Mon.Nov 22, 2021

Judge Partially Grants MSJ for Defendant in Itemized Debt Case

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A District Court judge in Pennsylvania has partially granted and partially denied a defendant’s motion for summary judgment in a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Telephone Consumer Protection Act case that may offer a glimpse into how judges are going to address itemized debts once Regulation F goes into effect next week.

Cash Advance Apps Can Hurt More Than Help at the Holidays

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Cash flow can get tight around the holidays when bills must compete with things like gifts and travel for space in your budget. Paycheck advance apps offer a cash boost. They let you borrow money from your expected earnings for low or no fees, and take repayment from your next paycheck.


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DFPI Issues Draft Rules to License Four New Types of Industries, Including Debt Settlement Providers

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The California Department of Financial Protection & Innovation is seeking comments on a proposed rulemaking that would require four different industries to be registered with the state in order to operate — debt settlement services, student debt relief services, education financing, and wage-based advances.

4 Common Winter Home Insurance Claims and How to Prevent Them

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Whether it’s tumbling temperatures or a blackout blizzard, winter weather can wreak havoc on a home. But you can avoid a disaster with some preventive action. Here are four common types of winter-related home damage and how you can prevent them, plus how home insurance works if you can’t.

Mandatory COVID Vaccination Policy Template

The federal government is developing a rule requiring employers with more than 100 employees ensure their workers are vaccinated or produce a negative COVID test weekly before entering the workplace. So, what can your organization do to prepare? Get Paycor’s COVID Vaccination Policy Template to help communicate important details to your employees.

Compliance Digest – November 22

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I’m thrilled to announce that Bedard Law Group is the new sponsor for the Compliance Digest. Bedard Law Group, P.C. – Compliance Support – Defense Litigation – Nationwide Complaint Management – Turnkey Speech Analytics.


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Daily Digest – November 22. Judge Partially Grants MSJ for Defendant in Itemized Debt Case; CFPB Releases Ethics Guidance

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Huge Disney Park Changes for 2022, and How to Fund Your Trip

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The holidays have come early for Disney nerds. The company unveiled new shows, attractions, hotels and restaurants coming to its theme parks worldwide during its Destination D23 event held in Florida this weekend.


Judge Grants $71k in Legal Fees in FDCPA Case

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A District Court judge in New Jersey has granted a plaintiff’s motion for more than $71,000 in attorney’s fees — exactly what the plaintiff was asking for — after the plaintiff agreed to an offer of judgment in a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act case.

U.S. Bank Cash+ Card Now Available Only via U.S. Bank, NerdWallet

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Among 5%-bonus-category credit cards, the $0-annual-fee U.S. Bank Cash+™ Visa Signature® Card – NerdWallet Exclusive Offer has long been a standout option for its flexibility and customization options. And as of Nov. 22, 2021, the only places that the card will be available online are through U.S.

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CFPB Releases Guidance For Dealing with Former Employees

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One of the new shows I have watched and enjoyed recently is “Dopesick,” a limited series about the opioid crisis and how the drug was sold by its manufacturer.

How Long Will It Take to Pay Off Your MBA Debt?

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MBAs are often lauded among the few graduate degrees to consistently pay off, with many Master of Business Administration graduates seeing starting salaries above $100,000.

5 Simple Cuts to Curb Your Spending

Debt Guru

Living paycheck-to-paycheck is all too common. In fact, recent data indicate that three-fourths of American workers with salaries of $50,000 or less rely on each paycheck to make ends meet. If you’re part of this (very large) group, chances are good that you’re also struggling with debt.

Black Friday 2021 Store Hours and Online Hacks

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NerdWallet is here to help you win Black Friday, while leaving your budget intact. We spend the time, you save the money. Visit regularly for holiday shopping tips and announcements about your favorite retailers. Black Friday is Nov.

Survey Finds Suppliers May See a Rise in Pricing While Manufacturers Expect a Rise in Sales


Material suppliers are expecting costs to rise over the next year, according to Construction Products Association (CPA) recent State of Trade survey for Q3.

The Catch With Buy Now, Pay Later Could Be Your Credit

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Buy now, pay later, or BNPL, is a payment plan that lets you break up your total purchase at checkout into a series of smaller installments. Though these plans aren’t new, they’ve recently catapulted into the mainstream, with major U.S. retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target now offering them.

Why shop local during the holidays?


As you get your engine started for holiday shopping (or stay in your pajamas prepped for online bargain hunting), you’re no doubt being inundated with suggestions about where to spend your hard-earned dough.

Marriott to Be Upfront About Resort Fees After Lawsuit

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While Marriott’s resort fees aren’t going away at this time, the largely loathed, additional — and sometimes hard to spot — fees are set to be less hidden soon.


FinCEN Deputizes Financial Institutions in Hunt for Environmental Crimes

Burr Forman

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCEN”) unit of the U.S. Department of the Treasury called this week for the nation’s financial institutions to be on the lookout for money flows indicative of environmental crimes.

How to Get TSA PreCheck

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As travel ramps up again, security lines at airports seem longer than ever — but not for everyone. For example, in October 2021, 95% of the Transportation Security Administration PreCheck program members waited less than five minutes to pass through airport security.


MRA Orders Largest Marijuana Product Recall in Michigan History


Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) issued its largest marijuana recall ever on November 17 because of concerns over safety tests conducted by two companies. Most products containing marijuana flower that had passed safety testing at Viridis Laboratories, LLC and Viridis North, LLC between August 10 and November 16 were recalled in a move that reportedly affected products sold at over 400 retail locations.

What to Do When Inflation Cuts Into Your Black Friday Deals

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If you’ve noticed price hikes at the gas pump, grocery store or clothing retailer lately, you’re not dreaming. Rising prices may complicate your holiday gift-buying, meal-planning and travel.

District Courts Find ATDS Allegations Implausible Following Facebook


Courts in the Southern District of California and District of Arizona recently added to the line of decisions addressing ATDS pleading requirements in the wake of the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in Facebook v. Duguid.


Rule 144: Sale of Restricted or Control Securities

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Depending on your role within a company, you may have acquired restricted or control securities. If you no longer want some or all of them, don’t worry, they’re not impossible to offload. However, you’ll need to follow Rule 144 requirements. What is Rule 144?


Meeting Future Leaders in AI and Machine Learning

Fico Collections

On Wednesday 4th November I had the pleasure of presenting and talking to over a hundred Mathematics, Computing, Physics and Economics A-Level students at Winstanley College in Orrell, Wigan, about AI and machine learning , as a part of the Pathways to Profession programme.

What Is Shopify and How Does It Work?

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What is Shopify? Shopify is a popular online e-commerce platform that small businesses can use to build online stores to sell products on websites or via social media. The company also sells point-of-sale, or POS, software that small businesses can use in their brick-and-mortar stores.


Delta vs. United vs. American

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When booking a flight, U.S. travelers can often take their pick from three major legacy airlines: Delta, United and American. But in the battle of Delta, United or American, which airline is best?


5 Things to Know About the Paceline Credit Card

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The Paceline Credit Card is designed to encourage cardholders to lace up their sneakers and get moving. It earns an elevated cash-back rewards rate for health and wellness purchases, plus a points boost every week you achieve 150 minutes of elevated heart-rate activity per week.

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Massage Insurance: What It Is, How to Get It

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Massage insurance typically refers to a combination of general and professional liability insurance, which helps pay for legal fees and medical bills that could otherwise bankrupt you and your massage business in the event of a lawsuit.


What Is a SKU Number? Definition and How to Use It

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A stock-keeping unit or SKU is a unique alphanumeric code a retailer generates and assigns to an individual product. SKUs are used to optimize inventory management and make tracking more efficient for businesses. These numbers, letters and dashes are added to products as scannable barcodes.