Sun.Jun 26, 2022

Is ‘Learn Now, Pay Later’ Just Another Student Debt Trap?

Nerd Wallet

The “buy now, pay later” transaction is simple: Shoppers are offered an installment loan at the point of purchase, spreading the cost of the product across several payments. They’re often available without a credit check.

CFPB Spring Regulatory Agenda is up and arbitration isn't on it

Public Citizen

by Jeff Sovern. As the American Banker's Kate Berry reported (behind a paywall but available on Lexis), the CFPB's Spring Regulatory Agenda has been posted to the OMB's web site, rather than, as has been the Bureau's practice, the CFPB web site. Here it is: Agency. Agenda Stage of Rulemaking. Title. Prerule Stage. Consumer Access to Financial Records. 3170-AA78. Proposed Rule Stage. Amendments to FIRREA Concerning Automated Valuation Models. 3170-AA57. Proposed Rule Stage.

Insurance Claims Recoveries-Insource or Outsource?

Debt Recoveries

Since we handle a lot of insurance claims recoveries and general debt collection for insurers, I thought I’d share my ideas and recommendations on when an insurance firm should outsource its claims recoveries. . When a recoverable amount arises as a result of a “not at fault” claim, insurance claims recoveries are required. An insurance, for example, may pay for repairs to their insured’s car.