Sun.Jun 16, 2024

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Unlocking Cash Flow: Why Every Small Business Needs a Bookkeeper

American Profit Recovery

If you’re a small business owner and you’ve been trying to do the books yourself, take a few minutes to understand why hiring a bookkeeper can be a game-changer for your small business. We know that some of you out there continue to try and do everything in your small business, including all the invoicing, bookkeeping, and financial duties.

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CFPB Takes Action Against James and Melissa Carnes for Fraudulently Hiding Money to Evade Law Enforcement

Consumer Finance

The CFPB filed an order to resolve its lawsuit against James R. and Melissa C. Carnes for fraudulent transfers to avoid paying restitution and penalties.

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Managing Compliance and Regulations in Collections in the UK: What Lenders Should Know

Taurus Collect

Managing compliance and regulations in collections can be challenging for lenders in the UK. Staying on top of these rules is essential to avoid penalties and ensure smooth operations. This blog post aims to provide clear guidance on what lenders need to know. We’ll cover key regulations and share tips for compliance. Understanding these elements can help lenders navigate the complexities of their industry.

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