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On the fence about hiring a collection agency?

American Profit

We are going to make a bold assumption. That you have customers that have not paid you yet. They are either late in paying you, or they have not paid you at all.

Joint and Several Liability and Debt Collection


The joint and several clause appears in almost every legal loan document. Many people sign loan documents and guarantees after a quick glance because they want to make a deal.

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Should I Pay Off My Credit Card Debt or My Mortgage?

Titan Consulting

Key Takeaways. Credit card debt features low monthly payments, but double-digit interest which compounds daily, causing balances to grow fast and making it hard to eliminate the debt.

The Matrix: Does Your Law Have a Way to Move Cases Forward?

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

Sure, you might say: because we eventually close every case we work on. Of course, that’s not exactly the question. What I’m really asking is: D o you have efficient processes in place for moving cases forward? The simple fact is that you probably aren’t as efficient as you need to be.

How Much Does One Late Payment Affect Credit Scores?

Credit Corp

If you’re serious about your credit score, you need to pay your bills on time. One late payment can have a devastating effect on your credit score. Here’s what you need to know about late payments and your credit score, and what you can do to protect yourself. How Late Payments Affect Credit Scores.

Health insurance 101: A guide to health coverage


Health insurance is one of the most important things you can do to control the high costs of medical care and give yourself and your family the peace of mind that if an accident happened, you’d be covered head to toe. Health


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Essential Resources for Women-Owned Small Businesses

Rocket Lawyer

More than $1.9 trillion in revenue, and 9.4 million workers contribute to the more than 13 million women-owned businesses across the United States. This data comes from the National Women’s Business Council’s 2019 annual report.

How Much Cash Do You Really Need to Buy a Home?

Credit Corp

Are you ready to buy a home? You’re not alone—in 2019, more than five million people bought an existing home. And that doesn’t even include the number of people who purchased new construction. The point is, the housing market is always bustling and busy.

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Medicare 101: Your coverage questions answered


For those nearing the age of 65, let us be the first to wish you a happy early birthday ! Party hats and cake slicing aside, you’ve probably also been receiving some (okay, a lot) of information about Medicare — and we understand it can get quite overwhelming. Health


How to Pay for a Home Remodel Without Tapping Your Equity

Nerd Wallet

Erin Nelsen’s house could use more walls. The certified financial planner works outside the home from an office in Cypress, California. But her husband, Shawn, works from a makeshift home office in their kitchen.

New Florida Law Substantially Reduces Retainage Rate on Government Construction Projects

Jimerson Firm

On September 18, 2020, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed House Bill 101, an act relating to public construction , into law.

How Much Does a Charge Off Affect Your Credit Score?

Credit Corp

Because 35% of your credit score relates to paying your debts in a timely manner, becoming so late on payments that the account is charged off can have a significant negative impact on your score. It also looks bad to future creditors because it indicates you might not pay all your bills.

Vision insurance 101: Your questions answered


Are t hings looking a little blurry? Ar e you squinting to see road signs , the TV — or even to read this blog ? It’s not in your head. A 2016 report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine found that as many as 16 million people in the U.S.


Zooming More, Driving Less: When to Ditch Your Car

Nerd Wallet

Even a parked car is a source of stress. Like when you run outside in your pajamas at the sound of the street sweeper coming. Cars left unattended for days might become a target for theft or vandals.

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Thriving in Third Party Debt Collection: An Interview With Lauren Valenzuela

PDC Flow

In accounts receivable, it's important to stay informed about upcoming legislation and other changes that will impact business (especially during major disruption, like the events happening this year).

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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Releases Assessment of TRID Mortgage Loan Disclosure Rule

Consumer Finance

Research examining changes to terms and cost of a mortgage loan during the origination process also released. Press release Mortgages Truth in Lending Act (TILA) Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA

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How to avoid and plan for unexpected health costs


For many people, avoiding the doctor’s office has almost nothing to do with fear or time constraints — and everything to do with the costs associated with a visit. In a time when healthcare is critical (looking at you, COVID-19), nearly half of U.S.

Can’t Concentrate in a Home Office? Try a Hotel Office

Nerd Wallet

Have you tried working from home but not had great success? Interruptions from family, friends and even pets can squash productivity and creativity. If you work remotely, hotels in your area may have the perfect solution — as well as plenty of loyalty points — waiting for you.


Appeals Court Affirms for Defendant Accused of Attempting to Collect Wrong Amount

Account Recovery

The second time before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals turned out to be the charm for a debt collector that was accused of violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act by attempting to collect more than what was owed after a hospital made a billing error.

Use an Accounts Receivable Collections Policy to Get Paid on Time

Enterprise Recovery

Does your business suffer from late paying customers? Are you a flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants A/R department of one? Do your clients get away with paying your business late or not at all without any consequences?

Five steps you must take in Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Albuquerque Law

When business owners decide to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy, they suddenly have a lot on their plate. After all, pursuing debt relief on top of running a business can be complex. It is often beneficial to speak with a lawyer to understand all of the steps required of you when filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but here are five critical steps you must remember: 1. Take stock of the business’s assets.

Banking 101: Your Guide to Getting in the System

Nerd Wallet

Getting a bank account opens doors to opportunities that alternative services can’t match, such as fraud protection, free check cashing and access to lower-cost loans.

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FCC Issues NPRM on TCPA Exemptions

Account Recovery

6 Tips for Debt Settlement before you go Legal

Debt Recoveries

Hey, Adam Stewart here. I know debt collection can be an uncomfortable process, even for large businesses. These tips are designed to help you understand the options you have for debt collection, before you go down the legal path. It all starts with your account handling processes.

What are the best ways to get customers to pay on time?

American Profit

There are not many factors that control the cash flow of a business more than customers and the time frame in which they pay for products or services. In short, customers pay late, cash flow suffers. Customers pay on time, resulting in positive cashflow.

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Savings Accounts and CDs Are Still Worth It Despite Low Rates

Nerd Wallet

Today’s best rates for savings accounts and certificates of deposit are a far cry from last year’s rates of 2%. And rates across most banks will likely keep dropping. “It

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Healthcare Providers Bracing for Spike in Self-Paying Patients

Account Recovery

Healthcare providers are bracing for a seismic shift in where their money comes from, and collection agencies are likely to play a bigger role in a post-COVID-19 world, according to the results of a survey.

2020 Voter Checklist: Be Informed and Be Prepared

Rocket Lawyer

Regardless of your political views, you most likely view the 2020 General Election on November 3rd as one of the most crucial in our nation’s history.

Construction Spending Climbs in August


Construction spending in the U.S. is near levels seen at the beginning of the year. The Census Bureau announced earlier this week that construction spending in August increased 1.4% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $1,412.8 billion. This is also 2.5% above the August 2019 data. "A

Kikoff Credit-Builder Loan Review 2020

Nerd Wallet

The hardest part about building a credit history is getting access to credit in the first place. If becoming an authorized user on someone else’s credit card is not an option for you or you cannot afford the deposit on a secured card, Kikoff offers a cheap and simple way to build credit. The San.

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Judge Overrules Sanctions Recommendation in FDCPA Case

Account Recovery

After a Magistrate Court judge recommended that the defendants in a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act case file a motion for sanctions, a District Court judge in New York has denied the motion, ruling that the “reckless and overzealous advocacy” of the plaintiffs does not rise to the threshold of constituting “bad faith.”