Sun.Nov 21, 2021

WIP It Good: What Can Work in Progress Tell You About the Future of Your Law Firm?

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

‘Work in Progress’ (often abbreviate d to WIP) is a representation of work outstanding for law firm clients. While most lawyers just let it ride, and take it for granted that the work just keeps coming in, and keeps getting done – WIP has some predictive powers that law firms are largely ignoring.

How Business Process Outsourcing Has Helped Debt Recoveries Australia

Debt Recoveries

For several years now, Debt Recoveries Australia has championed the assistance of an offshore business assistance solution. Here is a brief outline of what Outsourcing is and how to go about it. What is Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO)? A BPO service, such as Nova Team Solutions, provides one or more full-time employees, that are employed in the Philippines, by the BPO (Nova), but work full-time for your business or company.

Can Debt Collectors Call on Holidays?

Credit Corp

When you’re in debt, getting calls from debt collectors is an unwelcome but common occurrence. But can debt collectors call on holidays?