June, 2020

Train in Vain: Managing Virtual Employees Require Workflows

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

Lawyers have always been better at managing their employees in-person. Law firms prefer butts in seats. of course, now those butts are in seats at their own homes. There’s no more managing by walking around. There’s no more looking over shoulders. Even as offices begin to reopen, they will do so in a way that contemplates social distancing, at least in the near-term. The good news is that there is a better way to manage case progress; and, it’s suitable for pandemic and post-pandemic life.

COVID-19, The Cares Act and Credit Reporting

Sawin & Shea

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an economic slowdown unprecedented in modern history. In response to this economic impact The CARES Act was signed into law March 27, 2020. One of its provisions in the act provided for mortgage forbearance agreements and modifications to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Pursuant to the Cares Act, most mortgage holders/servicers are offering mortgage forbearance agreements. No negative credit reporting should occur for those who receive this assistance.

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A Shot Across the Bow for Copyright Trolls: Forcing Higbee Clients to Pay for Frivolous Demand Letters and Intimidation Tactics

Public Citizen

by Paul Alan Levy. As I have discussed in several previous posts , Mathew Higbee has built up a significant copyright enforcement business that depends on the issuance of threatening demand letters that are followed up by a small army of “compliance resolution specialists” who nag and threaten large awards of damages, the issuance of judgment liens, imposing short deadlines before the matter will be “escalated” to “the litigation team.” In self-congratulatory interviews.

How Free Online Resources Can Help You Better Understand Financial Issues

Credit Corp

Even though schools, colleges and universities are closed throughout the world, there’s never been a better time for education. Because of a heady combination of extensive downtime, pressing necessity, and a spectacular abundance of informational resources. Now that we’re all stuck at home with no clear notion of when that will change, we should learn what we can. There are as many viable topics as there are stars in the sky, yes, but I suggest concentrating on financial matters.

Kasasa’s Stance On Racial Injustice – And What We Plan To Do About It


Kasasa stands with the Black community. While we recognize that ours is not an authoritative voice at this moment, we wanted to let you know how we are handling the issue of racial injustice internally. Here’s a note we shared with our Spartans (which is what we call our employees


Jun 10, What Debts Are Forgiven At Death

Debt Collection Answers

Find out whether credit cards and other debts forgiven after death. Don't let creditors pressure you to pay loved one's bills you don't owe

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Will Everyone Know If I File for Bankruptcy?

Sawin & Shea

If you are worried that people will know you’re filing for bankruptcy, let’s put your mind at ease. The widespread publishing of bankruptcy filings in local newspapers is a thing of the past. In fact, look closely at any bankruptcy notices that do appear in your local newspaper. If anything appears at all they are usually just business bankruptcies. The average person’s personal bankruptcy isn’t listed there. If you do not tell people about it yourself, they are unlikely to know.

States use consumer protection laws to fight climate change

Public Citizen

The D.C. attorney general sued four of the world’s largest oil and gas companies -- BP , Chevron, E xxonMobil, and Shell -- Thursday, asserting that they have engaged in a decades-long campaign to deceive District consumers about the effects of fossil fuels on climate change. The lawsuit, based on the DC Consumer Protection Procedures Act and filed in D.C. Superior Court, alleges that the companies have known about the adverse environmental effects of their products since the 1950s.


What to Do When Unemployment Benefits Run Out

Credit Corp

Unemployment benefits can provide emergency financial support if you’ve found yourself out of a job. The benefits are meant to be temporary to help you pay bills and cover necessary expenses while you look for another job. If you’ve ever applied for unemployment before, you know the process can be difficult. But what if you’re able to get approved for benefits and they run out before your income is on the upswing? Find out what to do when unemployment benefits run out.

Fabulously Frugal Father’s Day Tips


Father’s Day is around the corner! For many of us, dad was our first financial advisor. He taught us about saving and spending wisely, so this Sunday do him proud with these fun, low-cost Father's day gift ideas. You don't have to spend much to show Dad how much you appreciate him. Whether he's easy or hard to shop for, a Father's Day gift that doesn't break the bank is a win-win. We've got a few suggestions that range from frugal to completely free: Holiday Smarts

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A guide to outsourcing insurance claims recoveries

Debt Recoveries

Insurance claims recoveries, in this instance, refers to claiming back the cost of repairs for the insured’s loss from the at-fault party. Insurance claims recoveries is usually the very last process completed in the insurance claims process, however, actioning these early and efficiently can reap a host of benefits. The primary function of claims recoveries is to reduce the overall claims cost outlay, thus allowing insurers to offer competitive rates and premiums.

Survival of the Leanest: Law Firms Are Going to Be Stripping Overhead in the New Normal

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

For years, law firms have been able to access reduced overhead expenses, across a number of categories, including office space, about which we wrote last week. But, that cost reduction can extend to technology and staffing, as well -- especially since technology upgrades often lead to workflow automation, which often reduces the size of staff, or focuses existing staff on more important, less rote tasks.

Communicating With Empathy in Collections During & After COVID-19

Arbeit Software

Facilitating professional development and training is a great way to invest in your agency's greatest asset, your collectors. We spoke with Mary Shores , a second generation debt collection agency owner, who shared her call scripting methodology and ways for leaders to empathize with collectors to set them up for success during and after COVID-19. Collection Agencies

The 6 Stages of Bankruptcy

Luftman, Heck & Associates.

While most people know that bankruptcy is a way to discharge or eliminate debt, few know how it happens. Not knowing what to expect during the bankruptcy process can make the idea more intimidating than it has to be. In reality, the filing for bankruptcy protection is not overly burdensome. And with help from an experienced and committed Cleveland bankruptcy law firm, you can usually go through the whole process Read More.

What Can You Do with a Stolen Social Security Number?

Credit Corp

Having your Social Security number or card stolen isn’t exactly like getting your bank account information taken. You can easily get a new bank account number and have your bank freeze your accounts. On the other hand, it’s a bit more difficult to get a new Social Security number from the Social Security Administration. What Is a Social Security Number? The Social Security Administration loosely defines a Social Security number as a nine-digit number for identity-tracking purposes.

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Jun 6, Free Legal Advice Debt Collection

Debt Collection Answers

Do you need free legal advice debt collection harassment or other problems? Consumer advocates explain how to get the help you need affordably

What Can I Do About Creditor Harassment?

Sawin & Shea

After you file for bankruptcy, it is illegal for your creditors to continue contacting you and asking for payments. The U.S. Bankruptcy Code, Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) all prohibit certain types of creditor behavior and are tools for consumers to use to fight back against unscrupulous debt collectors. If a creditor breaks the law, you can contact a lawyer to pursue a case against them.

Office Space: Is It Time to Reduce Your Footprint?

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed many of lawyers’ closely-held beliefs about how to run a law practice. Not a single aspect of law firm business management is being left unexamined. And, as law firm concerns over revenue grow, cost - cutting measure s begin to intercede. At this point, a number of law firms have furloughed staff; but, many have held onto the second largest office expense: the office itself. That may change, however, as social distancing requirements linger.

Selling your debt vs. hiring a debt collection agency

True Accord

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a recession is looming, and consumer debt is on the rise. In order to prepare for the wave of consumers unable to pay money owed, companies need to decide how to manage their past-due accounts. Debt sales play a unique role in the collections industry, as choosing between selling to a debt buyer and placing accounts with a third-party debt collector can make or break a brand.

9 out of 10 UK Businesses owed nearly £150k on average

UK debt collections

UK businesses are returning to work this month with some trepidation, according to fintech business lender MarketFinance. The company’s latest research indicates that nine in ten businesses are waiting to be paid an average of £148,917 for work done pre-lockdown.

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What is a Judgment?

Credit Corp

A judgment is an order issued by a court of law. When you borrow money, you are legally required to repay the debt. This includes opening a credit card account, getting a line of credit from your bank and obtaining financing for a big purchase. You can also become indebted to service providers. This can include utility companies, medical professionals, cell phone service providers and auto mechanic shops. They provide a service to you and then bill you, similar to a credit extension.

Why Diplomacy Works in Debt Collections

American Profit

We are often asked by our new clients about the strategy we will employ to help them get paid and collect the money that is owed to them. Let’s face it, we are not the only collection agency out there so many businesses searching for a company to help with debt collections will want to understand how we might approach their customers differently to create some type of resolution. The four founders of our company knew one thing was true.

Michigan COVID-19 Guidelines for Safely Running a Day Camp in the Summer of 2020


According to the American Camp Association, more than 14 million children attend summer camps across the country every year. Michigan has a long summer-camp tradition, with kids flocking to camp destinations throughout the state to swim, hike, and roast marshmallows around the campfire. Until recently, summer camp in Michigan was in doubt, another potential casualty of the COVID-19 crisis.


Down Market: How to Advertise During a Pandemic

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

Lots of lawyers remain unsure about what do during mass quarantining. They’re uncertain about how to move their businesses forward, so they do. nothing. That’s the wrong play. A number of law firms are shutting down intake, reducing advertising spend and limiting marketing efforts. Now, however, is exactly the time to be ramping up your efforts in marketing online.

How to Repay Debt: 4 Options

Debt Guru

So, you’ve got a bunch of unsecured debt. You’ve been managing it, for the most part, but you’re finally fed up. You’re more than ready to start living debt-free. Great decision! Now what? There are many different approaches for tackling debt repayment. The option you choose is strictly a personal decision – you need to find the tactic that you understand best and that you can sustain.

Small Businesses face up to backlog of Unpaid Invoices

UK debt collections

A Commercial ‘Credit Crunch’ is predicted as the UK’s Small Business community are facing up to increasing Unpaid Invoices. Research by Business Funding Experts Iwoca has found that 40% of Small Businesses are facing Debts of over £10,000. Small Businesses are going to face considerable disruption and cash flow issues over the coming months due to unpaid invoices. It is estimated that as many as one in four companies will now face going bust before the year 2020 ends.

Credit Tips with Tiff: How Do I Handle My Finances After a Divorce?

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Dear Tiff, I’ve just recently gone through a divorce, and now I find myself dealing with all my finances alone for the first time in years. I’m not really sure what to do going forward—not only because of the divorce expenses, but because I’m managing one income. Do you have any tips? Single and Ready to be Financially Responsible. Dear Single, Divorce is hard—no matter the circumstances. Congratulations on making it through the process.

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Schools to Re-open in September 2020

Price Meese

Governor Murphy and the Commissioner of the Department of Education (“DOE”), Dr. Lamont Repollet, announced today that all schools will be permitted to physically open for all or part of the day for the 2020 – 2021 school year provided that New Jersey’s health metrics regarding COVID-19 remain low. To read the entirety of the plan click on the title: “ The Road Back Restart and Recovery Plan for Education ” ( [link] ). Below is a broad overview of the baseline standards for districts in the plan.

Why Driving Customer-Centric Collections is Necessary & Not Optional


One of the biggest challenges in debt collections is trying to create an effective dunning process that ensures outstanding balances are settled promptly and customers remain loyal to your company. Deliver a poor customer experience (CX) and you’ll waste valuable resources and budget on acquisition only for them to take their business elsewhere next time around. Customer service in dunning processes shouldn’t stop when a customer falls behind.

How are Fintech startups changing debt collection?

True Accord

Due to regulatory concerns and a general wariness of adopting new technologies, the debt collection industry has historically been slow to change. As companies across other financial industries continue to make it easier for consumers to access their own finances, that resistance may finally be waning. Point of Sale finance companies like Affirm and Afterpay are making it simple for consumers to pay for more expensive goods in installments.

COVID-19 Unmasks Inequality in Health Care, Economics and Criminal Justice Among Youths

Prosperity Now

This is the first in a two-part series about low- and moderate-income youth. Part two will focus on the efforts