Fri.Nov 19, 2021

Showdown at the Second Circuit on the Standards Protecting Onine Anonymity

Public Citizen

by Paul Alan Levy. An important case about anonymous online speech is hurtling toward a decision in the Second Circuit. The situation is worrisome because defendants are so unsympathetic and the plaintiff’s legal claims seem to me very strong.

Guide to using a personal loan for holiday travel


We’re sure in a different place right now than we were last year. Many of us grudgingly accepted FaceTime toasts and gift-opening parties organized via Zoom in 2020, but maybe for you this year screen-mediated cheer just won’t cut it. It’s time to cut loose.


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FFAM360 Alliance of Companies Earns Recognition as a 2021-2022 Great Place to Work

Account Recovery

PEACHTREE CORNERS, GA — The First Financial Asset Management (FFAM360) family of companies, a world-class organization providing revenue-centric solutions to specifically address all phases of the credit and revenue lifecycle, recently earned recognition as a 2021-2022 Great Place to Work-Certified™ business by Great Place to Work®.


4 Reasons to Shop Small Business Saturday

Nerd Wallet

When you think about holiday shopping, your mind probably goes to big-box retailers before your neighborhood bookstore or antique shop. But in a time marked by widespread supply chain disruptions and inflation, underdog small businesses deserve our attention. Enter Small Business Saturday.

Retail 104

Mandatory COVID Vaccination Policy Template

The federal government is developing a rule requiring employers with more than 100 employees ensure their workers are vaccinated or produce a negative COVID test weekly before entering the workplace. So, what can your organization do to prepare? Get Paycor’s COVID Vaccination Policy Template to help communicate important details to your employees.

Fed Data Analyzes Debt Patterns by Race, Gender, Education

Account Recovery

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Daily Digest – November 19. Judge Grants MTD in FDCPA Case Over Settlement Offer in Letter; Data Analyzes Debt Patterns by Race, Gender

Account Recovery

JUDGE GRANTS MTD IN FDCPA CASE OVER SETTLEMENT OFFER IN LETTER Have you ever heard the phrase, “Never look a gift horse in the mouth?”


Will You Find PlayStation and Xbox Black Friday Deals in 2021?

Nerd Wallet

NerdWallet is here to help you win Black Friday, while leaving your budget intact. We spend the time, you save the money. Visit regularly for holiday shopping tips and announcements about your favorite retailers. Black Friday is Nov.

Report Warns of ‘Crisis’ Amount of Unpaid Utility Debts

Account Recovery

I wasn’t initially going to write something about this report, but it was the last line of the press release that changed my mind.


Can You Refinance a Home Equity Loan?

Nerd Wallet

A home equity loan can be a valuable way to access some of the funds tied up in the value of your home without having to sell it. Some homeowners choose a home equity loan to finance an expense such as completing a renovation or making another upgrade that will enhance their home’s worth.

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Judge Grants MTD in FDCPA Case Over Settlement Offer in Letter

Account Recovery

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Never look a gift horse in the mouth?” ” If you had owed someone more than $3,500 and were sent two letters offering you the opportunity to settle that debt for 25% of what you owed, would you take the deal?

Does Medicare Cover Mammograms and Breast Cancer Treatment?

Nerd Wallet

Medicare offers substantial coverage for mammograms and breast cancer surgeries, therapies and prostheses. What you’ll pay will depend on the extent of services required and whether you receive care as an outpatient or inpatient.


Financial Assistance Offered by Hospitals Continued Dramatic Rise in 2021: TransUnion

Account Recovery

The number of patients receiving information about financial assistance options that may be available to them continued to grow in 2021, according to data released recently by TransUnion Healthcare, and has increased by 270% since it started tracking the data just three years ago.

Is Mortgage Debt in California Becoming a Problem?

Direct Recovery

With supply chain shortages slowing new home construction, the price for existing homes is skyrocketing higher all over the country, and nowhere is that more true than in the already-expensive state of California.

Burr & Forman Adds 13 Associates Across Seven Southeastern Offices

Burr Forman

November 19, 2021 – Burr & Forman LLP is pleased to announce the addition of 13 associates in seven offices across its Southeastern footprint. “We

Why you should look into auto refinancing TODAY


Whether you’re already aware of what auto refinancing is and how to refi or you’re just now getting around to realizing it’s something you might want to do eventually, an important question remains: When is the right time to refinance my car loan? Auto Loans

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5 Hobbies That Make Money and How To Get Started

Nerd Wallet

Money-making hobbies range from walking dogs to blogging to creating and selling homemade goods. Read about these profitable hobbies, as well as what you can expect to make. Driving Enjoy cruising around town? Give others a ride and make money by becoming an Uber or Lyft driver.


How to Set Your Wedding Budget

Credit Corp

This article originally appeared on The Budget Savvy Bride and has been republished here with permission. Whether you’re just recently engaged or already immersed in planning, this is our absolute biggest tip and most valuable advice to offer you.

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How to Transfer AmEx Membership Rewards Points to Airlines and Hotels

Nerd Wallet

You’ve diligently used your American Express card and saved up the Membership Rewards points needed for that trip you want to book. The next step is transferring points to airline and hotel loyalty programs so you can book the trip.


"Wells Fargo found another way to abuse customers. Then I called them on it."

Public Citizen

By David Lazarus at the LA Times here


November Newsletter: Keeping Time for Perspective

Jimerson Firm

Featured in the November 2021 Issue. Partner’s Perspective: Keeping Time for Perspective. Jimerson Birr Ranked Among Best Law Firms in the Nation. Gregory J. Lesak, Jr. Joins Jimerson Birr as Special Counsel. Last Chance to Vote for Jimerson Birr in the Florida Community Association Journal’s Reader’s Choice Awards. Curiosities, Ruminations and Various Eccentricities of Firm Biz. READ NEWSLETTER.

Digital-First Lending: The Pandemic Raised the Stakes

Fico Collections

The global pandemic is driving a cultural shift amid rising customer expectations. To gauge how big an impact it’s having on the demand for digital-first lending, we polled opinion among 14,000 consumers right across the globe.

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