Breaking BAD | A day in the life of an Onguard Collections Agent

On Guard

Breaking BAD | Big Aged Debt. According to the CICM, the most important report for any credit manager is the Aged Debt report. The bigger and older the debt the bigger the risk. Review new Aged Debt dashboard and shape of debt from the previous day and vs target.

CSA CEO Chris Leslie gives industry current state of play speech at MALG conference


in the collections and credit management market. The impact of the pandemic on the credit/consumer eco-system has been profound, but the CSA?s s Debt Management function.

#heretohelp campaign update


The January/February 2020 issue of Credit Management includes a feature on how the industry can encourage greater engagement with customers who are in financial difficulties, and looks at the role of the CSA?s s #heretohelp campaign : Intrum UK Managing Director Eddie Nott says the film tackles the issues that collections teams know worry customers. ?We There is still too much fear and embarrassment around debt ? t all work together to get people out of debt rather.