounts During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

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MECHANICS LIENS REMAIN UNAFFECTED BY THE SHUTDOWN AND CONTINUE TO BE A PRUDENT APPROACH TO PROTECTING YOUR RIGHTS. If you are not paid for a service by a property owner, general contractor, or subcontractor and within the scope of the Mechanics Lien Statute we can prepare a mechanics lien for your protection. During the outbreak we continue to protect our clients with properly prepared and filed mechanics liens.


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A pre-lien notice is not required as in some other states. A mechanics lien is not required by anyone with a direct contract with the owner. Engineers have lien rights. State Lien LawsOthers seeking payment must file. The deadline is 120 days within the last work by anyone on the project. MRSA Title 10 § 3255. Disclaimer: Maine may have more current or accurate information.

How Aggressive Collections Attorneys Can Aid in Massachusetts Debt Recovery

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Instead, they will help you collect on the debt by filing a lawsuit against the debtor, seeking and obtaining attachments on the debtor’s assets, and even garnishing their wages post-judgment so that you can get paid for your judgment debt. Cohen LLC, we work proactively and aggressively by taking measures such as using pre-judgment collection methods to secure the debtor’s assets while the lawsuit is pending and before the judgment is entered. A mechanics lien is collateral.


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Maryland law is unique in that a judge has to order a lien be place after filing a petition for a lien with the circuit court. A mechanics lien is allowed only if the work on the property increases its value by 15% or more. State Lien LawsA prelien notice is required of any subcontractor that does not have a direct contract with the owner. It must be filed within 120 days after furnishing services. Others have within 180 days to file.


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For subcontractors, a pre-lien notice must be filed within 20 days of first furnishing services. For others, a mechanics lien must be filed within 90 days of last furnishing services. A suit to enforce the lien must be brought no later than one year after a lien is recorded. Mechanics liens have priority over other liens as long as there has been an actual physical improvement. More information Contruction Lien Act (excerpt).

Perfecting Rights Under the Miller Act for Federal Construction Projects

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Contractors cannot file mechanics liens on public construction projects, such as work on military bases, courthouses, or government owned buildings. Recovery of Attorney’s Fees. There is no specific provision in the Miller Act that expressly allows for the recovery of attorney’s fees. However, attorney fees may be recoverable if the claimant is entitled to attorney’s fees pursuant to the contract.

The Importance of an Experienced Collections Lawyer After COVID-19

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The sooner you act in regards to your delinquent debts — especially when it comes to cases with mechanics liens and other time-sensitive collections — the better chance you have of securing monies that you are owed. . We have been trying to stay ahead of the curve by filing cases now so when the courts start to process new filings, our client’s collections actions will hopefully be at or close to the top of the list.