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Mechanics liens can protect a business’s interests

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As long as the company that did the work has some sort of enforceable written agreement, it can file a lien against the property it worked on. A mechanic’s lien may offer those owed a viable solution for collection. Firm News Mechanic's Liens

Using Aggressive Methods to Domesticate Foreign Judgments and Enforce Mechanics Liens

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Massachusetts Mechanics Lien Statute Requires Strict Compliance with Rigid Requirements. Our experienced and knowledgeable construction law attorney can provide you with complete information about your debt collection rights and assist you through the mechanics lien filing process.


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Common Defenses in Mechanic’s Lien Foreclosure Cases


Filing a mechanic’s lien may not be enough to get paid. While it works as a lien on the real property you improved, if not voluntarily paid, you will have to make a decision regarding what to do next. The lien itself can not secure payment for monies owed. Believing the owner did not pay the general contractor for your work, you filed a mechanic’s lien against the property at 123 First Avenue. Extending the Mechanic’s Lien.

Acknowledging a Debt in Writing Can Extend Time to File a New York Debt Collection Case


Can an Acknowledgement of Debt Extend the Statute of Limitations to File a Notice of MechanicsLien? Other than an administrative order from the governor extending the time to file, there is nothing that extends the time to file a mechanicslien in New York state.

Enforcing Massachusetts Mechanic’s Liens for Eligible Parties

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However, the construction industry has its own unique debt collection tool on its side, and hundreds of professionals turn to mechanic’s liens every day. But who is eligible for a mechanic’s lien? Who is Eligible for Mechanic’s Liens in Massachusetts?

How Mechanic’s Liens Are Effective Ways to Collect Your Monies

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If you are unlucky enough to have done business with construction companies or property owners who seem to be rolling in cash, but never have time to pay, you’ll soon find out the importance of a mechanic’s lien in Massachusetts in debt recovery.

Personal Guarantees in Commercial Collection: How Helpful Are They?

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In addition, the waiver or postponement of a legal right by the creditor, such as the institution of a law suit to collect an overdue account, or the filing of a mechanics lien , will be construed as consideration by the courts in most jurisdictions. Guest Blog by Murray S. Lubitz, Esq., originally published March 2012 as Personal Guarantees by ABC/Amega, a National List Forwarder. Content via The National List of Attorneys.