How to Maximize Insurance Claims Recovery

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Insurance Claims Recovery, also known as “subrogation” or subrogated claims recovery, is a legal term meaning that the insurance company assumes the right of its insured to pursue a claim against a wrongdoer. It will make a subrogation claim against that person’s insurance company.


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For subcontractors, a pre-lien notice must be filed within 20 days of first furnishing services. For others, a mechanic’s lien must be filed within 90 days of last furnishing services. A suit to enforce the lien must be brought no later than one year after a lien is recorded. Mechanic’s liens have priority over other liens as long as there has been an actual physical improvement. M.S.A. 570.1107.


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Bondholders Beware? First Circuit Ruling’s Potential Adverse Impact on Puerto Rico’s Long-Term Restructuring Prospects

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The Bonds were also insured by a number of financial insurers (the Insurers), who were subrogated to the bondholders’ rights upon payment of a covered default of the Bonds.

Guest Post: An Unanticipated Regulator of the Future – Credit Averse Millennials

Consumer Financial Services Law

Preparing for a future that would need to include litigating collections from a diverse portfolio of creditor sources (credit card, medical, bankruptcy, student loan, subrogation, commercial – just to name a few) became more and more pragmatic as the years of the recession marched forward. By Mark J.