Sun.Jul 25, 2021

Yes, Your Credit Card Can Be Closed without Warning. Here’s How to Prevent It

Credit Corp

Having access to credit can be essential during a setback, and many people have set a credit card aside for emergencies. But they may be surprised when their credit card issuer cuts the card’s credit limit — or cancels the card altogether — without any warning.

Critical Vendors Aren’t Immune from Lawsuits to Recover Preferential Transfers


Some courts permit debtors to designate vendors crucial to their business as “critical vendors.” ” These vendors supply debtors with necessary goods or services. Debtors are permitted to pay them amounts owing when a bankruptcy case is filed.


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LegalZoom vs. LegalShield: Which Is Right for Your Business?

Nerd Wallet

Paying an attorney an hourly fee or retainer can be very costly — and for many small-business owners, that expense may be prohibitive. That’s where LegalZoom and LegalShield come in.


Top certification programmes for bookkeepers and accountants in 2021

Debtor Daddy

Whether you’re wanting to up-skill or fill in the gaps in your existing knowledge, we have outlined some of the top free certifications that are currently on offer for bookkeepers and accountants. Debtor Daddy – Debtor Management Software.

BizCounsel Review 2021: Pricing, User Reviews, Alternatives

Nerd Wallet

Every small business is bound to have legal questions at some point. And because not every business can have in-house legal counsel, there are online legal services to provide the help you need.


What Is a Good Mortgage Interest Rate and Other APR Info

Credit Corp

The interest rates for different types of debt vary widely. What is considered “good” for one would be considered exorbitant for another—and vice versa. A “good” interest rate for you is the lowest one you can get with the most favorable terms.