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Why this $9 might be the best money you ever spend

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One of the first things you should do if your overdue customer is also a business is identify their structure- go to and search their name. If they are a Pty Ltd company then it’s worth doing a company search- what you are trying to find out is: – Who the directors are, bearing in mind they are often not the person you’ve been dealing with.

New York to Shorten Time to Collect Consumer Credit Transactions


Today, you have six years to collect monies owed from consumer credit transactions. However, a bill approved by the New York Senate seeks to shorten the time to collect consumer credit transactions to three years. In a continuing effort to avoid deceptive collection practices and inequities, the Senate approved Bill S153. The Consumer Credit Fairness Act will impact creditors and consumers in the transaction of and collection of New York debt collection and is a clear signal of things to follow.


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California Legislature Looks To Halt Child Support Debt Collections

Collection Industry News

Source: site. California lawmakers have advanced a budget proposal to stop collecting child support debt from some parents who are receiving cash assistance, but the proposed solutions are a far cry from what advocates for those debt-holders sought in January.

Go Green: An Evergreen Retainer Can Help with Collections

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

Law firm collection rate s tend to be well below average. That’s in part because law firms are great extenders of credit. They’ll taka a retainer upfront, struggle to collect any more money, and then continue to work through a situation in which it’s unlikely they ’ ll get paid anything more.

Obtaining Attorney’s Fees Against Employees Who Represent Themselves in Employment Discrimination Cases

Jimerson Firm

Over the past decade there has been a sharp rise in employment discrimination lawsuits filed by pro se plaintiffs (i.e., former employee plaintiffs who represent themselves).

Senators Ask CFPB to ‘Address’ Medical Debt Collection

Account Recovery

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Debunked: Myths about Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Albuquerque Law

Many New Mexico business owners pour their hopes, work and finances into their business. Running their business is not only a job but often a dream that they have had for a long time. Therefore, it is natural to worry when the business comes up against debt and financial challenges. Business owners have several options to handle their debt, including Chapter 11 bankruptcy. However, many business owners avoid bankruptcy because of the common myths surrounding this debt relief option.

Third Jimerson Birr Partner Becomes Multiyear Recipient of Statewide Legal Elite Honor

Jimerson Firm

Jacksonville, Fla. June 28, 2021 – Jimerson Birr is proud to announced partners James O. Joby” Birr, III and C. Ryan Maloney have been recognized among Florida Trend’s 2021 Legal Elite.

Maine Enacts Law Raising Garnishment Protections

Account Recovery

By virtue of not vetoing it, a new law has been enacted in Maine that expands the protections consumers will have with respect to garnishments, including for the first time, funds that consumers have in their bank accounts.

Maryland Court Discharges Student Debt


As we reported, on June 21, 2021, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to revisit the rigid Brunner standard for determining “undue hardship” capable of discharging student debt. The same day, United States Bankruptcy Judge Michelle M.

How To Pay Employees for 4th of July

Rocket Lawyer

While we all may agree that the Fourth of July is a joyous time of year, for small business employers, it can also be confusing.

Charles Jimerson Interviewed by NBC 6 South Florida to Offer Legal Insight on Surfside Condo Collapse

Jimerson Firm

NBC 6 South Florida interviewed managing partner Charlie Jimerson to discuss the recent Champlain Towers South building collapse in Surfside, Florida.


Judge Uses First Amendment to Grant MTD in FDCPA Case

Account Recovery

It’s Independence Day weekend here in the United States, so is there a better time to discuss the First Amendment to the Constitution?


Are You Covered?—A Basic Primer on Cyber Insurance Offerings

Burr Forman

The digitization of various products, services, and business processes over recent years has been a boon for business. But, as our clients are well aware by now, it has brought attendant cybersecurity risks.

FingerHut Credit Card Review

Better Credit Blog

FingerHut originally started as a mail order catalog, and in the ’90s became an early entry into the e-commerce game.

Banks 56

Contractors and Owners in Florida Beware: Higher Interest Rates and Increased Penalties for Withholding or Misapplying Construction Funds

Jimerson Firm

On July 1, 2021, Florida Senate Bill 378 takes effect and amends a number of Florida Statutes governing prompt payment on various types of Florida construction projects.

Daily Digest – July 2. Judge Orders Parties in FDCPA Class Action To Submit Briefs Following SCOTUS Ruling; Judge Uses First Amendment to Grant MTD in FDCPA Case

Account Recovery

What Is a Grantor Retained Annuity Trust, or GRAT?

Nerd Wallet

For those with large estates, a common question that comes up when planning for the future is how to minimize or avoid estate and gift taxes when transferring assets to heirs. One possibility: using irrevocable trusts to move assets out of one’s estate.


Effective Date Announced for New COVID-19 Safety Rule for Healthcare Providers

Burr Forman

OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard imposes new COVID-19 requirements on healthcare providers. Employers must comply with most provisions by July 6, 2021.

A Primer on What Lenders Need to Know About Foreclosure Appeals in Florida

Jimerson Firm

In Florida, a lender initiates a foreclosure by commencing a lawsuit in the county where the property is located. If the lender is successful, the lender will receive a final judgment of foreclosure from the court and the property will be sold at a public auction.

Daily Digest – June 28. Nevada Regulator Answers Questions About New Law; Industry Seizes on Footnote in SCOTUS Ruling to Make Case for Hunstein Rehearing

Account Recovery

NEVADA REGULATOR ANSWERS QUESTIONS ABOUT NEW MEDICAL DEBT COLLECTION LAW As evidenced by a recently held webinar on, there are a lot more questions than answers about a soon-to-be-enacted medical debt collection law in Nevada.

CFPB Report Highlights Supervisory Findings of Wide-Ranging Violations of Law in 2020

Consumer Finance

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) today issued a report highlighting legal violations identified by the Bureau’s examinations in 2020.


The Guide to Priority Pass Lounges at DFW

Nerd Wallet

You’ll be glad to use your Priority Pass in Dallas. As the largest hub for American Airlines, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has over 20 lounges on site.


10 Dividend Kings With 50+ Years of Dividend Growth

Credit Corp

This article originally appeared on The Financially Independent Millennial and was republished with permission.

Judge Orders Parties in FDCPA Class Action to Submit Briefs on Issue of Standing Following TransUnion Ruling

Account Recovery

Supreme Court Upholds, But Limits, Assignor Estoppel Doctrine

Burr Forman

On June 29, 2021, the Supreme Court limited the doctrine of assignor estoppel that has long prevented inventors from challenging the validity of patents they have assigned to a third party.


Hire a Limo and Sidestep the Rental-Car Shortage in Style

Nerd Wallet

When Terika Haynes landed in Mexico, she skipped the rental car — and she skipped the taxi, too. Haynes, who works as a professional travel planner, did the math and determined that a limo was the cheapest option to get her and her friends from the airport to their resort. She calculated the cost of.


Qualities of Successful Accounts Receivable and Collections Specialists

Enterprise Recovery

When hiring someone to manage accounts receivable and collections, you're effectively putting your business in their hands. Think about it. If you need to ensure payroll and other business expenses are paid, you need working capital.

Penn. Gov. Vetoes Bill Allowing State Courts to Hire Private Collection Agencies

Account Recovery

The governor of Pennsylvania has vetoed proposed legislation that would have allowed state courts to hire private collection agencies to recover unpaid court fines and costs, saying it could “disproportionately” harm low-income individuals.

Gil v. Winn-Dixie: Eleventh Circuit Holds Websites Are Not Places of Public Accommodation Under ADA Title III

Burr Forman

Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) provides that “[n]o individual shall be discriminated against on the basis of disability in the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations of any place of public accommodation…” In Gil v. Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. ,