June, 2021

Why this $9 might be the best money you ever spend

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One of the first things you should do if your overdue customer is also a business is identify their structure- go to www.abr.business.gov.au and search their name. If they are a Pty Ltd company then it’s worth doing a company search- what you are trying to find out is: – Who the directors are, bearing in mind they are often not the person you’ve been dealing with.

Excise Tax: The Ultimate Guide for Small Businesses

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This article has been reviewed by tax expert Erica Gellerman, CPA. An excise tax is a tax charged for items that are frequently seen either as socially harmful or as a luxury good or service. Luxury vehicles are subject to excise tax, as are alcohol, gas, airline tickets, indoor tanning and more.


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How to get paid before EOFY

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Right then folks- there are mere days left. If you’re like most business owners, you want your bank balance at 30 June to be as healthy as possible. Here’s how to convert “Money owed” to “Cash at bank”. – Sell the benefits, for them, in paying you before 30th June. Closure and the opportunity for “a fresh start in a brand new year without this debt hanging over their head”.

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Go Green: An Evergreen Retainer Can Help with Collections

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

Law firm collection rate s tend to be well below average. That’s in part because law firms are great extenders of credit. They’ll taka a retainer upfront, struggle to collect any more money, and then continue to work through a situation in which it’s unlikely they ’ ll get paid anything more.

Third Jimerson Birr Partner Becomes Multiyear Recipient of Statewide Legal Elite Honor

Jimerson Firm

Jacksonville, Fla. June 28, 2021 – Jimerson Birr is proud to announced partners James O. Joby” Birr, III and C. Ryan Maloney have been recognized among Florida Trend’s 2021 Legal Elite.

Senators Ask CFPB to ‘Address’ Medical Debt Collection

Account Recovery

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Savings Tips for Newbies, Experts and Everyone in Between

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When it comes to saving money, this year may look a little different from years past. The savings rate is lower than its peak of about 34% in April 2020, but Americans are still saving more than they did before the pandemic. This is according to the U.S.

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Don’t do this if you want to get paid

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Demand emails- we see A LOT of them. Whenever we are sent a new debt to collect our client’s will include the emails they have already sent their debtor requesting payment. Obviously it hasn’t worked and it is almost always because of this reason- the sign-off is too nice. It is completely different to the body of the email- you have to be consistent.

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Spin Cycle: How Quickly Do Your Cases Move?

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

Lawyers look for revenue in all types of places. Sometimes they try to reduce overhead. Sometimes they try to generate more leads. Sometimes they try to convert more leads. Sometimes they try to throw more money at the problem. Sometimes they try to throw less money at the problem.

Debunked: Myths about Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Albuquerque Law

Many New Mexico business owners pour their hopes, work and finances into their business. Running their business is not only a job but often a dream that they have had for a long time. Therefore, it is natural to worry when the business comes up against debt and financial challenges. Business owners have several options to handle their debt, including Chapter 11 bankruptcy. However, many business owners avoid bankruptcy because of the common myths surrounding this debt relief option.

Daily Digest – June 28. Nevada Regulator Answers Questions About New Law; Industry Seizes on Footnote in SCOTUS Ruling to Make Case for Hunstein Rehearing

Account Recovery

NEVADA REGULATOR ANSWERS QUESTIONS ABOUT NEW MEDICAL DEBT COLLECTION LAW As evidenced by a recently held webinar on AccountsRecovery.net, there are a lot more questions than answers about a soon-to-be-enacted medical debt collection law in Nevada.

Study reports consumers find courts fairer than arbitration

Public Citizen

Farshad Ghodoosi of the David Nazarian School of Business & Economics, California State University, Northridge and Monica Sharif of California State University, Los Angeles have written Justice in Arbitration: The Consumer Perspective, International Journal of Conflict Management (2021). Here is the abstract: Purpose: Arbitration—a binding private third-party adjudication—has been the primary legal way for resolution of consumer disputes.


Will vs. Trust: Know the Differences

Nerd Wallet

Wills and trusts are legal instruments that ensure assets are passed down to heirs as per your wishes, helping to provide for the people and causes close to your heart.


Foreign Trusts Present Tricky Eligibility Issues


In bankruptcy as in federal jurisprudence generally, to characterize something with the near-epithet of “federal common law” virtually dooms it to rejection. [1]

Screened Time: Google's Newest Advertising Program Is Here

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

Attorneys have, like most business owners, spent lots of their marketing dollars on Google search. It makes sense: Google is the most popular search engine. Google-owned YouTube is #2.) Google Screened is Google’s latest addition to its collection of local service ads.

Director banned for taking money from Company with Unpaid CCJ’s

UK debt collections

The sole Director of a broker Company based in Hampshire has been banned as a Company Director. Kathleen Shepherd from Southampton was the only Director for Shepherd Site Services Limited. The company acted as a broker for waste management services within the construction industry.

How To Pay Employees for 4th of July

Rocket Lawyer

While we all may agree that the Fourth of July is a joyous time of year, for small business employers, it can also be confusing.

A Primer on What Lenders Need to Know About Foreclosure Appeals in Florida

Jimerson Firm

In Florida, a lender initiates a foreclosure by commencing a lawsuit in the county where the property is located. If the lender is successful, the lender will receive a final judgment of foreclosure from the court and the property will be sold at a public auction.

Federal Student Loan Interest Rates to Increase July 1

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Federal student loans will be more expensive for 2021-22 school year. Even so, borrowers will still see some of the lowest student loan interest rates of the past decade. Interest rates for new undergraduate federal student loans will rise from 2.75% to 3.73% for 2021-22.

New Bankruptcy Court Ruling on When a Creditor Can File a Late Proof of Claim


A creditor in bankruptcy must normally file a proof of claim by a certain specified time, known as the bar date, or have its claim be barred.

Arrested Development: What Do Modern Law Firm Associates Want, Anyway?

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

There’s a lot in flux around the legal industry of late. Work roles, places and preferences seem to be changing constantly. Yet, law firms continue to require associates to move business forward. Managing partners often think, in these instances, about what the law firm needs.

Effective Date Announced for New COVID-19 Safety Rule for Healthcare Providers

Burr Forman

OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard imposes new COVID-19 requirements on healthcare providers. Employers must comply with most provisions by July 6, 2021.

CFPB Report Highlights Supervisory Findings of Wide-Ranging Violations of Law in 2020

Consumer Finance

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) today issued a report highlighting legal violations identified by the Bureau’s examinations in 2020.


Pandemic is forcing Companies into Late Payment clampdown

UK debt collections

The changing face of late payment has lead to nearly half of companies saying that they were lucky to have survived 2020. This is according to new research by Intrum.

How to Close a Wells Fargo Account

Nerd Wallet

Closing a Wells Fargo account is a relatively simple task. Whether you’re looking to part ways with a checking, savings or credit card account, the steps are similarly straightforward. Here’s how to navigate the process.


Federal Cannabis SAFE Banking Act Bill Gains Steam with Backing from Michigan Financial Institutions and Government


In September 2019, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act of 2019 (“Safe Act”), which would prohibit regulators from terminating or limiting either deposit or share insurance of a financial institution for doing business with a cannabis company.

E-Wallets: A Smarter Way To Transfer Money Abroad Online


Presently, digitization has simplified the process for sending money globally. Cheaper and more convenient international money transfers are now possible due to the smart and convenient platforms such as e-wallets.

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Second Circuit Holds Debt Collector Did Not Need to Include Interest Disclosure in Settlement Offer

Burr Forman

In its 2016 decision in Avila v.

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest by Association Boards

Jimerson Firm

Under Florida law, condominium association (“CA”) board of directors members and homeowners’ association (“HOA”) board of directors members owe fiduciary duties to their associations and the unit or home owners they serve.

No Insolvency Action till end of September

UK debt collections

The Government has announced the extension of temporary insolvency measures which includes the restrictions on issuing of winding up petitions and statutory demands.